Mainsheet Technical Articles

Here is the list of all the rich variety of articles published in Mainsheet from1983 though to 2003. Once you find an article of interest, you can order previous issues via the MainSheet Back Order Instructions. Back issues are available for almost all quarterly issues.

1983 - SpringThe Family cruiser
1983 - SummerClorox- - of CourseSome Notes From Minds EyeModifications Regarding Props
1983 - FallMark Ashmidt, #3198, letter- Diesel Power Sandy Vance, #1231, Rigging & Props Murry Switzer, #2798, Blue Water Cruising George Hadlow, #62, Companionway Steps
Charles Tapply, #43, Kit For Shroud Repair Jim Butcher, #2723, Stanchion Reinforcement Otis McCallum, #1748, Engine and Props
To Convert or Not to Convert RudderComments on My C-30-ModsTuning The C-30
1983 - WinterImprovements to DragonAttention - Skippers With Wheel SteererMort Diamond, #2682, Fresh Water Cooling Bud Weber, #2290, Roller Furling Jib
Irv Wolf, #1091, Hot Water Tank Bob Arnold, #3366, Great Grease Remover Jerry Wilson, #515, Yanmar and Exhaust
Cold Showers and Burned MuffinsDick Swan, #2665, Numerous Mods Conclusion of The Atomic Four Care, Part 1, March 82; Part2, June 82; Part 3, December 82; Part 3, continued; Part 4, June 83 are in the National C-30 Newsletters
1984 - SpringEasy and Cheap Winter CoverDave Peterson, letter on Deck and Hull Joint King Size Bed Conversion
1984 - SummerJon Finch letter, A Stereo System Irv Wolf, Letter On Mods Preventive MaintenanceMarv Marcus, on Miscellaneous Mods
Carl Tendler, An Atomic 4 Crank Tom Raes, Aqua Lift Muffler John Taylor, Convert 5411 to M-25
Malcolm Oaks, PN Rigging Pot-Pourri Small cocktail type TableNothing Is Impossible With Faith
Headers and Lifters
1984 - WinterThe Northern Way to Winter StorageTable ModificationsSo You Want a Hot Shower?
1985 - SpringIce Chest Drainage: A Solution
1985 - SummerMore Lighting
1985 - WinterHot water With The Atomic FourAtomic Four- Hand CrankSynthetic OilGasoline and the Changing Scene
Leaks Ice BoxConsiderations Synthetic Oil
1986 - AprilMods to Wind DevilSpare LampsAtomic Four MaintenanceWater in Ignition Switch
OdorsCoolant LossC-30 #3463 Questions and Answers-
Herb Lundin C-30 #3952, letter Dale Thompson C-30 #3411, letter George Nashick C-30 #3353- letter
Bill Houston
1986 - JuneMan Overboard PoleModify Your Dinette TableTime - Speed CurvesQuarter Berth Mods
Universal Diesel Oil Leaks Letter.Dan Boneham, #959 Hand Crank Little Universal, 11HP, (5411) Does it Again
Update On Alcohol in GasMaintenanceShaft Log
PackingMacerator Difficulties
1986 - AugustStarting ProblemsBattery ServiceLoran UsersHand Cranking
Ignition CareDepth Finding Without a Thru HullHot Water Service Valve, Engine Overheating
Boat PoxMast TuningAlternator Bolt Problem
1986 - NovemberMast Tuning The RigRudder Post LeaksWinter storageEngine Flushing System
Ice Box ImprovementDinette Table Mod
1987 - FebruaryNews Flash About Alternator Bracket KitIdeas for updatingHot Water System LeaksModifications
Internal HalyardsZinc'sPropellers
Tips on Maintenance from Fleet #8
1987 - MayWater Heater ModsFrom an Alaskan SkipperJiffy Reefing and Lazy JacksInboard Genoa Track, alternate
Care ModificationsEngine Changes and ModsOil Filter For Atomic Four
Engine LeaksGroco ToiletNew Boat Modifications
Modifications, Waste and Leaks
1987 - AugustMaceratorBoat PoxIdea for a Better GalleyStove set-tip
TachometerEngine Bed Bolts, Hatch Screws
Water Leak and Alternate BracketTeak Grate for Cockpit SoleMainsheet Rig
Leading Halyards AftWater Heater and pipingLeading Halyards Aft and Dinette Table
Quarter BerthLight On Wing KeelsPropellers Hull/Deck Joint Leak?
1987 - NovemberTreating Boat PoxChart Table Storage, Refrigerator in/drawer outZinc's, Oil Filter, Fuel pump and Autopilot
Wing KeelDiesel and Atomic Fours can squealCutter Rig
Tilting Bow Roller and WindlassHelmsman's SeatWater in Hanging Locker
Exhaust cover ReplacementWater Leak at Garbage ChuteExhaust Check Valve
Overheating DieselsShelving RestraintsDinette Table, Usable From Starboard Settee
1988 - FebruaryUniversal Diesels C-34Inquiry, from Hawaii Battery Charging SystemAccelerator
Proper PropellerNew Boat QuestionsGeneral Problems New Boat
Problems Engine Cooling and Water ProblemsSpinnaker
1988 - MayOil Leak, Universal M-25 Exhaust Pipes - 5 Years oldPerformance Under PowerShaft Vibration,
Wheel SteererShake Hot Water HeaterBattery Service
Battery Charging Glow Plug, Instrument Panel, OverheatingWinter Protection,
Alternator BracketBoat, Dog and Lift Ignition Care
Slow StarterAlternator Bracket, Mast Pumping
Leaks Transmission Dip StickRope HalyardsElectrolysis and Bonding
Soft Throttle, Neutral Position Companionway DoorsHelmsman's Seat
1988 - AugustGlow Plugs and Tachometer AccuracyHot Water HeatersPropane Bottle StorageThrottle Cable Fix
Throttle Tension and Shifting on Wheel SteererHot Engine AlarmSmoky Diesels
Deck Vent and Holding Tank EffluentCutter Rig andPulpit Seat
Cutter Rig and C-30 TraileringTraditional DinetteSleeping
Hull Speed ProblemOil change and Hull SpeedLeaking Port lights
Traveler on The LevelRigging For RacingGroco Update Kit
Alternator BracketBattery ChargingPorts and Stove
V- Berth and Bilge Limber HolesRope Halyards and Thru-HullsMisplaced Fuel Filter
1988 - NovemberView From The TopCutter RiggingMast Tuning and BulkheadsLightning Protection
Some Mods, Engine Temperature Control andCutters
Engine ElectricalElectrical Charging ProblemUpdating The Engine Control Panel
Oil FiltersHard Starting DieselsFuel Filter Location
Slipping in Forward GearFinal Word on Tachometers and Hull SpeedSoft Throttle and Three Blade Prop
Zinc's and GroundingLeaks and Access to EngineLeaking companionway
Deck Mods and Dinette TableOver The GalleySink Cabinet and Wood Steerer
Galley Range FixFresh Water Service
1989 - FebruaryUnleaded Gas Harms New Marine EnginesAll Gunked UpAtomic Four Overheating CureCutter Rigged C-36, with Anchor Windlass
Some Notes on ReflectionVentilators, More on Ventilators Rigging Tips
Small Safety IdeasSpring Check-out Engine (Atomic- 4)Water in 5411 Diesels
The Subject is DodgersInternal Reefing Leads in BoomRay's Remote Retriever
Potpourri of Mods and FixesProblems With Speed, Alky Stove
Life Lines and Delamination of DeckTransom Platform As a Fishing HelperCoolant Loss
Diesels Mods and Battery ChargingTrailering Your C-30
1989 - MayHull Deck JointVoltage Loss in Battery CableTips on TyingBottom Paint
Shifting Gears and Furling GearDeck Mods and Storage Above Hanging LockerFollow up on February Issue
Head Convenience and TV Wall Bracket Hot Water Heater, Engine Temperature Gauge Bowsprit With Anchor Roller
Main Hatch Leak and Holding Tank Holding Tank Vent Odor and Hard Starting DieselThird Battery Hook-upHis Hatch is Wearing
Building an LP Tank Locker LP Tank InstallationExhaust RepairImproving Access to Engine
Cleaning Engine of Salt Water and Navico 2500
1989 - AugustMosquito Net For C-30 HatchAnchor Locker Mod for New Design Lockers Explanation of "Jack Lines" Cutter Rig: A Hank on Stay Used With Furling Gear on Forestay
Coach Top Traveler ModEngine Room Sound DeadeningBattery Advice Manual Charge Control Third Battery
High Temperature Water AlarmShower Head ControlHurth Transmission Troubles
Better Dinette Table ModWeed Blocker andRig Tuning
Good Cleaning Agent
1989 - NovemberSt. Elmo's FireFollow up on Manual Charge Control Exhaust Manifold, Water Vented Loop
Wither Goest Thou?Mid Boom Traveler Or Not!This Captain has Been Bury
Atomic 4 OverheatingRusty Shaft Coupling Pumps, Rudder and A Wheel Steerer
1990 - FebruaryAtomic Four- Overheating CureFuel Tank Fill, Blow Back Syndrome Hurth Transmission TroublesStorage and Bilge Access
Cockpit Dining TableAft Cockpit SeatGalley Update For C-36
Water in oil - 5411 DieselOverheating DieselPhoto - M25 and M25XP Engine, Parts Labeled
1990 - MayRigging and Pedestal Engine ControlsBetter Stern LadderLower Forward shrouds and Mast TuningPower Windlass and Other Mods
Stalling DieselZinc's and Heat ExchangerClean-up
Galley Shelf and Anchor WindlassAtomic Four Engine: Water in OilStuck Flapper valve and Anti Siphon Valve
Trailering The C-30
1990 - AugustAdditives for Atomic Four EngineReport on Lasdrop Shaft SealGrounding and Getting OffWing Keel Retrofit
Replacement Ports, in Head and Above Locker Photovoltaic Installation (Solar Panel)Leaking Life Line Stanchions
Engine Overheating due to an Electrical ProblemReplacing the Exhaust FlapWater Tank Fill
Rose Adapter Head Door (Solid and hinged)Third Battery, Dish Locker and a Smelly Head Fix Dinette, Table Extension
Stuffing Box, Backstay and V- Berth Deck LightUniversal 25XP Belt
Muffler Leak at Water Lift MufflerBilge, Gauges, Pedestal Control and Masthead Light
1990 - NovemberProtection of Little PeopleReplacing the Coaming Compartment TrimJack Lines for a Full Batten MainSteering Quadrant Loses a Bolt,
Oil in Coolant ReservoirStuffing Box Shaft SealMain Cabin and Dinette Table Mod
V- Belt Changing DifficultyTeak and Holly Sole
1991 - FebruaryCockpit Helpers, Microwave Fridge, V- Berth Locker StepDinette Table Replacement
Steering DifficultiesStarter Button DisablesStarter
Fuel Tank SenderClogged Fuel Tank Suction and Filter BracketHead Sink Drain
Suggestions For a Vintage Boat OwnerThis is no Lazy Jack!
1991 - MaySwift (bifurcated) RudderAdding Temperature and Oil Pressure AlarmsMinor Compass RepairEnergy Alternative With Solar Power
Aqua Muffler can Blow OutTrailering a C-30
1991 - AugustAttachments for Signet SL-80 InstrumentFire Risks and Diesel EnginesAtomic Four OwnersThe Spinnaker Halyard Snagging Problem
About Mainsheet SystemsGas Tank Shut off, Tiller Pilot,
Dinette Portable Table Upgrade ModsLeaking Foot PumpRadio Reception and Battery Isolation
1991 - NovemberUpdate on Manual Charge ControlTwisting Mid Boom Mainsheet BlocksSome Very Good ModsWater Filling,
Electrical HarnessCleaning SpeedoBarnacles
Salt Water in BilgeOverheating YanmarDifficult Starting,
Frozen Shut-off cableHot Engine and Other Difficulties
1992 - FebruaryC30 on TVExplanation of the Spinnaker Halyard ProblemFlat Traveler to 4:1 Purchase and Led Aft Step by StepOverheating Fix More on Engine Overheating and
Lightning Damage
1992 - MayShower Drainage andTraveler Rigging ProblemMainsheet Traveler ControlSimple Fix for Abrasion on Coolant Line
Air Conditioning a C-30Fire Safety FuseMast Wiring Cabin Teak Protection
1992 - AugustReplaced Hot Water TankHeat Exchanger MountDifferent Voltage ProtectionSystem for Radar
1992 - NovemberReplacing Cutlass BearingPeeling Bottom Paint5411 Diesel Prop and Mainsheet WinchTrailering and Mast Painting
Dirty Engine oil and V- Berth LightRefitting a 1978 C-30Updating the Electrical system and Adding a Heater
1993 - FebruaryRadar Tower and Motor DavitSpreader RetrofitCracked Waste Deck CapRail Stanchion Leak
V- Berth Door, Deck and Galley Mods Hurth Transmission AdjustmentRetrofitting a Vintage C-30
Watch Out When You Start That Simple Project
1993 - MayWing KeelsUniversal Engines With Water PumpsSnagging Halyard, Mast Tune,
Ice Box Drain Stuffing Box, Engine Space InsulationBatteries- A Summary
Shaft and Shaft LogEngine Coolant FlowWater Pump Impellers
Doris Goodale on CNG
1993 - AugustCure for Mast Cable SlapGrounding a Wing KeelC-30 Prop Wash and Torque EffectChecking Engine Oil Level
More Accurate Charge Readings and Follow Up LetterLocating Depth Sounder and Knot meter Sending UnitsZinc Erosion Problems
Cracked Engine Mounts Universal 25XPPotpourri of Questions
1993 - NovemberLight Screen for V- BerthLooping Yacht BraidHurth Transmission RevisitedElectrical Harness
Overheating Diesel, By George, I Think You've Got It Engine Coolant in Bilge and Thermostat By Pass
Builders NoteBattery Saver for Refrigeration CircuitShaft Packing Drip and
M-25s Have a 4th Fuel FilterAlcohol and Outboards
1994 - FebruaryHurth Transmissions Re-visitedWing Keel and GroundingSome Good ModsEngine Electrical,
Seaward PanelTraveler Block, Stern Ladder Lock,
Steering Maint.Zinc's, By George, I Believe You've Got It
Atomic 4 Transmission FixElectrical Upgrade, Radar Arch and
V- BerthInternal Halyards, Main Sheet System
Inboard Tracks, Blister Cure, Spreader Retrofit,
Teak and Holly Cabin Sole
1994 - MayWater in CylindersHigh Output AlternatorAdding Chain plates for Backstay Tensioner Steering Quadrant.Wiring Upgrade
Electric Panel Retrofit and Steering QuadrantWell LeakProp Question
Anchor Platform, V- Berth, Quarter Berth Storage Lockers,
Dining Table
1994 - AugustWhat We've Been Waiting For - A V- Berth, Acrylic Hatch RetrofittingThe Wood SpreadersDining Table Mod,
Heat Exchanger MountGalley Fridge, Electric Fuel Pump/Filter
V- Berth Storage, Step, Dining Table CurtainShelf Closet
1994 - NovemberLifting BulkheadsDiesel Fuel Tanks
1995 - FebruaryWood Spreader RetrofitJammed outhaul fixDecompression LeverRaising Bulkheads and Retrofit
Cambered Track Cure for Prop Wash Against RudderDiesel Fuel ProblemsOil Leak at Alternator Bracket
Head Door Fix and an Air Conditioner Lift
1995 - MayLazerette Bulkhead FlexingSolar Vents and a Battery IsolatorFixes and Safety modsRefrigerators and
Manufacturers ReliabilityAtomic 4 OwnersDeck Depression Aft of Mast Base
Corrosion andTabernacle Crack Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel and Starter CircuitsAccess to Engine
1995 - AugustUpgrading Glow Plugs and Starter CircuitsAnti Siphon Valve TestingHappy Owner and His ModsRotting Compression Post Support
Overboard Return System
1995 - NovemberRadar Arch, Cabin Cover andHeating SystemDeck Depression at Mast
Stern Ladder RetrofitSeaward RetrofitDetailed Shaft/Engine Alignment Procedure
1996 - FebruaryTransmission FluidLadder LocksWater in ForepeakHigher ToeRail
Built-in AutohelmProp TorqueU5411 and Water in Crankcase
Alternator Belt Tensioning BoltRusting Oil PanWater in Keel Space Under Bilge
1996 - MayBowsprit for Bow RollerPort light BlindsRelocating MaceratorPropeller Whine problem
Visual Inspection of Shaft and Prop
1996 - AugustAnchor Locker LeakAlternative Spreader ReplacementMini-Blinds in Lieu of CurtainsMods for Longevity
1996 - NovemberBattery Hold-DownsA-4 Electric Fuel PumpCompression Post Rot RepairA-4 Newsletter
King Size berthCockpit Cushion StorageCabin Air Conditioner
1997 - FebruaryRepairing a Sunken Mast StepBow Roller BluesRebuilding the 5411 Diesel Shaft CouplingRepitching a Prop
Automac12 Volt Portable CoolerFuel Gauge Accuracy
1997 - MayBarnacles and a Battery Ground SwitchMast PaintingFresh Water FlushPulpit Perch Seats
Hatch Board StorageWatch Those Keel BoltsKeel Bolts Leaks
Rudder Fix
1997 - AugustVarnishGlow Plug SolenoidEngine Access DoorsEngine Noise Soundproofing
Removing the Galley Sink CabinetHot Water HeatStinking Head Hose
NicoFico Traveler partsWindow Water StainsAnchor Locker Drain
Improving the TravelerAccumulator TankDish Shelf
Leaking WindowsMore Window RepairsImproved Diesel Engine Starting
Mast Spreader RefinishingC30 License Plate FrameSolar Powered vents
Engine panel Relocation
1997 - NovemberLubricating Steering CablesStern Pulpit Walk ThruSail gate 1998 - FebruaryRudder Head Play Fix
Garhauer the bestWindow CurtainsSpreader Replacements
Universal Kubota Model XrefMark III Seat FlotationQuarter berth Storage
Lightning ForumSolar Panel InstallationThird Battery and Panel
Chart StorageV-Berth DrainCruising Spinnaker Halyard
Ratings, Racing and Modification Sailing and HeelingMast Rake and Velocity Prediction
Packing Gland ReplacementsC30 Stability Factors 1998 - MayStiff Steering Cure
Traveler PartsMat TuningAdjusting Idle
Refurbishing an Older BoatThree BatteriesWood in the Bilge
Cockpit Floor RepairCross Reference for Engine PartsForward hatch Leaks
Sink Counter Grab railRudder Shaft LeakBoom Topping Lift
1998 - AugustFuel Fill CapsUpper Shroud Deck Fitting LeakageWet BulkheadAccumulator
Water FilterCabin HeaterIce Box Lid
RefrigerationAdded Batteries Dodger, Traveler Lines
Cabin VentsHatch Cover SlidesRudder Play
Repitching PropsAft Engine AccessEngine Air Cleaners
Jet Fuel CleanerMast Compression PostLeaking Windows
Jib SheetsFactory Bottom CoatingsUpholstery Redo
1998 - NovemberMast Compression RepairHurth TransmissionPropeller Size and PitchRudder Post Leak
Atomic Four Upgrade PartsCentral Air ConditioningAutohelm Problems
RefrigerationProperly Filled Screw HolesDrip less Packing Gland
Stern Pulpit Walk-thru Ice Box, Counter Top Replacement
1999 - FebruaryWeather HelmDepth Sounder BluesRetrofitting the Arched TravelerRetrofitting a Former Charter Boat
Transmission LeaksDiesel Fuel Pump ChatterHolding Tank Repair
Subject is PropellersLower Shroud StudsAtomic Four Wiring Harness
Atomic Four Transmission AdjustmentSettee and Dinette Mods
1999 - MayBow CrackPropeller Shaft ProblemRetrofit 5411 to PerkinsChart Table Improvement
Wrapped Wheel SteererCentral Air ConditioningRepairing Keel Bolts
Cockpit ShowerMainsheet and Traveler UpgradesWindow Sealing Problems
Window Sealing Fix #1Window Sealing Fix #2Teak and Holly Carpet Replacement
1999 - AugustEngine Panel MeltdownAtomic Four Manifold & Exhaust Pipe Replacement1898 Electrical ProblemRudder Problem
C30 Ventilation
1999 - NovemberThrottle SlippageLoss of Battery WaterPressure Water SystemRepowering and Exhaust Flow
Fluxgate Compass LocationBattery Starting ProblemsBattery Isolation
Galley Stove Upgrade
2000 - FebruaryStarboard Bulkhead RepairCabin LightingMissing Keel NutEngine Room Insulation
Prop Shaft SealRigging and TurnbucklesStiff Wheel Steerer
Throttle CreepFinger Chopper (Hatch Cover)
2000 - MayUpgrading an Old C30 - Ed ReimboldSpreaders and SheavesCold Drinks on 5495 (Batteries)
2000 - AugustU-25 OverheatingLower Shroud Tang FailureStiff SteeringLP Gas Stove
Cabin Bulkhead FinishDamaged Shaft LogCabinet Mods
Sheet Cleats
2000 - NovemberEngine OverheatingFrozen Aluminum Joint ReleaseKenyon InstrumentsLazy Jack Question
Propane Gas Tank ReplacementAdding Two BatteriesReplacement Alternator
Starting Problems, U-25 Raw Water Inlet ScreenLoss of Hull Speed
Engine OverheatingFuel Pump ReplacementFuel Gauge/Ignition
Lube Oil for A-4Repair of V-berth Bulkhead
2001 - FebruarySpring Cleanup and FixitRetrofit Stern Pulpit w/ SeatsRepair for a loose PulpitRigging - Life and care
Mast PumpingRudder WobbleStarting and Hull Speed
Overheating M25XPAtomic Four Exhaust PipeAir Blocks in Cooling System
Engine RemovalHurth TransmissionsWater Flavor
Water Heater ProblemsHot Water SystemTeak Finishes
Holding Tank VentReplacing LPG Tank
2001 - MayDead Fuel GuagesDefenders ModsFuel Pump ReplacementHolding Tank Vent
Webasto Heater InstallKenyon Instrumentslazy Jack Questions
Mast PumpingPropane Tank ReplaceVented Loop for Head
2001 - AugustReplacing HalyardsPortlight ReplaceReplace Outhaul SheetStiff Rudder Steering
Tach AdjustmentM25XP Hidden Circuit BreakerCharging Batteries in Parallel
Batteries general UseLeaky SeacocksGate Valve Thru Hulls
Sticky Shifter CableReplace Engine cables
2001 - NovemberNew Owner Questions and AnswersAtomic Four IdlingChecking mast LightingDiesel Overheating
Rudder Post and BearingStarting ProblemsHalyard Sheaves Wire to Rope
More New Owner QuestionsRules for Boat Projects
2002 - FebruaryDick Dickens RetiresEditor Richard HildahlC30 PropellorsCorrection to (Nov01) New Owner Questions and Answers
Lines/SnubbersLife Line ReplacementTeak Removal
Installing Maxwell WindlassLeaky Cockpit FloorWinter Covers
Custom Vberth SheetsReplacement Outhaul
2002 - MayCurved Track RepairCabintop (Cleat) Mounting ProcedureA/C for "U" Dinette More A/C for "U" Dinette
Vented Loops for HeadDown Under C30 (Electrical)CNG Refills
2002 - AugustWInd Star Rejuvenation (Everything New)Loose StrutPlastic WindowsSMeely Water
Jiffy ReefingMore Prop AdviceProp Puller
Removal of Stern Rail Gate
2002 - NovemberMast WiringCabintop Mounting PadsBilge Pump WiringStuffing Box
WInch ServicngAdding 110 volt Outlets
2003 - FebruaryBoat SecuritySqueaking RudderHead Mounting BaseNew Mast Wiring
Cabintop Mounting PadsGarhauer Rigid Vang InstallMast Pumping
Vberth Storage CabinetsMore 110 volt Outlets
2003 - May
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