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CATALINA 30/309 – FLEET #sample

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Note that separate certificates of measurement and specifications will apply to either the Catalina 30 or the Catalina 309. Each will compete in its own one-design class. All races will offer classes for each, depending upon sufficient number of entries.

A. CHIEF MEASURER – The Official Certificate of Measurement, as issued by the International Chief Measurer, shall be binding upon all organizations conducting races for the Catalina 30 one-design class. To be eligible to participate in a sanctioned event, a Catalina 30/309 must have a valid Official Certificate of Measurement. A Catalina 30/309 is always subject to re-measurement by order of Fleet Officers, International, Chief Measurer and/or Measurement Committee at the National Regatta.

B. FLEET MEASURERS – shall have the responsibility of measuring Catalina 30/309s within their Fleets. Appeals from a ruling by a Fleet Measurer may be made to the Chief Measure whose decision may only be overruled by a majority vote of the International. Rulings on controversial changes or changes that affect sailing characteristics must be referred to the Chief Measurer for evaluation and presentation to the International, if required. Fleet Measurers shall not measure their own boats except under the supervision of a disinterested Fleet or Association Officer.

C. ELIGIBLE SLOOPS – No sloop shall be eligible to enter any race for the Catalina 30/309 one-design class unless a Certificate of Measurement has been granted to said sloop. The Chief Measurer reserves the right to declare ineligible any boat that does not conform to the spirit as well as the letter of these rules and specifications. To enter fleet sponsored events, the boat must be owned by a qualified fleet member recorded at the time in good standing.

II. RACING RULES – The official racing rules which shall govern all Catalina 30/309 races held by the fleet, unless otherwise specified in a pre-race circular, shall be those of the United States Sailing Association except where they may conflict with the rules of this Fleet and the International Catalina 30 Association in which event the rules of the latter shall supersede.

III. INTERPRETATION – Specifications and restrictions, however complete, cannot anticipate every possible situation that may arise. If a point is not covered herein or governed by the dictates of common sense, a ruling must be obtained from the International. In interpreting any point not covered, or words of obscure meaning, the International shall consider the intended meaning rather than any technical misconstruction which may be derived from the wording, and shall bear in mind at all times the basic principles of the specifications, namely to maintain the Catalina 30/309 as a standard one-design class.


A. MEASUREMENT – In case of a protest as to a boat’s eligibility, a boat can be remeasured at any time. All matters pertaining to eligibility shall be decided by the International. A protest may not prohibit a boat from racing in a given race. Resolution of the protest must wait until the race is over; if the protest holds, the boat is disqualified.

B. SUBMISSION – Said protest must be filed with the Fleet Captain in writing, postmarked no later than Tuesday following the race in question, and will apply to only that one race. The only condition under which the protest can apply to previous races in the series would be if the violation is of such a nature that it is not readily apparent to or known by other contestants in the normal course of racing.

C. APPEALS – Appeals may be made to the International Catalina 30 Association if the point in question is also covered under the National Constitution or Bylaws.

V. SPECIFICATIONS – The International Catalina 30 Association Bylaws contain the official specifications for hull, spars, rigging, sails, equipment, divisions, classes and handicaps for all one-design events. The fleet may make any additional requirements which are not in conflict with the International rules. The fleet may submit appeals to the International Chief Measurer for local variances from those specifications.

(additional specifications can be added here)


A. The Fleet Champion shall be the overall winner of the season series if there is only one division. If there is more than one division, the top boat in each division at the end of the summer series shall compete for the fleet championship in a sail-off of at least three (3) races. The headsails shall be in accordance with an agreed upon sail plan of the division leaders.


This is a valid copy of the Bylaws as approved by the International and adopted by the membership by mail ballot vote on –/–/– and supersedes entirely all previous versions.

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