Help Your Association!

The association is looking for volunteers to serve as:

  • Commodore
  • Vice Commodore
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chief Measurer
  • Association Webmaster.
  • Membership Services.  Administrative position maintaining the membership database, updating for new memberships and renewals.  Send Welcome and Thank You emails/letters. Provide Mainsheet publisher quarterly list of paid Mainsheet subscriptions.  Knowledge of Microsoft Excel a must.  @10-12 hours/month.

Please reach out to Rod  Worrell at to discuss how you can contribute in leading the Catalina30/309 community forward!!

See below positions that are defined in the Constitution.


A. The Commodore – shall preside at meetings, serve as Chairperson of the Executive Committee, rule on procedure and jurisdiction, summarize decisions, appoint special committees, and authorize with the approval of the Treasurer, all Association expenditures. The Commodore shall establish and maintain regional and local communications with all fleets by regularly contacting local fleets and providing any assistance necessary to promote membership growth, local boating and social events and maintaining interest in the Catalina 30 boat ownership.

B. Vice Commodore – shall officiate in the absence of the Commodore. The Vice Commodore shall solicit prospective sites and oversee the National Championship Regatta and the Annual Board Meeting. He/she shall delegate, as necessary, any responsibility for these events to the selected Host Fleet Race Chairman or Committee. The Vice Commodore shall maintain the association constitution and bylaws and initiate all changes, amendments, revisions and balloting concerning the associations’ corporate documentation.

C. Secretary – shall handle all correspondence, record the minutes of meetings, and maintain an accurate and current record of members, Fleets, Fleet officers, and Catalina 30s showing hull number, name and ownership. The Secretary shall notify the membership of special events, decisions affecting policy, banned races, suspended members and/or Fleets and ineligible Catalina 30s and shall publish all actions and minutes of the Executive Committee. The Secretary will provide copies of the current Association Constitution and By-laws for the web site and to each Fleet Captain or member upon request.

D. Treasurer – shall maintain financial records and securities and prepare necessary state and federal tax filings. He/she shall deposit funds and disburse funds only on the order of the Commodore. The Treasurer will publish an Annual Financial Report including all receipts and expenditures of the Association and provide copies of all financial reports for the web site and to each Fleet Captain or member upon request.

E. Chief Measurer – shall be in charge of all Fleet Measurers. The Chief Measurer shall retain, grant or reject all measurement certificates, issue duplicates, and answer all questions from Fleet Measurers regarding measurement rules. He/she shall interpret rules and regulations concerning eligibility, construction, sail plan, rigging, equipment, and shall make rulings on matters not specifically covered in official plans and specifications. All such rulings shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.


A. Association Newsletter Editor –will report to the Executive Committee and shall receive, edit, collate, prepare and publish the materials for the quarterly newsletter. He/she shall maintain subscriptions and back copies or reprints for distribution to the membership.

B. Association Webmaster – will report to the Executive Committee and shall establish and maintain an internet web site for the association, the fleets and the members usage. All association documents, membership materials, technical papers, specifications and publications will be updated regularly.