Mainsheet Feature Articles

This is a list of all the feature articles published in Mainsheet from1983 though to 2003. Once you find an article of interest, you can order previous issues via the MainSheet Back Order Instructions. Back issues are available for almost all quarterly issues.

1983 - SPRINGI learned about boating from this....Pat Childress' single handed world circumnavigation
Ask the Builder - anti - siphon vent
1983 - SUMMERA cruise centerfoldSailing notesThe World of Catalina
Modifications to U. S. Aids to NavigationGoing South
1983 - FALLCruising sailsThe Booth Bay, Maine cruise Ask the Builder - Rigging Maintenance
The trimmer/Grinder duoCurrent sailing
1983 - WINTERPower knit - The newest Mylar materialBeyond Conception "High Cotton" goes North Conclusion: The Atomic Four
Catalina World
1984 - SPRINGSummer cruiseSafety guidelinesDacron - Still the best sail cloth
About the gray whaleCruising - Key WestWomen's clinics return
Lake Erie safety via satelliteTest your racing knowledge
1984 - SUMMERThe glorious Gulf CoastFirst cruise for LoafersGlory Magazines and the truth
Congressional CupHeaders and lifters
1984 - FALLCharter boat cash flow realitiesThe glorious Gulf CoastTuning the Mast head rig
The growth of the National Sailing Association
1984 - WINTERUSYRU Certified judgesScottish region cruiseFrom the Builder
1985 - SPRINGFleet PerpetuationGrowing up in a shipyardA first mates reflection's of her first Ensenada race
An interview with a Catalina-30 skipperPacific Coastal cruising Part ISerendipity vs Josephine (hurricane)
Congressional CupTips on buying a sailUnderwater surfaces
From the Builder - anti-siphon valve
1985 - SUMMERWhat makes you boat go fast?Pacific Coastal cruising Part 2Congressional Cup 1985 wrap-up
High Point - super speedPreventive Engine maintenanceFrom the Builder - Gelcoat Blisters
One design concept
1985 - FALLCould you give us a tow?It could happen to you! (dismasting)He's going to hit us!
Winter storageOff wind boom vang techniquesEnsenada 1985
From the Builder - Gel coat blisters
1985 - WINTERAlaskan adventure Part 2Transcontinental traileringCan your transmission handle towing?
Buying a trailerStumped on spotsLuffing before starting a race
Spinnaker close reaching
1986 - APRILBC's Sunshine coastCruising South Puget SoundWomen at the helm
Why doesn't she feel right?Rule 38: Luffing after startingRacing without winning
Battle in the GulchYou want a hatch?From the Builder
1986 - JUNEChesapeake Bay cruisingCongressional Cup: perspectivesDropping the hook
Wind shear and other squirrelly weather patternsExamining the elements of Genoa trimMexico - Cruising
From the Builder
1986 - AUGUSTWorrell 1000Ensenada 1986: The raceNavigation and Piloting "Robijo” battles the Columbia River
1986 - NOVEMBERNationals Pacific 1000The sinking of the "Gilygaloo" Meet your dealers
Sail care guideExperience Southern California watersThe meaning of winning Ditty bag
1987 - FEBRUARYCruising Racing..... Me?The 10 CommandmentsThe whole of sailing
1987 - MAYMoon Bay exploitCongressional CupSteady as she goes
ProfessionalismFamily sailingProfile of a Catalina Owner
1987 - AUGUSTA good place to startSeabreeze's San Juan Island logMoney can buy happiness
Fog, freighters and fatigue 30 miles of the open ocean
1987 - NOVEMBERAlaskan charterStand by me - A winged Keel Boarded Allison JollyThe commitment
1988 - FEBRUARYAnacortes to Desolation SoundSo you want to be a rock star?How I luff it when you talk Nautical
Sailing with the blues
1988 - MAYCongressional cupIn the wake of Captain Vancouver: Desolation SoundThe "inside-out" of the Congressional Cup
A whale of a story
1988 - AUGUST28 days and 2500 miles in 18 feetSea Breeze”s Florida ExpeditionUSYRU Safety at sea seminar
From the Builder - Wing Keels
1988 - NOVEMBEREuropean OdessyMaking GoodQuick Charge
1989 - FEBRUARYYO,HO,HO, It's a sailors life A happy ending AssociationFrom the Builder
Technical - New designGetting startedThe forming of a fleet
Fun is what keeps them coming
1989 - MAYA week with the Rock StarsMixing it upSailing with Bowser
1989 - AUGUSTCruising tips for the trailerEnsenada 1989Tips from First Mates
Join Fleet 8/Fleet 24 cruiseA dream spelled OUPV
1989 - NOVEMBERNational regattas: Sabot,Capri-22, 14.2, C-38, C-34, C-27 and C-25 Nationals What is CTSS?
1990 - FEBRUARYThe demons of the North TowerReaching outThe Swift rudder
Malcomb and ICover story of commitmentOldies but goodies
It's a long way to the North channel
1990 - MAYA new starHistorical windsFleet development, the new wave
Sailing your boat on its optimum wind angleTrailering a C-30
1990 - AUGUSTThe first time - out of controlWhy not? The first cruise of BoleroThat's in a "name"?
Winter cruising in Florida
1990 - NOVEMBERParastroika and Glasnost on C-25Decommissioning check listPure pleasure, reflections on a National Regatta
The hunts of Blackbeard - sailing the Georgia coastIt can't happen to me
1991 - FEBRUARY2000 miles and 42 ports of callImproving your performanceDanger, lights ahead
Electric problems?From the BuilderBattle in the Gulch, part 2
1991 - MAYDickson takes home the Congressional cupTwo years behind the wheelSailing with children
CruisingThe fastest way to windwardThe races are not what they seem
Understanding marine electronics, interfacing Nobody heads North, part 1
1991 - AUGUSTTwo years behind the wheel, part 2 The fastest way to windward - an updateCruising
Making a successful fleetRoger, Wilco, Over and Out Nobody heads north, part 2
1991 - NOVEMBERSailing in HollandA Saturday sail in San FranciscoClearly a voyage for sailors
Philadelphia cruiseReal life man overboard
1992 - FEBRUARYLooking back and looking aheadSailing your way out of hard timesThe log of Loco Viento, part 1
The rules (of the road)Ask the BuilderNew Yachts: Morgan 38, C-34 Power, Morgan 50
New productsC-30 National Association , by laws Upgrading the C-30 for passage making, Part 1
One of those daysYou gotta take the bitter with the sweet
1992 - MAYLooking back and looking ahead - the answersFoot prints TThe log of Loco Viento, part 2
Everything you wanted to know about furlersCatalina rendezvous noticeNew Products - Factory tours
1992 - AUGUSTMany parts equal the wholeThe morning starThe compass
A whale of a taleDear friendsAsk the Builder
San DiegoThe worlds largest half modelMurphy races to Ensenada
Modifications to a C-30 for passage, part 2
1992 - NOVEMBERMany parts equal the wholeOP SAILMarine attraction
Catalina WorldMarina Del Rey, Gateway 10th Annual Catalina rendezvous
C-30 National regatta Fleet 11 sailors make west coast wavesPort Huron to Mackinac
1993 - FEBRUARY - NONEMississippi River cruisingStarting a local fleetAsk the Builder
An alternate for PHRF scoring
1993 - MAYSail Expo; A retrospectiveCheese burgers in paradiseMessin' with GPS
Ask the Builder
1993 - AUGUSTAnother beginningA sail makers guide to sailsA quick look at chartering, in Alaska
Ask the BuilderSailing Moonshadow into adventureRag bag
1993 - NOVEMBERLife's passage Prior Planning Prevents Poor PerformanceThe compass U.S. Sailing briefsAsk the Builder
Pirates of the Catalina'sRedondo Beach C-30 Regatta
1994 - FEBRUARYCats in the canyonLook Mom, no heel! Ask the Builder
Dear MainsheetCover story - A good time / C-22 Editors bark
1994 - MAYSail C-37'sA matter of survivalSailing America's cup defender, out Golden Gate
Ditty bagAsk the Builder
1994 - AUGUSTCatalina 42, fleet dock party The new experimental racing rulesThrough the years
Ditty bagAsk the BuilderRafting etiquette, part 1
Fleet news
1994 - NOVEMBERA good time, at the last place Ask the BuilderSetting sail
Ditty bagSabot NationalsC-30 National Regatta
A summer cruise - Frandor IIIThe greatest boating event I've ever hadWhy do it that way, part 2
1995 - FEBRUARYDitty bagNine Sails West RegattaOur memory
Setting the record straight - engine harness updateA boat is just a hole in the waterCruising the Americas - part 1
1995 - MAYAlaska - the adventureSail Expo 1995, A hot time at the Jersey shore Cruising the Americas -part 2
1995 - AUGUSTPisces, Catalina 30, wins Newport to Ensenada, '95, Cruising Class Ditty bag - Just do it!Cruising the Americas, part 3
Results: IC30 Association National Regatta
1995 - NOVEMBERNine Sails West, regatta Catalina rendezvous - East coastAsk the Builder
Catalina cruise to Milford
1996 - FEBRUARYExtended cruise, a smash success Across the North Sea to NorwayInvading the San Juan’s
Again Across the Sound (L.I.)
1996 - MAYNorth to AlaskaSail Expo 1996Ditty bag
Don't sail West '96
1996 - AUGUSTWhy do we do it?
1996 - NOVEMBERNever underestimate a love note!East Coast Catalina rendezvous
1997 - FEBRUARYThe Bloody Truth of River RacingSummer Cruise - Cartagena to RoncadorInvitation - 1997 Harbor Cup regatta
1997 - MAYOde to FrandorChanges in Association Business ProceduresNotice of race - Macatawa Bay Yacht Club
Summer Cruise II - Roncador to Old Providence
1997 - AUGUSTRacing Can Be FunC30 - Great for Racing and CruisingInternet Catalina Tech Talk
1997 - NOVEMBERAnnual Business meeting HeldBylaws ProposalsCatalina Owners on the Internet
Michigan Fails to show Her Stuff - C30 NationalsSweet Breeze to Panacea
1998 - FEBRUARYHow Strong is Your Catalina?
1998 - MAYObservations from a New CruiserGloria Sets SailThe Trip
Successful Loch Lomond Passage
1998 - AUGUSTMore Changes on SHERMAX
1998 - NOVEMBER1998 NCR Regatta RecapC30A Annual Business MeetingEdification of a Technically Deficient New Owner
1999 - FEBRUARYFirsts (Sailing a New Boat)
1999 - MAYFirst CruiseSailing the Long Way 'Round (Part 1 - St Lawrence)
1999 - AUGUSTBlue Water CruiseSailing the Long Way 'Round (Part 2 - Canadian Maritime)
1999 - NOVEMBERSailing the Long Way 'Round (Part 3 - Atlantic Coast)Fleet 12 Southern Cruise
2000 - FebruarySailing the Long Way 'Round (Part 4 - Georgia)1999 National Championship Regatta
2000 - MaySailing the Long Way 'Round (Part 5 - Florida)
2000 - AugustFull Cockpit Enclosure
2000 - NovemberSailing the Long Way 'Round (Part 6 - Headed Back Home)Message in a Bottle2000 National Championship Regatta
2001 - FebruaryGulf Islands (BC) Summer Cruise
2001 - MayBest C30 Upgrades
2001 - AugustOne tricked Out Catalina
2001 - NovemberNational Regatta resultsWho Are Those Guys
2002 - FebruaryConfusion Over Associations
2002 - MayServing the Owners AssnsConfusion...Should be No Confusion
2002 - AugustTherapy on Florida West Coast
2002 - NovemberSea to Shining Sea (East Coast Rendezvous)North ChannelNational Regatta
2003 - FebruaryEvening Cove - Vancouver IslandMainsheet QuestionnaireSailor Defies Age (Hawaii)
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