2024 50th Anniversary Regatta in San Francisco!

You may already know that our beloved Catalina 30 was first unveiled to the world by Frank Butler in 1974.  2024 marks the 50th anniversary of this design, and its legacy remains unshaken. To honor this momentous occasion, we want to announce the 2024 Catalina 30 National Regatta and the grand 50th Birthday Party!  The event is currently slated for September 27 – 29, 2024 at the South Beach Yacht Club, Fleet 1 in San Francisco.   

Whether you’re coming with your polished Catalina 30 team, captaining a borrowed vessel, or joining the crew to embrace the competitive spirit of racing in the scenic San Francisco Bay, make sure you’re there!  Plus, expect a myriad of festivities at the party! For more information or to join an email list for the event, please write to CATALINA30FLEET1@GMAIL.COM.

You can find the Notice of Race and REGISTER online:  at https://southbeachyachtclub.org/regatta/KXOXxFkJ8F/#notice-board.