Officer Contacts

Below are the current officers of the association. Here is a list of past Commodores.


VACANT Rod Worrell (acting)

Previously held by Rick Caselli  (proflle), 949.874.1489 
22222 Brookpine, Mission Viejo, CA  92692
Bon Vivant  #1983

Vice Commodore Rod Worrell, 713.818.4471
11014 Candlewood Drive, Houston, TX  77042
Dixie #1337
Secretary  Richard Gunnell, 893.559.9885
1002 Lake Deeson Pointe, Lakeland, FL 33805 
Fantasy #1836
Treasurer  VACANT Rod Worrell (acting)
Chief Measurer  VACANT
Association Editor Michael Dupin,   781.556.5470
Technical Editor/
Membership Services
or USPS:
IC30A,  PO Box 611, Mayo, MD 21106 
Association Administration
Community Forum/WIKI