Fleet Formation

Regional fleets are encouraged and celebrated! The general relationship with IC30A is explained on this page and a directory of regional fleets is included here.

Please read and be familiar with the Constitution and Bylaws of the International Catalina 30 Association. They contain the fleet charter and formation rules. The fleets have only minimum membership and reporting requirements which must be maintained.

  • IC30A will provide a listing of the members in your sailing area for your use in contacting other potential members
  • All submitted Fleet material will be published in the Mainsheet
  • The Point of Contact you assign will be published in the Mainsheet Magazine and website.

The attached organizing document outlines (Fleet Constitution and Fleet Bylaws) are suggested for newly forming fleets and also for revising existing fleet documents. All other business of the fleet is now included entirely in the Constitution. The suggested bylaws are only of interest to fleets which will be involved with a racing program. The IC30A has defined the specifications, classes and equipment requirements for all sanctioned Catalina 30 sloop racing events. The fleet bylaws or notice of race may simply refer to these rules in any sailing instructions. Fleet exceptions to those rules must be stated in the fleet bylaws with notification to the International.