Pet Peeves...
Owners think the factory could have done a better job of...

MY pet peeve is the sharp points of the self tapping screws that protrude thru some of the trim. Of course, 30 minutes with a Dremel tool took care of all that my hands could get caught on. Frank Yaskin

No insulation around the iceboxes. Or the copper coolant tubes for refrigerator equipped models. BTW, are the newer boats insulated better? Something to checl out on each boat. Bob Beda

(early boats) the starboard bulkhead ( aft wall of hanging locker) connection to the hull was a weak point.  Mine was completely broken across just above the 3 bolts. Catalina later changed this design.  I fixed mine by adding a stainless "T" shaped strap to transfer upper chain plate load directly to the hull and adding a 4th bolt.  My PO used to sail the boat in the gulf a lot and may have overstressed.  However, I have seen several boats with a similar problem. George F. Goodall

( with M-25), the installation of the Hot water heater in the port cockpit lazerette was a mistake adding to overheating problems for boats sailed in warm water.  Catalina moved HWH to under quarter berth, changed source of engine coolant from a heat exchanger bypass arrangement to the thermostat bypass connectors. George F. Goodall

2 inch diameter heat exchanger was minimal capacity. Changed to a 3 inch diameter. George F. Goodall

The bilge design capacity is too shallow.  The engine sits low in the boat and it doesnt take much water in the boat before you start bathing the bottom of the engine, slinging water from the shaft coupling, etc.  Have to live with it. George F. Goodall