Owner Modifications (Links)

03 Jan 2010 - Bob Beda, Vberth Shelves (pin rails)

27 July 2008 - C-30 modifications at: http://northernlight.VermontFicks.org

08 Nov 2006 - Repacing old pipe stem fittings. Do the valves and thru-hulls. No use sitting around thinking when they will finally give up. Here's how mine were done:
http://www.members.shaw.ca/robnyeth ephysicsguy/ thru_hull_ and_valve_ replacement.htm

31 July 02 - Check out the modification that Jonathan Trunz made to his table/bed. It may do the trick for what you want to accomplish.  It does have a drawback or two but we all compromise. http://home.ec.rr.com/jtrunz/C30.htm

14 Mar 01 - Don Guilettes boat modifications, Stern and bow seats, ladder steps, boom outhaul and more... http://www.sailtrim products. com/dons- mods.html

 19 Feb 01 - Last year I built this wood frame with nylon screen to drop in the
companionway of my C30. As the season changed I added the snap on Sunbrella and vinyl cover. The unit stows under the steps when not in use. Richard Brantley, Catalina 30 #4612 " Faith To Faith", Oriental, NC


 02 Feb 01 - From Jonathan Trunz,  jtrunz@bigfoot.com, Some table mods and decorating ideas. http://www.bigfoot.com/~jtrunz

From Al Watson's excellent C34 site, Lots of C34 upgrades are applicable to the C30

From Capt Al's home website, More C34 good stuff'