Circa 1980 Parts Manual

This parts manual should cover most Mark I C30s built 1974-85. The rigging and gear illustrations are helpful for any upgrades. Hopefully we will obtain similar document for the Marl II and III later models. Contributions gladly accepted!

These are large PDF files so be prepared to wait awhile if you attempt to download files. Personal thanks go to Dan Wilcox for scanning this document.  BlownAway, Carolina Beach, NC

Section 0, Contents / file size = 97kb 

Section 1, Hull & Deck / file size = 926kb (pages 1-14)

Section 2, Spars & Rigging / file size = 815kb (pages 15-27)

Section 3, Interior Front / file size = 809mb (pages 28-36)

Section 3, Interior Rear / file size = 715mb (pages 37-42)

Section 4, Engine / file size = 526mb (pages 43-48)

Section 4, Systems (elect, plumb) / file size = 513mb (pages 49-59)

Here is a more current listing (no diagrams) including the newer boats...Thanks to Ken Koebler, Boston NY

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