Suggested Spare Parts and Tools...


Metric and english open end and box wrenches, wrenches and other tools that fit the engine
adjustable wrench, pliers, needle nosed, vice grip pliers, channel lock pliers, 
Small to very large Screwdrivers to match fittings
hammer, big hammer, small ball peen hammer,
multi-bit screwdriver
1/4 drive socket set, 3/8 drive ratchet and select sockets for larger nuts aboard, stainless steel tool set
hacksaw and spare blades
wire strippers, wire cutters, selection of crimp terminals, lengths of wire, wire crimper
Loos gauge (measures rigging tension),
an ice-pick,

complete drill bit set, #10, 1/4-20, 5/16 taps, a tap handle,
12-ft tape measure,

bolt cutter
fine toothed file, fine toothed triangular file, wood rasp,
allen wrenches
soldering gun and solder,
vise mounted on a 2x6
some touchup paint, masking tape, epoxy, sandpaper, sealants,
lubricants including machine oil, WD-40, stopcock grease, winch oil and grease, Teflon spray, Teflon paste,

Safety items:

First Aid kit
wood plugs for all thru-hull, attached to thru-hulls
crash kit with a length of fiberglass tape
extra GPS


impeller and gaskets for all pumps aboard, hose clamps, hose
set of plugs
set of what ever holds the prop on
fuel filters
fasteners for the ones used on the boat
stainless steel hardware (bolts, nuts, shackles)
rigging pins, cotter keys, etc. bulldog clips (small u-bolts for cable) and a length of rigging wire
bulbs for all lights aboard
batteries for handheld devices
lighter for stove, matches in a different place,
length of wax paper, a tube of sealant and a squeegee
sail repair kit - needles, palm, tape, "thread", plastic vise-clip/clamp
BoatLife Life Seal, Neverseize,
Clevis pins for turnbuckles and toggles (at least one for each size aboard), anchor shackle
Spool of SS seizing wire, Rigging tape, Sail repair tape,
Ditty bag with assorted needles, palm, fids, thread, acing tape, whipping twine, etc., Compartmented plastic box with assorted SS nuts bolts, washers, cotter pins, self tapping and wood screws, etc.,
Spare line in a variety of sizes


Water pump impeller, spark plugs, pull cord for recoil starter, end fitting for the fuel line, shear pins,

duct tape!