Removing the engine is not a real big deal. 

I did the whole thing by myself with no other help

You do have to remove the galley counter and Base cabinet.  To do it you remove 3 or so screws from the counter top that are located behind the dliding plastic doors on the left (as you face aft).  Then there are another 6-8 screws that hold down the base cabinet to the fibreglass base its mounted on.  They are located inside the cabinet on the nailing strips fore and aft.  Disconnect the hoses to the faucet and the faucet drain hose and just slide out and lift away the entire galley counter.  It will fit on the port settee for storage.

To remove the engine:

1. remove the 4 bolts onthe shaft coupling.

2. Disconnect muffler from from exhaust pipe or hump hose.

3. Disconnect fuel line.

4. Disconnect raw water intake hose

5. Disconnect engine harness

I used the main sheet tackle on the boom to lift the engine out.  All I did was remove the end from the traveller, and re-route the other end to drop into the cabin.  I made a bridle the connected from the lifting points of the engine and connected to the end of the main sheet that I'd removed from the traveller.

Finally, I removed the nuts on the engine mounts and just hoisted the engine up and out of the compartment.  There was a bit of effort required to raise it up as the drop from the main blocks was not perpendicular to the engine, but it was manageable.

I've recreated this from memory so I might have forgotten something, but it should be pretty close

Hope this helps. 

Bill Berner, 1983 C30 TRBS #3059 w/5411