Newsletter Technical Index...1900-1999

1990 - February

bulletAtomic Four- Overheating Cure bulletFuel Tank Fill, Blow Back Syndrome bulletHurth Transmission Troubles bulletStorage and Bilge Access bulletCockpit Dining Table bulletAft Cockpit Seat bulletGalley Update For C-36 bulletWater in oil - 5411 Diesel bulletOverheating Diesel bulletPhoto - M25 and M25XP Engine, Parts Labeled
1990 - May
bulletRigging and Pedestal Engine Controls bulletBetter Stern Ladder bulletLower Forward shrouds and Mast Tuning bulletPower Windlass and Other Mods bulletStalling Diesel bulletZinc's and Heat Exchanger bulletClean-up bulletGalley Shelf and Anchor Windlass bulletAtomic Four Engine: Water in Oil bulletStuck Flapper valve and Anti Siphon Valve bulletTrailering The C-30
1990 - August
bulletAdditives for Atomic Four Engine bulletReport on Lasdrop Shaft Seal bulletGrounding and Getting Off bulletWing Keel Retrofit bulletReplacement Ports, in Head and Above Locker bulletPhotovoltaic Installation (Solar Panel) bulletLeaking Life Line Stanchions bulletEngine Overheating due to an Electrical Problem bulletReplacing the Exhaust Flap bulletWater Tank Fill bulletRose Adapter Head Door (Solid and hinged) bulletThird Battery, Dish Locker and a Smelly Head Fix bulletDinette, Table Extension bulletStuffing Box, Backstay and V- Berth bulletDeck Light bulletUniversal 25XP Belt bulletMuffler Leak at Water Lift Muffler bulletBilge, Gauges, Pedestal Control and Masthead Light
1990 - November
bulletProtection of Little People bulletReplacing the Coaming Compartment Trim bulletJack Lines for a Full Batten Main bulletSteering Quadrant Loses a Bolt, bulletOil in Coolant Reservoir bulletStuffing Box Shaft Seal bulletMain Cabin and Dinette Table Mod bulletV- Belt Changing Difficulty bulletTeak and Holly Sole
1991 - February
bulletCockpit Helpers, bulletMicrowave Fridge, bulletV- Berth Locker Step bulletDinette Table Replacement bulletSteering Difficulties bulletStarter Button Disables bulletStarter bulletFuel Tank Sender bulletClogged Fuel Tank Suction and Filter Bracket bulletHead Sink Drain bulletSuggestions For a Vintage Boat Owner bulletThis is no Lazy Jack!
1991 - May
bulletSwift (bifurcated) Rudder bulletAdding Temperature and Oil Pressure Alarms bulletMinor Compass Repair bulletEnergy Alternative With Solar Power bulletAqua Muffler can Blow Out bulletTrailering a C-30
1991 - August
bulletAttachments for Signet SL-80 Instrument bulletFire Risks and Diesel Engines bulletAtomic Four Owners bulletThe Spinnaker Halyard Snagging Problem bulletAbout Mainsheet Systems bulletGas Tank Shut off, bulletTiller Pilot, >Dinette Portable Table Upgrade Mods bulletLeaking Foot Pump bulletRadio Reception and Battery Isolation
1991 - November
bulletUpdate on Manual Charge Control bulletTwisting Mid Boom Mainsheet Blocks bulletSome Very Good Mods bulletWater Filling, bulletElectrical Harness bulletCleaning Speedo bulletBarnacles bulletSalt Water in Bilge bulletOverheating Yanmar bulletDifficult Starting, bulletFrozen Shut-off cable bulletHot Engine and Other Difficulties
1992 - February
bulletC30 on TV bulletExplanation of the Spinnaker Halyard Problem bulletFlat Traveler to 4:1 Purchase and Led Aft Step by Step bulletOverheating Fix More on Engine Overheating and bulletLightning Damage
1992 - May
bulletShower Drainage and bulletTraveler Rigging Problem bulletMainsheet Traveler Control bulletSimple Fix for Abrasion on Coolant Line bulletAir Conditioning a C-30 bulletFire Safety Fuse bulletMast Wiring Cabin Teak Protection
1992 - August
bulletReplaced Hot Water Tank bulletHeat Exchanger Mount bulletDifferent Voltage Protection bulletSystem for Radar bulletRefrigerator
1992 - November
bulletReplacing Cutlass Bearing bulletPeeling Bottom Paint bullet5411 Diesel Prop and Mainsheet Winch bulletTrailering and Mast Painting bulletDirty Engine oil and V- Berth Light bulletRefitting a 1978 C-30 bulletUpdating the Electrical system and Adding a Heater
1993 - February
bulletRadar Tower and Motor Davit bulletSpreader Retrofit bulletCracked Waste Deck Cap bulletRail Stanchion Leak bulletV- Berth Door, Deck and Galley Mods bulletHurth Transmission Adjustment bulletRetrofitting a Vintage C-30 bulletWatch Out When You Start That Simple Project
1993 - May
bulletWing Keels bulletUniversal Engines With Water Pumps bulletSnagging Halyard, bulletMast Tune, bulletIce Box Drain Stuffing Box, bulletEngine Space Insulation bulletBatteries- A Summary bulletShaft and Shaft Log bulletEngine Coolant Flow bulletWater Pump Impellers bulletDoris Goodale on CNG
1993 - August
bulletCure for Mast Cable Slap bulletGrounding a Wing Keel bulletC-30 Prop Wash and Torque Effect bulletChecking Engine Oil Level bulletMore Accurate Charge Readings and Follow Up Letter bulletLocating Depth Sounder and Knot meter Sending Units bulletZinc Erosion Problems bulletCracked Engine Mounts Universal 25XP bulletPotpourri of Questions
1993 - November
bulletLight Screen for V- Berth bulletLooping Yacht Braid bulletHurth Transmission Revisited bulletElectrical Harness bulletOverheating Diesel, bulletBy George, I Think You've Got It bulletEngine Coolant in Bilge and Thermostat By Pass bulletBuilders Note bulletBattery Saver for Refrigeration Circuit
Shaft Packing Drip and
bulletM-25s Have a 4th Fuel Filter bulletAlcohol and Outboards
1994 - February
bulletHurth Transmissions Re-visited bulletWing Keel and Grounding bulletSome Good Mods bulletEngine Electrical, bulletSeaward Panel bulletTraveler Block, bulletStern Ladder Lock, bulletSteering Maint. bulletZinc's, bulletBy George, I Believe You've Got It bulletAtomic 4 Transmission Fix bulletElectrical Upgrade, bulletRadar Arch and bulletV- Berth bulletInternal Halyards, bulletMain Sheet System bulletInboard Tracks, bulletBlister Cure, bulletSpreader Retrofit, bulletTeak and Holly Cabin Sole
1994 - May
bulletWater in Cylinders bulletHigh Output Alternator bulletAdding Chain plates for Backstay Tensioner Steering Quadrant. bulletWiring Upgrade bulletElectric Panel Retrofit and Steering Quadrant bulletWell Leak bulletProp Question bulletAnchor Platform, bulletV- Berth, bulletQuarter Berth Storage Lockers, bulletDining Table
1994 - August
bulletWhat We've Been Waiting For - A V- Berth, bulletAcrylic Hatch Retrofitting bulletThe Wood Spreaders bulletDining Table Mod, bulletHeat Exchanger Mount bulletGalley Fridge, bulletElectric Fuel Pump/Filter
V- Berth Storage, Step,
bulletDining Table Curtain bulletShelf Closet
1994 - November
bulletLifting Bulkheads bulletDiesel Fuel Tanks
1995 - February
bulletWood Spreader Retrofit bulletJammed outhaul fix bulletDecompression Lever bulletRaising Bulkheads and Retrofit bulletCambered Track Cure for Prop Wash Against Rudder bulletDiesel Fuel Problems bulletOil Leak at Alternator Bracket bulletHead Door Fix and an Air Conditioner Lift
1995 - May
bulletLazerette Bulkhead Flexing bulletSolar Vents and a Battery Isolator bulletFixes and Safety mods bulletRefrigerators and bulletManufacturers Reliability bulletAtomic 4 Owners bulletDeck Depression Aft of Mast Base bulletCorrosion and bulletTabernacle Crack Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel and Starter Circuits bulletAccess to Engine
1995 - August
bulletUpgrading Glow Plugs and Starter Circuits bulletAnti Siphon Valve Testing bulletHappy Owner and His Mods bulletRotting Compression Post Support bulletOverboard Return System
bulletRadar Arch, bulletCabin Cover and bulletHeating System bulletDeck Depression at Mast bulletStern Ladder Retrofit bulletSeaward Retrofit bulletDetailed Shaft/Engine Alignment Procedure
1996 - February
bulletTransmission Fluid bulletLadder Locks bulletWater in Forepeak bulletHigher ToeRail bulletBuilt-in Autohelm bulletProp Torque bulletU5411 and Water in Crankcase bulletAlternator Belt Tensioning Bolt bulletRusting Oil Pan bulletWater in Keel Space Under Bilge
bulletBowsprit for Bow Roller bulletPort light Blinds bulletRelocating Macerator bulletPropeller Whine problem bulletVisual Inspection of Shaft and Prop
1996 - August
bulletAnchor Locker Leak bulletAlternative Spreader Replacement bulletMini-Blinds in Lieu of Curtains bulletMods for Longevity bulletDismasting
1996 - November
bulletBattery Hold-Downs bulletA-4 Electric Fuel Pump bulletCompression Post Rot Repair bulletA-4 Newsletter bulletKing Size berth bulletCockpit Cushion Storage bulletCabin Air Conditioner
1997 - February
bulletRepairing a Sunken Mast Step bulletBow Roller Blues bulletRebuilding the 5411 Diesel Shaft Coupling bulletRepitching a Prop bulletAutomac bullet12 Volt Portable Cooler bulletFuel Gauge Accuracy
1997 - May
bulletBarnacles and a Battery Ground Switch bulletMast Painting bulletFresh Water Flush bulletPulpit Perch Seats bulletHatch Board Storage bulletWatch Those Keel Bolts bulletKeel Bolts Leaks bulletRudder Fix
1997 - August
bulletVarnish bulletGlow Plug Solenoid bulletEngine Access Doors bulletEngine Noise Soundproofing bulletRemoving the Galley Sink Cabinet bulletHot Water Heat bulletStinking Head Hose bulletNicoFico Traveler parts bulletWindow Water Stains bulletAnchor Locker Drain bulletImproving the Traveler bulletAccumulator Tank bulletDish Shelf bulletLeaking Windows bulletMore Window Repairs bulletImproved Diesel Engine Starting bulletMast Spreader Refinishing bulletC30 License Plate Frame bulletSolar Powered vents bulletEngine panel Relocation
1997 - November
bulletLubricating Steering Cables bulletStern Pulpit Walk Thru bulletSail gate
1998 - February
bulletRudder Head Play Fix bulletGarhauer the best bulletWindow Curtains bulletSpreader Replacements bulletUniversal Kubota Model Xref bulletMark III Seat Flotation bulletQuarter berth Storage bulletLightning Forum bulletSolar Panel Installation bulletThird Battery and Panel bulletChart Storage bulletV-Berth Drain bulletCruising Spinnaker Halyard bulletRatings, Racing and Modification bulletSailing and Heeling bulletMast Rake and Velocity Prediction bulletPacking Gland Replacements bulletC30 Stability Factors
1998 - May
bulletStiff Steering Cure bulletTraveler Parts bulletMat Tuning bulletAdjusting Idle bulletRefurbishing an Older Boat bulletThree Batteries bulletWood in the Bilge bulletCockpit Floor Repair bulletCross Reference for Engine Parts bulletForward hatch Leaks bulletSink Counter Grab rail bulletRudder Shaft Leak bulletBoom Topping Lift
1998 - August
bulletFuel Fill Caps bulletUpper Shroud Deck Fitting Leakage bulletWet Bulkhead bulletAccumulator bulletWater Filter bulletCabin Heater bulletIce Box Lid bulletRefrigeration bulletAdded Batteries bulletDodger, Traveler Lines bulletCabin Vents bulletHatch Cover Slides bulletRudder Play bulletRepitching Props bulletAft Engine Access bulletEngine Air Cleaners bulletJet Fuel Cleaner bulletMast Compression Post bulletLeaking Windows bulletJib Sheets bulletFactory Bottom Coatings bulletUpholstery Redo
bulletMast Compression Repair bulletHurth Transmission bulletPropeller Size and Pitch bulletRudder Post Leak bulletAtomic Four Upgrade Parts bulletCentral Air Conditioning bulletAutohelm Problems bulletRefrigeration bulletProperly Filled Screw Holes bulletDrip less Packing Gland bulletStern Pulpit Walk-thru bulletIce Box, Counter Top Replacement
1999 - February
bulletWeather Helm bulletDepth Sounder Blues bulletRetrofitting the Arched Traveler bulletRetrofitting a Former Charter Boat bulletTransmission Leaks bulletDiesel Fuel Pump Chatter bulletHolding Tank Repair bulletSubject is Propellers bulletLower Shroud Studs bulletAtomic Four Wiring Harness bulletAtomic Four Transmission Adjustment bulletSettee and Dinette Mods
1999 - May
bulletBow Crack bulletPropeller Shaft Problem bulletRetrofit 5411 to Perkins bulletChart Table Improvement bulletWrapped Wheel Steerer bulletCentral Air Conditioning bulletRepairing Keel Bolts bulletCockpit Shower bulletMainsheet and Traveler Upgrades bulletWindow Sealing Problems bulletWindow Sealing Fix #1 bulletWindow Sealing Fix #2 bulletTeak and Holly Carpet Replacement

1999 - August

bulletEngine Panel Meltdown bulletAtomic Four Manifold & Exhaust Pipe Replacement bullet1898 Electrical Problem bulletRudder Problem bulletC30 Ventilation


bulletThrottle Slippage bulletLoss of Battery Water bulletPressure Water System bulletRepowering and Exhaust Flow bulletFluxgate Compass Location bulletBattery Starting Problems bulletBattery Isolation bulletGalley Stove Upgrade