Newsletter Technical Index...1983-1989

1983 - Spring
bulletThe Family cruiser
1983 - Summer
bulletClorox- - of Course bulletSome Notes From Minds Eye bulletModifications Regarding Props
1983 - Fall
bulletMark Ashmidt, #3198, letter- Diesel Power bulletSandy Vance, #1231, Rigging & Props bulletMurry Switzer, #2798, Blue Water Cruising bulletGeorge Hadlow, #62, Companionway Steps bulletCharles Tapply, #43, Kit For Shroud Repair bulletJim Butcher, #2723, Stanchion Reinforcement bulletOtis McCallum, #1748, Engine and Props bulletTo Convert or Not to Convert Rudder bulletComments on My C-30-Mods bulletTuning The C-30
1983 - Winter
bulletImprovements to Dragon bulletAttention - Skippers With Wheel Steerer bulletMort Diamond, #2682, Fresh Water Cooling bulletBud Weber, #2290, Roller Furling Jib bulletIrv Wolf, #1091, Hot Water Tank bulletBob Arnold, #3366, Great Grease Remover bulletJerry Wilson, #515, Yanmar and Exhaust bulletCold Showers and Burned Muffins bulletDick Swan, #2665, Numerous Mods bulletConclusion of The Atomic Four Care, Part 1, March 82; Part2, June 82; Part 3, December 82; Part 3, continued; Part 4, June 83 are in the National C-30 Newsletters
1984 - Spring
bulletEasy and Cheap Winter Cover bulletDave Peterson, letter on Deck and Hull Joint bulletKing Size Bed Conversion
1984 - Summer
bulletJon Finch letter, A Stereo System bulletIrv Wolf, Letter On Mods bulletPreventive Maintenance bulletMarv Marcus, on Miscellaneous Mods bulletCarl Tendler, An Atomic 4 Crank bulletTom Raes, Aqua Lift Muffler bulletJohn Taylor, Convert 5411 to M-25 bulletMalcolm Oaks, PN Rigging Pot-Pourri bulletSmall cocktail type Table bulletNothing Is Impossible With Faith bulletHeaders and Lifters
1984 - Winter
bulletThe Northern Way to Winter Storage bulletTable Modifications bulletSo You Want a Hot Shower?
1985 - Spring
bulletIce Chest Drainage: A Solution
1985 - Summer
bulletMore Lighting
1985 - Winter
bulletHot water With The Atomic Four bulletAtomic Four- Hand Crank bulletSynthetic Oil bulletGasoline and the Changing Scene bulletLeaks Ice Box bulletConsiderations Synthetic Oil
1986 - April
bulletMods to Wind Devil bulletSpare Lamps bulletAtomic Four Maintenance bulletWater in Ignition Switch bulletOdors bulletCoolant Loss bulletC-30 #3463 Questions and Answers- bulletHerb Lundin C-30 #3952, letter bulletDale Thompson C-30 #3411, letter bulletGeorge Nashick C-30 #3353- letter bulletBill Houston
1986 - June
bulletMan Overboard Pole bulletModify Your Dinette Table bulletTime - Speed Curves bulletQuarter Berth Mods bulletUniversal Diesel Oil Leaks Letter. bulletDan Boneham, #959 Hand Crank Little bulletUniversal, 11HP, (5411) Does it Again bulletUpdate On Alcohol in Gas bulletMaintenance bulletShaft Log bulletPacking bulletMacerator Difficulties
1986 - August
bulletStarting Problems bulletBattery Service bulletLoran Users bulletHand Cranking bulletIgnition Care bulletDepth Finding Without a Thru Hull bulletHot Water Service Valve, Engine Overheating bulletBoat Pox bulletMast Tuning bulletAlternator Bolt Problem
1986 - November
bulletMast Tuning The Rig bulletRudder Post Leaks bulletWinter storage bulletEngine Flushing System bulletIce Box Improvement bulletDinette Table Mod
1987 - February
bulletNews Flash About Alternator Bracket Kit bulletIdeas for updating bulletHot Water System Leaks bulletModifications bulletInternal Halyards bulletZinc's bulletPropellers bulletTips on Maintenance from Fleet #8
1987 - May
bulletWater Heater Mods bulletFrom an Alaskan Skipper bulletJiffy Reefing and Lazy Jacks bulletInboard Genoa Track, alternate bulletCare Modifications bulletEngine Changes and Mods bulletOil Filter For Atomic Four bulletEngine Leaks bulletGroco Toilet bulletNew Boat Modifications bulletModifications, Waste and Leaks  
1987 - August
bulletMacerator bulletBoat Pox bulletIdea for a Better Galley bulletStove set-tip bulletTachometer bulletEngine Bed Bolts, bulletHatch Screws bulletWater Leak and Alternate Bracket bulletTeak Grate for Cockpit Sole bulletMainsheet Rig bulletLeading Halyards Aft bulletWater Heater and piping bulletLeading Halyards Aft and Dinette Table bulletQuarter Berth bulletLight On Wing Keels bulletPropellers Hull/Deck Joint Leak?
1987 - November
bulletTreating Boat Pox bulletChart Table Storage, bulletRefrigerator in/drawer out bulletZinc's, Oil Filter, Fuel pump and Autopilot bulletWing Keel bulletDiesel and Atomic Fours can squeal bulletCutter Rig bulletTilting Bow Roller and Windlass bulletHelmsman's Seat bulletWater in Hanging Locker bulletExhaust cover Replacement bulletWater Leak at Garbage Chute bulletExhaust Check Valve bulletOverheating Diesels bulletShelving Restraints bulletDinette Table, Usable From Starboard Settee bulletPropellers
1988 - February
bulletUniversal Diesels C-34 bulletInquiry, from Hawaii bulletBattery Charging System bulletAccelerator bulletProper Propeller bulletNew Boat Questions bulletGeneral Problems New Boat bulletProblems Engine Cooling and Water Problems bulletSpinnaker
1988 - May
bulletOil Leak, Universal M-25 bulletExhaust Pipes - 5 Years old bulletPerformance Under Power bulletShaft Vibration, bulletWheel Steerer bulletShake Hot Water Heater bulletBattery Service bulletBattery Charging Glow Plug, Instrument Panel, bulletOverheating bulletWinter Protection, bulletAlternator Bracket bulletBoat, Dog and Lift bulletIgnition Care bulletSlow Starter bulletAlternator Bracket, bulletMast Pumping bulletLeaks Transmission Dip Stick bulletRope Halyards bulletElectrolysis and Bonding bulletSoft Throttle, Neutral Position bulletCompanionway Doors bulletHelmsman's Seat
1988 - August
bulletGlow Plugs and Tachometer Accuracy bulletHot Water Heaters bulletPropane Bottle Storage bulletThrottle Cable Fix bulletThrottle Tension and Shifting on Wheel Steerer bulletHot Engine Alarm bulletSmoky Diesels bulletDeck Vent and Holding Tank Effluent bulletCutter Rig and bulletPulpit Seat bulletCutter Rig and C-30 Trailering bulletTraditional Dinette bulletSleeping bulletHull Speed Problem bulletOil change and Hull Speed bulletLeaking Port lights bulletTraveler on The Level bulletRigging For Racing bulletGroco Update Kit bulletAlternator Bracket bulletBattery Charging bulletPorts and Stove bulletV- Berth and Bilge Limber Holes bulletRope Halyards and Thru-Hulls bulletMisplaced Fuel Filter
1988 - November
bulletView From The Top bulletCutter Rigging bulletMast Tuning and Bulkheads bulletLightning Protection bulletSome Mods, bulletEngine Temperature Control and bulletCutters bulletEngine Electrical bulletElectrical Charging Problem bulletUpdating The Engine Control Panel bulletOil Filters bulletHard Starting Diesels bulletFuel Filter Location bulletSlipping in Forward Gear bulletFinal Word on Tachometers and Hull Speed bulletSoft Throttle and Three Blade Prop bulletZinc's and Grounding bulletLeaks and Access to Engine bulletLeaking companionway bulletDeck Mods and Dinette Table bulletOver The Galley bulletSink Cabinet and Wood Steerer bulletGalley Range Fix bulletFresh Water Service
1989 - February
bulletUnleaded Gas Harms New Marine Engines bulletAll Gunked Up bulletAtomic Four Overheating Cure bulletCutter Rigged C-36, with Anchor Windlass bulletSome Notes on Reflection bulletVentilators, More on Ventilators bulletRigging Tips bulletSmall Safety Ideas bulletSpring Check-out Engine (Atomic- 4) bulletWater in 5411 Diesels bulletThe Subject is Dodgers bulletInternal Reefing Leads in Boom bulletRay's Remote Retriever bulletPotpourri of Mods and Fixes bulletProblems With Speed, bulletAlky Stove bulletLife Lines and Delamination of Deck bulletTransom Platform As a Fishing Helper bulletCoolant Loss bulletDiesels Mods and Battery Charging bulletTrailering Your C-30
1989 - May
bulletHull Deck Joint bulletVoltage Loss in Battery Cable bulletTips on Tying bulletBottom Paint bulletShifting Gears and Furling Gear bulletDeck Mods and Storage Above Hanging Locker bulletFollow up on February Issue bulletHead Convenience and TV Wall Bracket bulletHot Water Heater, Engine Temperature Gauge bulletBowsprit With Anchor Roller bulletMain Hatch Leak and Holding Tank Holding Tank Vent Odor and Hard Starting Diesel bulletThird Battery Hook-up bulletHis Hatch is Wearing bulletBuilding an LP Tank Locker LP Tank Installation bulletExhaust Repair bulletImproving Access to Engine bulletCleaning Engine of Salt Water and Navico 2500
1989 - August
bulletMosquito Net For C-30 Hatch bulletAnchor Locker Mod for New Design Lockers bulletExplanation of "Jack Lines" bulletCutter Rig: A Hank on Stay Used With Furling Gear on Forestay bulletCoach Top Traveler Mod bulletEngine Room Sound Deadening bulletBattery Advice Manual Charge Control Third Battery bulletHigh Temperature Water Alarm bulletShower Head Control bulletHurth Transmission Troubles bulletBetter Dinette Table Mod bulletWeed Blocker and bulletRig Tuning bulletGood Cleaning Agent
bulletSt. Elmo's Fire bulletFollow up on Manual Charge Control bulletExhaust Manifold, bulletWater Vented Loop bulletWither Goest Thou? bulletMid Boom Traveler Or Not! bulletThis Captain has Been Bury bulletAtomic 4 Overheating bulletRusty Shaft Coupling bulletPumps, Rudder and A Wheel Steerer