Newsletter Feature Articles...1990-99

bulletThe demons of the North Tower bulletReaching out bulletThe Swift rudder bulletMalcomb and I bulletCover story of commitment bulletOldies but goodies bulletIt's a long way to the North channel
1990 - MAY
bulletA new star bulletHistorical winds bulletFleet development, the new wave bulletSailing your boat on its optimum wind angle bulletTrailering a C-30
1990 - AUGUST
bulletThe first time - out of control bulletWhy not? The first cruise of Bolero bullethat's in a "name"? bulletWinter cruising in Florida
bulletParastroika and Glasnost on C-25 bulletDecommissioning check list bulletPure pleasure, reflections on a National Regatta bulletThe hunts of Blackbeard - sailing the Georgia coast bulletIt can't happen to me
bullet2000 miles and 42 ports of call bulletImproving your performance bulletDanger, lights ahead bulletElectric problems? bulletFrom the Builder bulletBattle in the Gulch, part 2
1991 - MAY
bulletDickson takes home the Congressional cup bulletTwo years behind the wheel bulletSailing with children bulletCruising bulletThe fastest way to windward bulletThe races are not what they seem bulletUnderstanding marine electronics, interfacing bulletNobody heads North, part 1
1991 - AUGUST
bulletTwo years behind the wheel, part 2 bulletThe fastest way to windward - an update bulletCruising bulletMaking a successful fleet bulletRoger, Wilco, Over and Out bulletNobody heads north, part 2
bulletSailing in Holland bulletA Saturday sail in San Francisco bulletClearly a voyage for sailors bulletPhiladelphia cruise bulletReal life man overboard
bulletLooking back and looking ahead bulletSailing your way out of hard times bulletThe log of Loco Viento, part 1 bullet"The rules" (of the road) bulletAsk the Builder bulletNew Yachts: Morgan 38, C-34 Power, Morgan 50 bulletNew products bulletC-30 National Association , by laws bulletUpgrading the C-30 for passage making, Part 1 bulletOne of those days bulletYou gotta take the bitter with the sweet
1992 - MAY
bulletLooking back and looking ahead - the answers bulletFoot prints T bulletThe log of Loco Viento, part 2 bulletEverything you wanted to know about furlers bulletCatalina rendezvous notice bulletNew Products - Factory tours
1992 - AUGUST
bulletMany parts equal the whole bulletThe morning star bulletThe compass bulletA whale of a tale bulletDear friends bulletAsk the Builder bulletSan Diego bulletThe worlds largest half model bulletMurphy races to Ensenada bulletModifications to a C-30 for passage, part 2
bulletMany parts equal the whole bulletOP SAIL bulletMarine attraction bulletCatalina World bulletMarina Del Rey, Gateway bullet10th Annual Catalina rendezvous bulletC-30 National regatta Fleet 11 sailors make west coast waves bulletPort Huron to Mackinac
bulletMississippi River cruising bulletStarting a local fleet bulletAsk the Builder bulletAn alternate for PHRF scoring
1993 - MAY
bulletSail Expo; A retrospective bulletCheese burgers in paradise bulletMessin' with GPS bulletAsk the Builder
1993 - AUGUST
bulletAnother beginning bulletA sail makers guide to sails bulletA quick look at chartering, in Alaska bulletAsk the Builder bulletSailing Moonshadow into adventure bulletRag bag
bulletLife's passage Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance bulletThe compass U.S. Sailing briefs bulletAsk the Builder bulletPirates of the Catalina's bulletRedondo Beach C-30 Regatta
bulletCats in the canyon bulletLook Mom, no heel! bulletAsk the Builder bulletDear Mainsheet bulletCover story - A good time / C-22 Editors bark
1994 - MAY
bulletSail C-37's bulletA matter of survival bulletSailing America's cup defender, out Golden Gate bulletDitty bag bulletAsk the Builder
1994 - AUGUST
bulletCatalina 42, fleet dock party bulletThe new experimental racing rules bulletThrough the years bulletDitty bag bulletAsk the Builder bulletRafting etiquette, part 1 bulletFleet news
bulletA good time, at the last place bulletAsk the Builder bulletSetting sail bulletDitty bag bulletSabot Nationals bulletC-30 National Regatta bulletA summer cruise - Frandor III bulletThe greatest boating event I've ever had bulletWhy do it that way, part 2
bulletDitty bag bulletNine Sails West Regatta bulletOur memory bulletSetting the record straight - engine harness update bulletA boat is just a hole in the water bulletCruising the Americas - part 1
1995 - MAY
bulletAlaska - the adventure bulletSail Expo 1995, A hot time at the Jersey shore bulletCruising the Americas -part 2
1995 - AUGUST
bulletPisces, Catalina 30, wins Newport to Ensenada, '95, Cruising Class bulletDitty bag - Just do it! bulletCruising the Americas, part 3 bulletResults: IC30 Association National Regatta
bulletNine Sails West, regatta bulletCatalina rendezvous - East coast bulletAsk the Builder bulletCatalina cruise to Milford
bulletExtended cruise, a smash success bulletAcross the North Sea to Norway bulletInvading the San Juan’s bulletAgain Across the Sound (L.I.)
1996 - MAY
bulletNorth to Alaska bulletSail Expo 1996 bulletDitty bag bulletDon't sail West '96
1996 - AUGUST
bulletWhy do we do it?
bulletNever underestimate a love note! bulletEast Coast Catalina rendezvous
bulletThe Bloody Truth of River Racing bulletSummer Cruise - Cartagena to Roncador bulletInvitation - 1997 Harbor Cup regatta
1997 - MAY
bulletOde to Frandor bulletChanges in Association Business Procedures bulletNotice of race - Macatawa Bay Yacht Club bulletSummer Cruise II - Roncador to Old Providence
1997 - AUGUST
bulletRacing Can Be Fun bulletC30 - Great for Racing and Cruising bulletInternet Catalina Tech Talk
bulletAnnual Business meeting Held bulletBylaws Proposals bulletCatalina Owners on the Internet bulletMichigan Fails to show Her Stuff - C30 Nationals bulletSweet Breeze to Panacea


bulletHow Strong is Your Catalina?

1998 - MAY

bulletObservations from a New Cruiser bulletGloria Sets Sail bulletThe Trip bulletSuccessful Loch Lomond Passage

1998 - AUGUST

bulletMore Changes on SHERMAX


bullet1998 NCR Regatta Recap bulletIC30A Annual Business Meeting bulletEdification of a Technically Deficient New Owner


bulletFirsts (Sailing a New Boat)

1999 - MAY

bulletFirst Cruise bulletSailing the Long Way 'Round (Part 1 - St Lawrence)

1999 - AUGUST

bulletBlue Water Cruise bulletSailing the Long Way 'Round (Part 2 - Canadian Maritime)


bulletSailing the Long Way 'Round (Part 3 - Atlantic Coast) bulletFleet 12 Southern Cruise