Newsletter Feature Articles...1980-89

1983 - SPRING
bulletI learned about boating from this.... bulletPat Childress' single handed world circumnavigation bulletAsk the Builder - anti - siphon vent
1983 - SUMMER
bulletA cruise centerfold bulletSailing notes bulletThe World of Catalina bulletModifications to U. S. Aids to Navigation bulletGoing South
1983 - FALL
bulletCruising sails bulletThe Booth Bay, Maine cruise bulletAsk the Builder - Rigging Maintenance bulletThe trimmer/Grinder duo bulletCurrent sailing
1983 - WINTER
bulletPower knit - The newest Mylar material bulletBeyond Conception "High Cotton" goes North bulletConclusion: The Atomic Four bulletCatalina World
1984 - SPRING
bulletSummer cruise bulletSafety guidelines bulletDacron - Still the best sail cloth bulletAbout the gray whale bulletCruising - Key West bulletWomen's clinics return bulletLake Erie safety via satellite bulletTest your racing knowledge
1984 - SUMMER
bulletThe glorious Gulf Coast bulletFirst cruise for Loafers bulletGlory Magazines and the truth bulletCongressional Cup bulletHeaders and lifters
1984 - FALL
bulletCharter boat cash flow realities bulletThe glorious Gulf Coast bulletTuning the Mast head rig bulletThe growth of the National Sailing Association
1984 - WINTER
bulletUSYRU Certified judges bulletScottish region cruise bulletFrom the Builder
1985 - SPRING
bulletFleet Perpetuation bulletGrowing up in a shipyard bulletA first mates reflection's of her first Ensenada race bulletAn interview with a Catalina-30 skipper bulletPacific Coastal cruising Part I bulletSerendipity vs Josephine (hurricane) bulletCongressional Cup bulletTips on buying a sail bulletUnderwater surfaces bulletFrom the Builder - anti-siphon valve
1985 - SUMMER
bulletWhat makes you boat go fast? bulletPacific Coastal cruising Part 2 bulletCongressional Cup 1985 wrap-up bulletHigh Point - super speed bulletPreventive Engine maintenance bulletFrom the Builder - Gelcoat Blisters bulletOne design concept
1985 - FALL
bulletCould you give us a tow? bulletIt could happen to you! (dismasting) bulletHe's going to hit us! bulletWinter storage bulletOff wind boom vang techniques bulletEnsenada 1985 bulletFrom the Builder - Gel coat blisters
1985 - WINTER
bulletAlaskan adventure Part 2 bulletTranscontinental trailering bulletCan your transmission handle towing? bulletBuying a trailer bulletStumped on spots bulletLuffing before starting a race bulletSpinnaker close reaching
1986 - APRIL
bulletBC's Sunshine coast bulletCruising South Puget Sound bulletWomen at the helm bulletWhy doesn't she feel right? bulletRule 38: Luffing after starting bulletRacing without winning bulletBattle in the Gulch bulletYou want a hatch? bulletFrom the Builder
1986 - JUNE
bulletChesapeake Bay cruising bulletCongressional Cup: perspectives bulletDropping the hook bulletWind shear and other squirrelly weather patterns bulletExamining the elements of Genoa trim bulletMexico - Cruising bulletFrom the Builder
1986 - AUGUST
bulletWorrell 1000 bulletEnsenada 1986: The race bulletNavigation and Piloting "Robijo” battles the Columbia River
bulletNationals Pacific 1000 bulletThe sinking of the "Gilygaloo" bulletMeet your dealers bulletSail care guide bulletExperience Southern California waters bulletThe meaning of winning Ditty bag
bulletCruising Racing..... Me? bulletThe 10 Commandments bulletThe whole of sailing
1987 - MAY
bulletMoon Bay exploit bulletCongressional Cup bulletSteady as she goes bulletProfessionalism bulletFamily sailing bulletProfile of a Catalina Owner
1987 - AUGUST
bulletA good place to start bulletSeabreeze's San Juan Island log bulletMoney can buy happiness bulletFog, freighters and fatigue 30 miles of the open ocean
bulletAlaskan charter bulletStand by me - A winged Keel Boarded Allison Jolly bulletThe commitment
bulletAnacortes to Desolation Sound bulletSo you want to be a rock star? bulletHow I luff it when you talk Nautical bulletSailing with the blues
1988 - MAY
bulletCongressional cup bulletIn the wake of Captain Vancouver: Desolation Sound bulletThe "inside-out" of the Congressional Cup bulletA whale of a story
1988 - AUGUST
bullet28 days and 2500 miles in 18 feet bullet"Sea Breeze”s Florida Expedition bulletUSYRU Safety at sea seminar bulletFrom the Builder - Wing Keels
bulletEuropean Odessy bullet"Making Good" bulletQuick Charge
bulletYO,HO,HO, It's a sailors life bulletA happy ending Association bulletFrom the Builder bulletTechnical - New design bulletGetting started bulletThe forming of a fleet bulletFun is what keeps them coming
1989 - MAY
bulletA week with the Rock Stars bulletMixing it up bulletSailing with Bowser
1989 - AUGUST
bulletCruising tips for the trailer bulletEnsenada 1989 bulletTips from First Mates bulletJoin Fleet 8/Fleet 24 cruise bulletA dream spelled OUPV
bulletNational regattas: Sabot,Capri-22, 14.2, C-38, C-34, C-27 and C-25 bulletNationals What is CTSS?