C30 OWNERS LISTING...6000 plus

#6000, Balance, Dan Barrera, Alexandria, VA, dpb703@mac.com, 1991 Mark II, TRBS, Wing, 150 genoa, m25-xp, three blade fixed. It only took me  44 years to find Balance. We cruise the Lower Potomac and Chesapeake  Bay, and have our slip at Colton's Point, MD.  I am always looking for  a crew.

#6007, Come Monday, Durell Hall, Saint Simons Island, Georgia, durellhall@hotmail.com, 1991, Mark II, SR, Wing, 150 genoa, 170 genoa, spinnaker, M25XP, 3 fixed,I sail mostly the Georgia and Florida coast. 

#6013, Island Time, Fred Church and Kathy Henderson , Little Rock AR, lfchurch@tcworks.net, 1991, Mk II open transom, TRBS, Fin, 135RF, M25, 3 blade fixed,

#6014, Wanderer, David and Julia Seidman, Newport Yacht Basin, Newport, WA, gmbaklund@comcast.net, 1991, Mark II, Open Transom, SR, Fin, 150% Genoa Roller Furling, Cruising Spinnaker, Universal M25XP, 3-blade. Excited to be the 3rd family to grow up on this beautiful boat!

#6022, Selkie, ????,  Eagle River Alaska, 1991, SR, Fin, 130 RF, orig main, 25 hp Universal Diesel, bought May 2008 in somewhat neglected shape, we're working hard to redeem her. Seems like a good boat for Alaska's Resurrection Bay & Prince William Sound with furnace & water heater. Love the spacious interior.

#6023, Seaduction, Bob & Pat McCoy, Lake Granby Colorado, RLMcCoy@juno.com, 1991, Mark II+, SR, Wing, Main, Genoa, Spinaker, Diesel, 3 bladed, Trailered in winter to coastal waters. 

#6029, Vela, Robert and Candice Bossoli, Havre de Grace, MD, boss21078@yahoo.com, 1991, Mark II, TRBS, Wing Keel, 150 Roller Furling Genoa, Full Batten Main, M25XP, 3 Blade Fixed Prop, dripless shaft seal, sailing the Northern Chesapeake, moved up from C-25 in 2013.

#6030, Mars Hotel, Joe and Atsuko Morris, City Island NY, torqueflight66@yahoo.com, 1991, Mark II, TRBS, Wing Keel, Stack Pack Main, Universal M25 XP, 3 Blade Fixed Prop, Drip-less Shaft Seal, Radar.

#6046, Sand Castle, Warren & Karen Goodyear, Toronto,Ontario, Canada, 1991 MK 11, Wing, F/B Main, 165 Genny Hood LD Furling, M25XP, 3 blade fixed, 2nd Owner excellent condition, just returned from the Bahamas winter 2008/09, would have kept boat there except need more storage for STUFF.  Warren Goodyear

#6060, "Lagniappe", Val Vetter & Debra Aaron, Mandeville LA, Val_VV@Yahoo.com, 1992, Mark II, TR BS, Wing Keel, Roller Furling Main & Roller Furling 135% Genoa, Universal M3-20, 3-blade, Formerly known as "Merryacht", "Barefoot Girl" and "My Sweet Erma" - our first boat. Getting to know her and Bayou Castine.

#6061, KTooT, Kathi Jarboe & Kevin Rambaldini, Renton WA, kathi.jarboe@verizon.net, 1992, MKII TR Fin 130 Genoa M25-XP 2 blade fixed What a find in excellent condition.  What a treat to sail.

#6076, Pura Vida, Kevin Wetherby, Daytona Beach FL, kmwet@yahoo.com, http://www.floridasailingresource.com, 1991,SR, Wing, Wing Keel, 150% roller furling genoa full batten main, Universal m25xp, 3 Blade fixed, We have owned the boat since 2000.  It is a great family boat.

#6087, Newgale (nee Wayward Sun, nee Heather Lynn), Jim Craig, Galesville (MD), NewgaleSail@hotmail.comhttp://NewgaleSail.spaces.live.com, 1992, Mark II, Tall Rig, Wing Keel, 150% roller furling genoa full batten main w/dutchman, Universal M-25XP, 2 blade bronze 13x12 propeller.  Purchased in Feb 07 from Sailing Associates in Georgetown, MD.  My first "big boat", after decades of racing; it's time to settle down and enjoy the scenery.  Look for her anywhere on the Chesapeake!

#6089, Hope, Mike & Angela Cassidy, Lake Lanier, Georgia, cmc2596@bellsouth.net, 1992, Mark II, TRBS, Wing Keel, 150 roller furling genoa , M25XP, 3 blade fixed.  A beautiful boat.

#6090, Dream Weaver, Larry Hollander, Sarasota, Siesta Key, FL, larryh1010@aol.com, 1992, Mark II, SR, Wing, Main RF, 150%, M25-XP, 3 Blade

#6096, Boreas (North Wind), Raymond & Caroline Craig, Port Orchard WA, rpcraig@sprynet.com, no web address, 1992, Mark II, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Main (Dutchman Furling) and Genoa, Universal M-25XP, 3 blade fixed.  We are second owners, upgraded to Boreas from a Hunter 216 (also sailed with Puget Sound Sailing Center).

#6104, Alpha rhum & eau, François Giguère, Port de Québec, Qc Canada, francois.giguere@connexim.ca, 1992 SR, wing keel, 135% rf genoa full batten main w/dutchman symmetrical SPI , Univeral M25XP, 3 blades prop,
I've been sailing since 1985 on St-Laurent river (Qc, CAN)and Lake Champlain (NY, VT), I bought my C30  in year 2000 and  this is the best move I did, the space and good performance  cruiser impress me and all my entourage.

#6120, Iza,  Jeff & Janie Yake, Olympia, Wa. j.d.yake@worldnet.att.net. 1992, Mk II, Std rig, fin keel, 150 Genoa, Universal 25XP, std 2 blade fixed.
Bought new in March of 1992. Iza is our second boat, a move up from a 1975 Catalina 27. Her name comes from the medicine woman in the book "Clan of the Cave Bear". She has refrigeration, forced air diesel heat, & dodger. We plan to take her to Alaska when we retire, and possibly Mexico.

#6134, Kruse Control, New owner?, Lake Lanier Ga, email?, 1992, Mark II, SR, Wing, 135 RF Jib,  M25XP, 3 blade fixed prop.

#6138, Avalon, Jack & John Ford, San Francisco, j.r.ford@sbcglobal.net, 1992, Mark II, Std Rig,Fin Keel, Roller furling + Race sails, Diesel, Folding, South Beach Yacht Club, active SF Bay club racer

#6143, Carpe Diem, Eric & Anji Brightman, Monroe, Mi, brightmanchiro@yahoo.com, 1992, Mark II, TR, BS, Wing, Main and 150 Genoa, 25, 3 Blade Fixed.  We are a family of six that are getting started cruising the Great Lakes.

#6161, Free at Last, Jean & Stan Gap, ABYC, Toronto, ON, Canada, 1993, Mk II, Regular Rig, Wing Keel, Universal M-25XP, 3 blade fixed prop., Our second boat, a move up from a Mirage 25. Will be cruising the ports of Lake Ontario

#6164, Timothy Ayerst,  tim.ayerst@outlook.com, Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, Tall Rig ,bow sprit, shoal draft, Mark II, 1993,  M25XP, 2 blade fixed prop. (composite) ,dripless shaft, 150 roller furling genoa, full batten main and Mac Pac.

#6168,First Course,Alan & Kathy Huffman,Wichita, Ks,ahuffman@keymgmt.com,no web,1993,Mark II,TRBS,Wing,Main w/dutchman,155RF,Universal 25XP,standard 2 blade,
We purchased the boat in Texas in September, looking forward to our first season after a few years with a Chrysler 22.  The name reflects our love of good food and the eventual plans for a larger, Main Course, along with the dinghy, Oar Dourve

#6173, Fifty Oars, Jason Bonnet/Jason Carmouche, New Orleans, jasonbonnet@gmail.com, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fifty-Oars/158297084192840 , Mark II, 1993, Std Rig, Wing Keel, Universal 25XP#6184, Seas the Moment II, Rick & Terri Berkey, Lake Norman,NC, Sailcapn@aol.com, 1993, Mark III, SR, Fin, 135 RF Jib, Universal M25XP, 3 Blade Prop, This is our 3rd Catalina 22,25,30, love the boat, sails great,

#6186, Mahina Nani, Walter Walkington & Martha Singleton, Miami FL, , 1993, mark II, TRBS, Wing, 150% RF, , Universal M25XP,.  A/C, Mack Pak, our second Catalina, having lost our c27 to Katrina. We are Miami natives sailing beautiful Biscayne, Bay and the Florida Keys.

#6195, Doxology, John and Myra (Mickie) Finch, St. Louis MO, jfinch2@buss.com,  1993, Mark II, TRBS, Wing, Full batten main w/Dutchman, 150% RF Genoa, Asymmetrical CS, Universal 25XP, 3 blade fixed.
We bought Doxology in July of 1999 and cruise inland waters.  Since August 2001, she has been berthed at Green Turtle Bay on Lake Barkley Kentucky.  She has survived a 285 mi. river trip and a sudden storm with 65mph winds, a truly remarkable boat.

#6223, Great Escape,  Lou D'Orazio,  Forked River, NJ,  drazlou@comcast.net, 1994 Mark II,  SR,  Wing, 135 RF genoa, full batten main,  M25XP,  std 2 blade fixed prop. Upgraded from a C25 in 2012, sailed Great Escape in Barnegat Bay single handed without an autopilot last season. Interesting. Replaced autopilot, GPS and both sails this year. Great boat, looking forward to this season.

#6225, Tally Ho!, John Jennings, Middle River, MD, johnwjennings@verizon.net, 1994 Mark II, TRBSWK, 135 genoa, M25XPAC, 2 blade fixed extendo 15X11.  I am the third owner and sail the Northern Chesapeake Bay.

#6242, “Blue Crab”, Matt & Jeanne Kress, Bensalem, PA,  matt19020@gmail.com,  1994, Mark II, Tall Rig Bowsprit (TR, BS), Keel (Wing), Engine Universal 25xpt, Prop 2 blade, Former boat name’s “Jims Joy II”   “Serenity” We Sail out of Maryland Marina Middle River, MD 

#6245, Gambill 2, sold, St. Joe MI, , 1994, Mark II, TRBS, Fin, 150, M25XP, 3 Blade Fixed, Purchased fall of '07 from Terry and Pam Smid,  This is our fourth boat and we are looking forward to the evening sails on Lake Michigan. 

#6253, Bliss (formerly Recluse), Antony and Kathryn Dalton, Tampa, FL, AV8RSailor@verizon.net, 1994 Mark III (One of the first??), SR, wing keel, This boat has had a checkered past and was just purchased by us in September, 2008 after being repossessed.  She needs some TLC, but we're looking forward to a long relationship!

#6254, Sweetwater, Terry & Sandie Walkington, Charlevoix MI, sweetwatercvx@gmail.com, 1994, MK II, TRBS, Fin, 150 and cruise spinnaker, Yanmar 30hp 3GM30F, 3 blade. She may be the last of the Mark II's made, and we are her second owners and enjoying every minute.

#6255,Windsong, Dick Neidhardt and John Dell, Wilmette, Harbor, Illinois, bvisail@yahoo.com, 1994,Mark III,TR,Wing,Genoa and main, Universal 25HP, Three blade fixed, We just bought this boat in August 2002.  We are very pleased with how it sails and the general design.  We are interested in locating an asymmetrical spinnaker.

#6258, Finnish Line, Bob Story, Kingston ON, bob@story.ca, , 1994, Mark III, SR, Wing, , Universal, 3 blade

#6263, Aeolus II, James Niclasen, Toronto, phycaf@gmail.com, 1994, MKIII, SR, Wing keel, dutchman system, Universal -25, 3 blade.

#6268, Bag Lady, Frank and Susan Skewes, Niantic, CT, fskew@snet.net,  1994, Mark III, SRWK, Original roller-furling genoa and main w/dutchman, Universal 25 XP diesel, 3-blade fixed prop

#6272, Nonesuch, Tom Anastasio and Gina Jenkins, Cambridge, MD, taanastasio@salisbury.edu virginiajenkins@earthlink.net, -, 1994, Mark III, SR, Wing , 150RF, Universal 25, 2blade, this is our third Catalina, 22, 25, 30.  We named her Nonesuch after an English Country dance and because we almost bought a Nonsuch cat boat instead.

#6279, Bright Idea, Charles & Diane Gasman, Forked River NJ, cgasman@verizon.net, 1994, Mark III, TR, BS, Wing, 150% Genoa, Universal 25 XPAC Diesel 3-cyl., 3-blade prop., Great boat in great condition.  Purchased Spring 2014 in Rock Hall MD from the second long-time owner.  We just love Thetname!

# 6274, Reflections, Anne & Bill Zeithammer, Punta Gorda, FL, bzeitham@aol.com, MFR year 1994, Mark III, Tall Rig, Wing Keel. Originally sailed out of Peoria, IL on the Illinois River now on Charlotte Harbor, Florida.

#6294, Island Time, Jim & Kathy McGee, Barnegat Bay NJ, C30Sail@njlakefront.com, www.njlakefront.com/sailing , 1995, Mark III, Std Rig, Wing Keel, 135% Genoa, 25XP, 3 blade prop, this is our second Catalina stepping up from a 22. We sail the back bay behind Long Beach Island and the occasional ocean trip. This is a fantastic boat for coastal cruising & overnighting.

#6301 "Exhale", Arlene and Alan Stephenson , Toronto, Canada. broadbandtech@rogers.com Tall rig, fin keel. Previously known as " First Run" out of Michigan.  Great boat and we are continuing to upgrade and maintain her systems.

 #6307, Waterfront, George and Connie Davidson, Shelton, WA, gcdavid@comcast.net, 1995, MK III,  SRFK, 150% w/rf, Universal M25XP, fixed 2 blade, 4th owner, original name “Rubicon”.  We sail her in Puget Sound.

#6309, Crescendo, Jim and Carole Pugh, Home Port: Winthrop Harbor, IL, 1995 MK III, TR BS Fin, Sails: Main, 100%-135%-150% Jibs, 2 spinnakers, Engine: MX25 w/folding prop.  Enjoy club racing and cruising the Illinois and Wisconsin coasts.

#6311, Skookumchuck, Darren and Rebecca Durrett, Bay view Yacht Club, Rowlett, TX, djdurrett@gmail.com, 1995 MkIII, TR, BS, Fin Keel, Universal 25, three blade fixed

#6312, "Sunrise" Jeff Ivey, St Clair Shores, MI, jeffivey@hotmail.com, 1995 Mkiii, TR, BS, WK, Main w/Dutchman, 150 Genoa furling, Asym Cruising Spinnaker, M25xp, 3 blade MaxProp, dodger and bimini, autohelm. Lovingly brought to sail the sweetwaters of the Great Lakes in 2015 from her home in the Chesapeake Bay, and Florida before that.

#6317, Ariadne, Jürgen and Elke Rahmann Germany, juergenrahmann@web.de ,1995, Mark III, Std,Wing,Universal, we just bought our Catalina in August 2002 from Deko-Yachting Nederland. We are sailing in the northsea of the German Bight. Greetings to all Catalina Owner.

#6324, Lovely Lady,  Bob and Sharon Smith New Bedford MA, Buzzards Bay, 1995, Mk III, SR, Wing Keel, Full batten Main with Dutchman, RF 135 Genoa, Universal 25XP, fixed 3 blade prop

#6331, Free Spirit, Bruce and Edna Ingham, Blue Water Bay FL, bruceingham2@cox.net, 1995, Mark III, SR, Fin, Full batten Main, RF 150 Genoa, Universal 25XP, fixed 3 blade, currently enjoying retirement sailing the Florida panhandle from Apalachicola to Perdido Key.

#6336, True Blue, Alison & Joyce Taur, Dana Point, CA, 1995, Mark III, SR, Wing, 135% RF, 25XP, 3 blade fixed, 3rd owners, our first boat and a true pleasure to sail.

#6337, Alnitham, Ned & Carolyn Black, Rockland ME, txtoparadise@comcast.net, 1995 MK III, TMBS, FK, 135RF, Max Prop, Purchased in Nov 2006, Second Owner, Our first sailboat , Original Name (Middle Star of Orion’s Belt), Sail #50419, Look for us in Penobscot Bay.

#6344, Sold, ?, Totonto CAN, , 1995, Mk III, TR, BS, Wing, Main & 150 by Catalina, Universal M25XP, 2-blade.

#6353, Liberty, Jonathan Seymour and Olga Jeffery, ,  Vancouver, BC Canada (Spruce Harbour, False Creek,  jseymour@planeteer.com,  1995, MkIII, SR ,  wing,  original battened main and rf 130 ,  M25XP,  2 bladed maxprop
purchased 1999 in neglected/abused condition, now back to reasonable standard

#6356, Hallie Luna, Hal & Barbara Breuninger, Barnegat Bay, NJ, 1995 Catalina 30 MK III Standard Rig, Shoal Draft, with Original Full Batten Main, 135 furling Jib, M25XP Diesel, three blade prop. Great boat!  Stable, fun to sail and race as well as to spend several nights on.  Purchased from Coneys Marine, Huntington Long Island, NY in Jan. 08.

#6330, Ripples, John Nugent, St. Clair Shores MI, jlndead@hotmail.com, 1995, Mark III, TRBS, wing keel, full batten main, 155% furling genoa, Universal M25-XP, diesel, 3-blade fixed, 4th owner. Regularly cruised lakes St. Clair, Huron, and Erie.  Ripples was sadly severely damaged by a marina fire in early spring 2017 and has been declared a total loss.

#6364, Phaedrus, John and JoAnn Satzinger, Anacortes WA, JohnSatzinger@MissouriState.edu, 1995, Mark III, TRBS, Wing, Available for charter through www.ayc.com

#6371, WESTWIND, Dave and Bette Shattler, Elk Rapids, Mi. westwind6371@attbi.com, 1996, MkIII, TR, No bowsprit, Wing, Full Batten Main, 155 RF Genoa, M25XP, 3 blade fixed 13X12pitch, We cruise Northern Lakes Michigan and Huron in the short summer seasons we have up here. We removed the bow sprit so our boat would fit in our 30ft slip, That is why we are listed as a Tall Rig with no bow sprit. Boat sails just fine. If you are in the Grand Traverse Bay area, look us up in slip 87 Elk Rapids, or hail Westwind on ch.9.

#06374, Nirvana, Tim and Kathy Prouty, Tucson, AZ, , , 1996 MKIII, Tall Rig, Bow Sprit, Wing Keel, Full batten Main with Lazy Jacks, Roller Furling 135 Genoa,, Universal 25XP, Fixed 3 blade prop

#6379, Donna Lee, Hal & Donna Holm, Ludington MI, holm@1010internet.com, 1996, MarkIII, TRBS, Fin, main/150rf/cr.spin., M-25XP, 3x10x13x1,
We cruise N Lks. Michigan & Huron & NE Lk. Superior.

#6384, Cecil Marie, Bill Foster, Naples, Fl, wfoster314@comcast.net. 1996, Mark III, Std Rig, wing, Universal M-25XP, formerly the Summer Wind from Lansing MI

#6386, SHAMWARI, HARRY AND NELLEKE BOUMA, DEKO - LELYSTAD - THE NETHERLANDS harrybouma@hotmail.com, 1996, MK III, SR, Wing, Universal M 25 XPAC, 3 prop 

We purchased our C30 last summer 2002. great experience, DEKO NL is worthy rep. of CY in EU. If you have plans to sail to Europe please visit Catalina harbour Lelystad.

#6390, 2 Much Fun, John Schmidt, Austin TX, jschmidt@pqrinc.com, 1997, MK III, TR, BS, wing, full-batten main w/Dutchman System, 150 genoa w/roller furler, Universal M25XP, 3-blade prop, HVAC system, Honda generators, hot water, GPS, auto-pilot, refrigeration, skipper’s bimini, In-The-Shade System, flat-screen TV, playstation 2, LPG range, stove, and grill, microwave.

#6404, Sea Rose, Dick Schmidt & Mary Pickard, Chocowinity, NC,   44schmidt@suddenlink.net 1997 Mark III, Std rig, wing keel, 3 blade

#6405, White Pearl, Kurt Campbell, Bayview Idaho, rmmachining@qwestoffice.net, 1997, MKlll, TR, BS, Fin, 150%

#6411, Mordez-Moi, Ken & Rachel Hall, Madison, MS,krhall396@comcast.net,1998 Mark III, Tall rig BS, wing keel, 150 Genoa,main with Dutchman Flaking, Universal M25XPB, 3 blade fixed

#6433, Escape, Robert Lisiecki, St. Clair Shores, MI, rlisiecki@comcast.net, 1999 Mark III, std rig, wing keel, 155% genoa and 100% jib, Universal M25XPBC, 3 bladed prop 13x10,

#6438, Free Ride, Paul Mirenda, Medford NJ, pmirenda@comcast.net ,2000 MKIII, STD Rig, Wing Keel, Located in Beach Haven, NJ         

#6447, Mai-Di, Russ & Diane Goodwin, Smithfield, VA, lrgoodwin@charter.net, 2001 Mark III, Tall Rig, Wing Keel.  Main, 150% Jib, Cruising Spinnaker Universal 24hp Diesel. This boat was purchased in August 2006 from Mrs. John R. Moore, Norfolk, VA.  Formally documented as Eaglet V.

#6453, New Horizon, Jack & Jeanine Otten, Fort Kudelstaart Netherlands, herenjack@gmail.com, March 2003, MK III, TR BS, Wing Keel, Main and 110/155% genoa/jib, 25 hp Universal diesel, 3-blade prop, Auto-pilot, skipper’s bimini, hot water. We purchased in April 2015 from family Best, Katwijk, Netherlands. The bow sprit was rotten and replaced. We sail close to Amsterdam, Westeinderplassen, IJsselmeer. Greetings to all Catalina Owners.

#6454 Draco, Marty and Marlies Walters, San Diego, California, cat30m3@yahoo.com, 2008, Mark III, SR, Fin, 135% jib, 3 blade prop.  Last Catalina 30 ever built, it was custom built for Andrew Dea by Catalina Yachts in 2008. Our previous sailboats: 1989 Catalina 25,  1985 Catalina 27