#5000, Runaway, Dave Muggli, Channel Islands Harbor CA, 1987, Mark II ,SR ,Fin, Main w/Dutchman, Jib 90 and 110 RF, 25XP, 2 Blade, Dodger, Autopilot, Depth, Knot, GPS/Chartplotter

#5027, "His 'n Hers", Ken & Fran Hubbard, San Diego, CA, kenhubbard1@aol.com, 1987 MkII, SR, Fin Keel, North Racing Main w/full battens, North 150 Racing Genoa, 110 Ulman Jib, MX25XP Universal Diesel, 2-blade Flexofold prop. ,  Garmin GPS/Chartplotter, New running and standing rigging, New AC/DC Refridgeration, upgraded wiring, lighting and hoses, 200 engine hours, original green interior cushions.  Boat has cruised and raced in the San Diego, CA since new.   

#5036, Papillon, Bob & Sue Hancock, San Diego CA,hybob@san.rr.com, no website, 1987, MKII, SR,FIN,main/150 Genoa,Universal M-25XP,3 Blade,AutoPilot/Dodger/depth sounder/radar&dingy lift mast/roller furling jib/ICA30 Member

#5047, Summer School One, Michael & Elizabeth Muhs, Mennomonee Marina,UP , muhsinc@verizon.net, 1988 MkII Std. Rig, Fin, Universal 23, 3 blade. I dreamed of owning one of these for a long time.

#5049, One More Day, Tom and Teresa Schroder, Stockton Lake, MO, schro4066@yahoo.com, 1988 MKII tall rig bow sprit fin keel, Full batten main 155% & 110% roller furl, M-25xp with 2 blade Martek folding prop, recent additions=Marine-aire heat pump, powered shower sump, full canvas, jib sock, reworked masthead, running rigging. Boat has been on Stockton Lake since new and we are new owners, 7-10-13.

#5050, Truelove, Mike & Susie Heitner, Malletts Bay Vermont, mheit@herrick.com, 1988, Mark II, SR, Wing keel, 150 genoa with Furlex roller furling, factory standard main sail, Universal M25 diesel engine, standard issue 2 blade prop.
Sailed only on Lake Champlain. We are the third set of caring owners.

#5057, Tinker Toy (sold), Swantown in Olympia WA, alcameron@sailnet.net, 1988, Mark II, SR, Fin, RF Main, 135% RF Genoa, Universal, Fixed 3 blade.  new 36" wheel  ProFurl furling boom,  rigid boom vang.  new SS shaft.  new NavMan instruments, Drifter and a cruising Asymmetric Spinnaker.

#5069, Dragon Lady, Hollis & Marsha Babb, Guntersville, AL, sailor@mindspring.com, 1988, Mk II, SRWK, Main 150 roller, both Dacron, Universal 25XP, 2 blade

#5072, Blownaway, alan james,  agjames@telus.net,  lake okanagan in B.C. Canada.

#5090 "Celtis" Klaus & Kerstin, Port Elgin   kgoebels@mail.bmts.com, www.longhorn-trading-post.com

#5093, Symphony, Walter & Eileen Leary, Boston, Ma., learywr@verizon.net, 1988, Mark II, TRBSFK, Original Main w/150 RF Genoa, M25XP, 2 Blade fixed, Purchased in Spring 0f 2008 in Westbrook, Ct.  Currently docked and sailed in Boston Harbor.

#5094,  Wind Lass,  Linda  Anderson-Firpo,  Long Island N.Y.,  Lindajill1@rcn.com,  1988, SR, wing,  original battened main and rf 130,  M25XP,  3 bladed   
Wanted the 30 since 1978. Dream fulfilled.  Purchased 1998

#5095, ZEPHYR, Bob Waters, Langley, Wa, Bwaters@whidbey.com,  !988 , SR, fin , full batten main and 150% RF jib, diesel 25XP, 23hp, 3- bladed prop, 
Pacific Blue Dodger ,UV, Main, Winch & Wheel covers. Propane Stove & Diesel Heat. Purchased 2000. Third owner. Boat and hull in very condition. Enjoy the boat tremendously, and plan to do extensive cruising in Puget Sound & BC.

#5098, Dragonslayer, Mark Nystrom, Riverside, IL, mnystrom@nbsi.biz, 1988 , MK2, Tall Rig, fin, full batten main and 150% RF jib, diesel 25XP, 23hp, 3-bladed prop, Dodger, Propane Stove. Purchased 2005. Third owner. Boat and hull in very good condition. Lake Michigan cruiser.

#5103, ASHLEY’S ANGEL, Mark and Leigh Anne Ashley, Pass Christian, MS, , mcashley812hotamil.com, 1988, Mark II, TRBS, Wing keel, Full Batten Main, 150 Genoa, M25XP, 3 blade prop

#5109, Lorraine, Jim Sheffield, Kemah, TX., we5f@aol.com, 1988, Mark II, SRWK, original main w/ 135 & 150 genoas, M25XP, two-blade fixed prop, sailing Galveston Bay, fifth owner and she's sweet

#5125, REPOSE, Ian & Margaret Fowler, Punta Gorda Fl., igfowler@worldnet.att.net, 1988, MkII, SR, Wing, Fully battened  main + 135% Hood roller fuling., 25XP, 3 Blade
"Repose" is at Burnt Store Marina on Charlotte Harbour SW FL. We're in our second year sailing and still learning

#5052, Karma, Ed & Jeannie Kaatz, San Diego, CA, kaatz@adephia.net, www.fasteddies66.com , 1988, Mark II, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Standard sails, Universal M25XP, 2-blade prop. Definitely what Jeannie and I were looking for, did well on the survey with normal wear and tear. Have completed the list from the surveyor and now working on creature comforts i.e. carpet, cushion re-upholstery, flat-screen TV installation. Engine has 2100 hrs and has been updated with 3" heat exchanger. This was a corporate boat and was mechanically well maintained to include maintenance records.

#5061  ,  Dreamweaver  ,  Jan and Bob McConnell , San Pedro , rwmcc@whidbey.com , 1988 , Std Rig ,  ,  Universal M25 ,  3  blade fixed prop , Boat is now in Anacortes , WA  to let us explore San Juan Islands as well as Canadian waters.

#5105, DejaVu (All over again), Veronica Steglich, Coconut Grove Sailing Club, Coconut Grove, Florida., gbellini@adycorp.com, 1988, Std, Wing, Main and 130 genoa, Universal x25-XP, , We owned a Catalina 27 named DejaVU and loved it, we just purchase this Catalina 30’ and found it fit to name it DejaVu (all over again) thanks Yogui Bear. We love the boat and with some TLC is becoming a real beauty.

#5135, Mai Diamond, Bob and Melanee Turnbull, Semiahmoo WA, yukonsally@yahoo.com, 1988,Std Rig, Having more fun each year we are on the water

#5153, Columbine, Charles Graser, San Francisco Bay, Richmond, cbgraser@jps.net, 1987 (1988 model), II, Std rig, Wing keel, battened main with 2 reefs, 130 Genoa on furler, Universal 25XP, 2.blade prop, Garhauer rigid vang, Autopilot, Electric windlass, Refer, Propane stove, Marina Bay, Richmond

#5156, "Jolly Mon", owners Peter Bennett and Charlie Mahan, Fort Pierce, FL, email: papabenn@yahoo.com, 1987 tall rig wing keel.  

#5157, American Dream, Larry & Betty, Hernando Beach, Florida LaBet@tampabay.rr.com, 1988, Mark II, TR, BS Wing Keel, full batten, 130% RF jib, diesel 25XP, 23hp, 3-bladed prop, This boat really is the American Dream. My wife and I sail the West Coast of Florida. 

#5161, Serendipity, Claude Roberts, Lewisville TX, uwyoda@yahoo.com, 1988, MK II, SR, Fin, Doyle stakpak main 150% furling genoa asy spinnaker, MX25, 3 blade, My first boat and loving every aspect of it - even the maintenance and repair required. Just wish we were in saltwater.

#5170, First Light. (from White Cat II in 2006), Owner Art and Patti Diener, Shelter Island, San Diego, Ca., Email Address artnpatti@yahoo.com , , MFR year 1988, Mark II, Std Rig  Keel Fin), Sails 135,155 , Engine Universal M25-XP diesel, 23 hp,  folding bronze 2 blade Prop.  Our boat has been well loved and well raced over at least the past 10 years. She is a beautiful boat, with updated paint, rigging and soon to be added, new 135% headsail. We have loved her for 2 great years and can not imagine her leaving our family.

#5171, Dazzle, Jim & Shari Sinclair, Portland OR, sinclairjr@comcast-dot-net, 1988, MkII, Std. Rig, fin keel, roller furled 135 and fairly new main, Universal M25XP, 3 blade Campbell Sailor prop., sail mostly on the Columbia River between Camas WA and St. Helens OR. with an annual 9 or 10 day trip to Astoria. Making plans to upgrade (add radar and refrigeration) and go north to the San Juans and Canadian gulf islands next summer (2010).

#5188, Windsong II, Lou & Lyn Culbert, Bayfield, WI, windsongtwo@comcast.net, 1988, Mark II, SR, Wing, 150% RF Genoa, Universal M18, 2 blade fixed, Sailed only on Lake Superior out of Bayfield, WI. We are the third owners.

#5192, Sea Breeze, Hampton,VA, Peter & Evelyn Hickman, hickman1@asu.edu, 1988, Mark II, Tall rig/fin keel, main and 135, Universal M-25XP, 2 blade, crewed by Ollie and Hanna

#5210, Harbinger, Glen Meloy, Austin Texas, kaiser442@yahoo.com, , 1988, Mark II, Std Rig, Wing Keel, , Universal M25XP, ,

#5215, Afternoon Delight, Bryant and Karen Gorrell, Middle River,Bryantg61@gmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/bryant.gorrell, 1988, Mark II, Tall/Std Rig Bowsprit ( TR, BS), Keel (Wing),, Sails,MXP25, 2 Blade, narrative (anything you want to say or describe)

#5217, Imagine, Bob Gales and Gail O'Neill, Portland, Oregon, rlgales@hevanet.com, 1988 , Mk II, SR, Fin , Main, Furling 150, 90, spinnaker, M25XP, 3-blade
Named after John Lennon's song and all our dreams. We have owned Imagine for two years and sail mainly in the San Juan and Gulf Islands with plans for extensive exploration in the NW. Currently on the hard in Olympia, Washington.

#5223, Serenity, Ric and Rita Finn, Middletown RI, thefinnsri@aol.com, 1988, Mk II, TR-BS, Fin, Main & 150RF, M-25XP, 2 Blade, Purchased July 2002; first time boat owners; havin' a great time!

#5224, Pat and Margie Stone, the MARJORIE LYNN, Lynchburg, VA, jpatstone@aol.com, 1988 MKII, TRBS, wing keel, 110% rf, 155% rf, cruising spinnaker, M25XP, 2 blade fixed, cruising Chesapeake Bay, 3rd owner.

#5241, Adventure, Jack McDermott, Santa Cruz, California, Jamb@pge.com 1988,MKII,SR, Fin Keel,RF135,Main,
M25XP, 2blade prop,
Adventure won the 2001 Cruising Class National Championship for Catalina 30's, http://www.santa-cruz.com/archive/2001/July/15/sport/stories/1sport.htm

#5247, Breezin, Ray & Jody Rice, Warwick, RI, Breezin5247@aol.com, 1988, Mark II, SR, Fin, Main, 150RF, M25XP, 2 Blade, 
She is our first (if you don't count the three kids).  Purchased her two weeks after the marina pulled her for the season.  It's going to be a long winter!

#5260, Tara Rose, Tessa Robins, Bermuda, tessa.robins@ukonline.co.uk, 1988, Mark II, SR, Fin, Main, Universal 125, 2 Blade, originally Bella Signora from FL, before being sailed from Georgia to her current home

#5263, Adventure, Craig and Susan Adams, Lawrence, KS, cadams@ku.edu, 1988, Mark II, SR, Fin Keel, 135% RF Genoa, Universal, Fixed 3 blade, sails on Perry Lake, KS, also drifter sail

#5267, Coriolis, Gary & Kay Taylor, Olympia, WA,  1988, MK II, SR, Fin, RF150, Main, M25XP, 2 Blade Prop
If you haven't sailed in the San Juan Islands, be sure to put it on your "To Do" list.

#5270, Bambolina, Charlie and Bruna Carricarte, Gables by the Sea - Miami FL, charlie@biscayneyachtsales.com, www.biscayneyachtsales.com, 1988, Mark II, SR, Fin, main 150% 130% asymmetrical, Universal M25XP, 13" Variprofile prop, new rigging 2008, auto pilot, u-shaped dinette, air cond soon, second time around with same boat; I like it.

#5275, Moon Shadow, Bloomington, IN, Andrew Van Vlymen, drew1300@gmail.com, 1988, Mark II, Tall Mast & Wing Keel, M-18 Diesel, 3 Blade Prop, She has always been on Lake Monroe.

#5283, Northern Reach, Mark & Helen Post, Onekama, MI, Weekends, Grand Rapids, MI, Home, mepost@ameritech.net, 1988, Mark II, Tall Rig, Wing Keel, Main, 150 genoa, Universal M25XP, 3 Blade Fixed, Purchased her in September 00, changed name from Quicksilver to Northern Reach after Dan Fogelberg's song The Reach. We sail in Norhtern Lake Michigan.

#5286, Reverie, Sid Kushner, Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard, CA, sskushner@earthlink.net, 1988 Mark II, Std Rig, Fin Keel, EZ-Furl Main, 130  Furl Jib, M25XP, 3 Blade Fixed, Bought and renamed October 2002. 

#5288, Quest, James & Mary Robinson, Oyster Bay NY, JPR@optonline.net, , 1988, Mark II, TR BS, Fin, 150 Hood Roller Furl, Universal 25XP, standard 2 blade fixed

#5302, SALEEN, Blaine WA, 

#5312, FaithHeeler, Terry and Sandy Parker, Vermilion,OH, tip7@centurytel.net  1988 Mark II, SR, wing, 150 genoa and main, M25XP, two-bladed fixed prop.  She succeeds our C-22 and C-27 as we go for a bit more "comfort".

#5324, Wright Stuff, TRBSWK, Saylorville Lake, Iowa.

#5335, Watermark, Ed Buck, Everett Marina, WA, ebuck974@hotmail.com,1988 Mark II, SR, Fin Keel, battened main with 2 reefs, 150% Genoa on furler, diesel M25XP 23hp w/fixed 2-blade prop, 3rd owner, extensive sailing/cruising in Puget Sound, San Juan Islands and northward up in BC Canadian waters.

#5336, Splendid Thing, Rainer McGee, Big Water Marina Lake Hartwell, Starr SC, rainermcg@aol.com, , 1988, Mark II, SR, Fin, Roller Furling 110% jib, M25XP, 2 Blade, full batten main and 130% RF jib.Purchased in 1998, second owner to enjoy her.

#5349, Remedy (ex. Noodlum), Todd & Stephanie Wallace, Somers MT, tsswallace@centurytel.net , 1988, Mark II, TRBS, Fin Keel, UK Mylar full batten Main 150% UK Dacron on Pro-Furl roller furling and NS spinnaker with chute scoop, M25XP, 3 blade fixed. We are the 3rd owners. We moved her from Lake Michigan to Flathead Lake in Montana. Enjoying all of her amenities…dodger, bimini w/full enclosure, water heater, flat screen TV, A-B refrigeration, propane stove, microwave, Autohelm ST4000, Garmin 492 chart/plotter, ComNav Wind Data NX2, new running rigging and Lewmar 40 self-tailing winches.

#5354, Shamayim, Helene & Mickey Bennett, Great Lakes Y. C., Lake St. Clair, MI., SCHMITZIC@AOL.com, 1988, Mark II, SR, Wing, 150 Genny, M23XP, 14x13 Mar-Tec folding.

#5368, BayTrek, Rick Dober, Seattle, FASTALFA@AOL.COM, 1988, Mark II, Std Rig, Fin, Roller Furling 110% jib, M25XP, 2 Blade,
Purchased July 2001.  A great boat for Puget Sound, even better with the Garhauer traveler mod adjustable jib cars, stern perch seats, color GPS, autopilot and Schaefer roller furling..

#5369, Ragamuffin, Kevin & Sue Coleman, Bronte Harbour Yacht Club, ON, kevin.coleman@mail.com, , 1988, Mark II, Standard Rig , Fin Keel, battened main with 2 reefs, 130 Genoa on furler, fixed 3-blade Prop, cream hull, burgundy dodger & sail cover, a fresh water boat that has always sailed on the Great Lakes

#5372, KeyLargo, Peter Wishart, Brisbane Australia, p.wishart@bigpond.com,1988, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Std sails, M25XP engine, 3 Blade sail prop, Purchased in 2001, all most like new, roller furling, Dodger, Bimini, Autohelm, Elec anchor winch all the modcon's, Sealand vacuum toilet, 12 volt refrigeration, Origo alcohol cooker and oven, etc, We lover it. sail her in our Morton bay Brisbane.

#5401,   , Ernie Arena, Cape Canaveral ,Florida, nyfed@yahoo.com, 1988 Fin keel 

#5410, Escape,Jerry W. Furnas,San Diego, CA, catalina30@mho.com, 1988,TR.BS,Wing, 150genoa,M18,two blade prop,
My wife and I live in Denver and this is our 2nd home we love it.

#5429, knot@work, Jim & Sally Reagan, Bayfield, WI., jreagan@att.net, 1988, Mark2, TR bowsprit, wing, fully battened mail w/ kevlar jib & spinnaker, M-18, sailing the Great Lakes.

#5431, Liberty, Lynn & Randy Kroll, Sherwood WI randyk@maxair-inc.com
<mailto:randyk@maxair-inc.com>, 1988, Mark II, TR, BS, Wing, RF155, M25XP, 3 Blade, autopilot, heat/air, sail on Lake Winnebago.

#5437, Why Worry, J & L King, Trenton Ontario Canada, eco.energy@sympatico.ca, 1989, Mark II, Tall Rig, Shoal, 23 Hp, 2 blade.

#5442, The Big Easy, Dave Jakubowski, Roswell GA, captain.jake@comcast.net, 1988, Mark II, TRBS, Wing, Full Batten Main and 150 roller furling genoa, M-25XP, 3 blade, Interlux 2000 in 98 and cruises Lake Lanier Georgia year round

#5443, Reliance, Davis Northnagel, Port Orchard, WA, dtbn@earthlink.net, 1988, Mk II, SR, Fin RF150, Main, M25XP, 2 Blade
Purchased 2/01. Added Bimini & custom bowsprit for anchor.  FINALLY !

#5447, Pairagrins,  Al and Wendy Thomas, Point Robert, Wash. (but is Canadian registered).  athomas1@shaw.ca, 1988 Mk II, SR, fin, full batten main, 140 roller furling jib and spinnaker, M25XP, 3 bladed prop. We have added third battery, inverter, radar, S1 wheel pilot, gps/plotter and flat screen tv. Upgraded to Lewmar 40’s and run all rigging to cockpit.Plan to return to the Broughton’s this summer and sail Puget Sound in fall.

#5454,Serenity, Mike Grimes, New Orleans, mgrimes@lsu.edu, 1989, Mark II, TR, Wing, Main/135/150, M25-XP, 3-blade

#5456, Solstice, David & Linda Hill, Needham MA, ldhill@comcast.net,, 1989 Mark II, SR, Fin, Main & 150 RF genoa, 21hp Universal, fixed 2-blade prop, purchased 2009 as our first boat together - she'll be sailing around Boston Harbor with us and our two daughters aboard

#5463, La Mia Barca, G. M. Gauland, East Islip, NY, gmggmg8@aol.com, 1988, Mark II, TRBS, Shoal, Main & 150RF, M25XP, two blade

#5464, Oh Yes!, Cheng & Mains, San Francisco, CA, caseycheng@aol.com, wmains227@earthlink.net, 1988 Mark II, SR, Fin, Universal M-25XP, 3-blade bronze prop.

#5470, Zydeco, Michael Justice/Rob Johnston, Grapevine, TX, ZydecoSkip@cs.com, , 1989,  , SR, Fin Keel, Dacron, Universal M18, Folding, at Scott's Landing Marina, Grapevine, TX

#5473, LOBO, Sue and Roger Kaalaas, Portland, Oregon, rkaalaas@msn.com, 1989 MarkII, SR, Fin, Main, 150, Cruising Spinnaker, Universal 25XP,
Lobo joined our family in 2001, we intend on becoming familiar with sailing a Cat 30 and then move it up to Puget Sound. Then on to adventurers in the San Juan and BC Islands.

#5484, BREAK ' N  WIND Sold, 1989 MK II, SR, Wing ,RF 130% Jib, Main, M25XP, 3 Blade.
Purchased in December 2000, added an ST 4000 Plus autopilot to complement ST 50 Plus instruments already on board.   

#5489, Moondance, Warren and Tara Jaffe, Long Beach, New York, wjaffe@optonline.net 1989 MK II, TRBS, factory blue, wing, main, 130% genoa, M25XP, 2 blade fixed, Windless, Dodger, Davits, Radar, Autohelm 4000, GPS, ST60 Wind, Speed and Depth. Purchased in 2003 and sail out of Point Lookout, NY. We are the third or fourth owners and have been performing a lot of maintainance that has been neglected over the years.

#5494, WindChaser, Patrick & Nancy MacDonald, Boston, MA, patmac00@attbi.com,,,Mark II, SR, Wing, Main and135, M25XP diesel, 2 blade

#5498, Windid, Daniel Slattery, San Diego, CA, dslatts@cox.net, 1989, MkII, Std Rig, Fin, 155 & asym spin with full batten main, M-25XP, 2 blade, Signet Smart Pak, TV-VCR & AM-FM CD, Auto Pilot,
My wife and I have owned Windid for 6 years and send most of our weekends at the boat.  All of our vacations are planned around cruising the Pacific Coast and Catalina.

#5502, Croze Nest, Salem Mass, Larr_Heid@msn.com, ,1989, Mark II, SR, Wing, 135 Genoa and stackpack main, M25XP, 2 blade, Had her for 10 years and could not be happier.

#5513, Katy Jane Marie, Craig and Angie Roberts, Cedar Port Marina-Grand Lake Okla., rvansandt@netechcenters.com, 1988, SR, wing, 150genoa, 25xp, 2blade.
Have owned her from day one, special ordered with beige hull and red stripes I've just completed a 10 month overhaul, rebedded everything and reepoxied hull repairing several blisters with Interlux products, sprayed from waterline up with clear linier polyurethane, new gloss varnish interior and new polished stainless backing plates for wood side of all chain plates and thru bolted main traveler with 8 custom forged ss bolts and ss backing plate to overhead. Sails better than ever!

#5523, TOM’S CRUISE, Tom and Olenda Wingo, Madisonville, Louisiana, Togo_7@yahoo.com, 1989, Mark II, Tall Rig Bowsprit, Fin Keel, Zip Stop Main with 130 Genoa Harken Roller Furler, XP- 25, Two Blade
Just bought this boat. We are quite impressed with the boat over all.  She hasn’t been used in several years. Overall she is in good shape and hasn’t been altered from the original. We are adding reverse air. Hopefully in a few months she will be in Bristol condition.  Looking forward to a wonderful summer of sailing with our kids. 

#5527, Cool Runnings, Gary Coppola,  Wilson, NY (Lake Ontario), gmcop@aol.com, 1989, Mk II,  TRBS, WK, 155% Furler, M25XP, 2 Blade Martec 12x14
We're docked at Shumway Marine at the mouth of the Genesee River on Lake Ontario. Anytime anyone's planning on being in the area, please let us know!

#5528,Chinook,Ronald Allen,Brick,N.J.,1989,Mark II,Std,Shoal,Wing

#5537, RX, Phil Constant & Nita van Ammelrooy, Olympia, WA, pbconstant@attbi.com, 1989, Mk II, SR, Fin, main, 150%, M25-XP, 3 blade
We've moved from a Starwind 22 to a C-250 to a C-30. The name "RX" will be changed once we find something suitable; although we're both work in health care we can't see having to be reminded of that every time we're on the boat!

#5541 WINDGAIT, Earl & Margaret Washington, Hoodsport, WA., ejwash57@gmail.com, 1989 MKII, Standard rig, 5’3” draft fin keel. Full-battened main, 135% on a Harken furler. New canvas, including dodger. M-25XP,13X11 (3-blade). Autohelm ST400+, Bought this boat in December 2015. Very clean condition above and below decks - well taken care of. Hello San Juan Islands - and more!

#5549, Mataka, Bill and Susan Lane, Sidney, BC. 1989. Boat receives heavy use, but is immaculate. Countertops replaced with Corian and large single sink instead of double; nearly all exterior teak removed; stainless grab rails replaced teak ones. Added anchor windlass with wash down system for rode. Members of IC30A Fleet 37 and Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. Cruising area southern BC coast and Gulf Islands. Occasional club races in mixed PHRF fleet.

#5545, KylieAnn, Gardner R. Lloyd, Clearwater, Florida, glloyd@tampabay.rr.com, www.flagshipsailing.com 1989 Mark II TR BS Wing keel Main, 110, 130 Universal 25XP 2 Blade

#5553, Tenacious, Aaron de Zafra, Sausalito California, tenacious@dezafra.com, www.dezafra.com, 1989, Mark II, SR, Fin, , Universal 25HP, 2 blade fixed,

#5555, SWEET P, Josef Roesler, Gulfport, Mississippi , Madwand6@gmail.com , 1989 Mark I I, Tall rig/bowsprit, Wing keel, 135 or 150 Genoa, not sure, 2 reef main, M25 engine

#5559, FEIERABEND, Ellen & Greg Fairbend, Milford,CT, gfeier@adelphia.net, 1989, TRBS, Fin, Catalina, 25XP, 2 blade 14 pitch. Sail LI Sound and Rhode Island waters mostly. 2001 5 an1/2 week cruise to Maine. Planning new  sails and repitched prop for 2002

#5568, Perfect World, Vern & Margery Lewis, King of Prussia PA, vrl50@comcast.net, 1989, Mark II, TRBS, Wing Keel, Orig Full Batten Main, New 150 Genoa,Universal M25-XP, Fixed 3-Blade, Sailing on the Chester River and Chesapeake Bay out of Rock Hall MD

#5578, Lanikai, Steve Roach, Salem MA, sroach@mit.edu, 1989, Mark II, TRBS, Wing Keel, Orig Full Batten Main, 150 Genoa,Universal M25-XP, Fixed 3-Blade. 

#5581, Passion, Paul and Geriann White, Milford/Westboork CT, paulcwhite@yahoo.com, 1989, Mark II,TRBS, Wing Keel, Main + 150% + 110% + Spinnaker, Universal 25XP, MaxProp, new owner moving up from an O'Day 272 and looking forward to moving from "camping out" to cruising in LI Sound and MA


#5614, Days Off, John Jensen, Edmonds, WA, cubpilot44@hotmail.com, 1989, Mark II, standard rig, fin keel, standard sails, roller furling, rigid vang, dodger, Universal 25XP diesel, 2 blade fixed prop.  My wife and I have owned Days Off since August 2007.  She's a very comfortable boat in bristol condition.  We explore beautiful Puget Sound and spend at least one week on her during the summer.  Also go out for day sailing most every weekend during the summer.

#5619, Northern Exposure, Kris and Karen, cromer@wowway.com, 1989, Mark II, Tall, BS, Wing, Original Main w/150 RF Genoa, M25XP, 2 Blade fixed, Purchased May 2010, Lake St. Clair, Michigan

#5627, TRANQUILITY BASE (ex WOUNDED KNEE), Neil & Gail Bell, Hamilton Ontario, rcnr@mountaincable.net,  , 1989, Mk II, TRBS, Wing Keel,  ,M25-XP, 3 blade prop, purchased May 2003 from Swans Marina Pickering - prior to 2002 sailed out of The Anchorage Marina, Lindenhurst, New York

#5646, Melody, Chuck and Beth Amos, Oriental, NC,

#5650, Bearoness, Ted & Francine Kuenzli, Hammond IN, kuenzli@sbcglobal.net,1989, Mk II, TRBS, Wing, Main, 155%, M25-XP, 2 blade Our last boat (Bear's Abode) and this boat (Bearoness) has bear in the name since my wife collects teddy bears and our current name is also a play on Baroness.

#5673, Santana, Terry & Sheila Brown, Traverse City, Mi, brownt@aaps.k12.mi.us, 1989, MkII, TRBS, Wing keel, 155%RF, Universal M3-20 3 bladed 13X10.  We have owned Santana since 1992 and have lived aboard most summers. We have sailed on 4 of the 5 great lakes (missing Lake Ontario). Our boat is set up for cruising with a dodger, bimini, Autohelm 4000, chart plotter, speed, depth and plan to have wind speed next season.

#5687, Canis Major II, Sanford Hardy,Birmingham AL, sanman60@charter.net, 1989, Mark II, STD, Wing, Sloop, Universal M25xpd, 3 blade fixed, Have added Solar Panel, Swim Platform, LED lighting, refrigeration and upgraded electronics.

#5690, SATISFACTION, Finn Walling, Tampa Florida, gwalling@gmail.com, 1989, Mark II, Standard Rig, Wing Keel, Full Batten Main and Roller Furling, M25XP Engine, 3 Blade Prop, Purchased and sailed in Tampa Bay since 2012.

#5694, Summer Wind, Jeff Lewis, Palmetto, FL, JLewis296@msn.com, Catalina Yachts, 1989, Mark III, Std Rig, Wing Keel. Getting back to my roots in sailing again! Want to explore as much of the Gulf Coast, the Florida Keys and Bahamas as possible.

#5700, Miss Print, Kit & Vince Arbour, Mobile, Alabama, sva3@yahoo.com, ,1989, Mark II, TRBS, Wing, Main 150 Roller Furling, Universal Diesel 25XP, 3 Blade Prop, PHRF = 201

#5710,Carpe Diem, Darin & Cherie Duphorne, Houston Texas, darind@houston.rr.com, http://www.duphorne.com, 1989, Mark II, SR BS, Wing, Single set of sails, 25XP, 3-blade, We just bought her. She had been neglected for years but is in great shape structurally. We're installing ac and replacing lots of stuff. It looks like she will be a great boat when we're done.

#5714, Capasanta Feroce, Robb Krumpen and Pete and Irene Carrato, Rose Haven, MD, rpkrumpe@bechtel.com or iacarrato@pbsj.com, 1989, Mark II, TRBS, Wing, original full batten main with 135% RF genoa, M25XP, 3 blade fixed, Sailing the Chesapeake.

#5723, Latitude, Chuck & April, Sarasota FL, info@latsail.com, www.latitudesailing.com, 1989, Mark II, SR, Wing, Roller furling 130%, 25XPB, Folding 2-blade prop. Latitude is available for bareboat or captained charter in Sarasota Bay and along our local keys from Naples to Clearwater on the west coast of Florida. She is in bristol condition except for a few age spots since being refurbished in 2004. Our rates are very reasonable and we enjoy sharing Latitude with anyone wanting to sail a great boat in a sailors paradise. If it's not chartered, we're sailing...

#5733, Cari Aweigh, Jim & Cari McCloskey, Windsor Ontario, jcmccloskey@cogeco.ca, 1989, MK II, TRBS, wing, 155 RF, M25XP, 3 blade fixed, Lake St. Clair, western end Lake Erie, North Channel 2007.

#5755, NARRAGANSETT, Bryant Pratt, Great Salt Lake, Utah, brypratt@q.com, '90 Mk II (built July '89), TRBS, fin keel, Hood polyester main, Shore composite 155 genoa on Hood 810LD furler, symmetrical spinnaker, Universal M3-20 engine turning Martec two blade folding prop.

#5762, Threesixty, Mike and Marti Sammons, Cedar Point Marina, Ohio, msammons@oclre.org, NA, 1990, Mark II, SR, Wing, main and 155, Universal M3-20, 2 bladed fixed. 
We are second owners of a very well cared for boat. We moved up form a 1980 C27 and have all the comforts of home! We Sail Sandusky Bay and The Great Lake Erie. Also have a bimini, dodger, radio, loran, depth, GPS.

#5763, Explorer, Chuck and Letty Mason, Hagerstown, MD (Slip: Oak Harbor - Pasadena, MD), dcmason@masoncci.com, 1990 Mark II, TR, BS, Wing Keel, 150% Genoa, 95% Jib, Universal 25XP, 2 Blade, We are upgrading from a Catalina 27 (had it for 13 years).  Our family (daughter 10 and son 6) spend every other weekend in the summer exploring the Chesapeake .  The boat is in great shape and we have been working to get it ready for next season.

#5782, Mother Goose, Doug and Ruth LeBon, Knoxville TN, lebond@charter.net<mailto:lebond@charter.net>, 1990, Mark II, TRBS, Wing, 135 RF, 25XP, 13X12 2 blade, Sailing in the beautiful TN river at Watts Bar.

#5783, Windstar, ? , Deltaville VA, kencarb@comcast.net, http://www.facebook.com/kencarb, 1990, Mark II, TRBS, wing keel, North full batten main and 150% Genoa, M-25XP, three blade fixed

#5785,Sojourner, Larry and Jody Zaiser, North Cape Yacht Club, LaSalle, Michigan,1990,MKII,TR,Wing,155 Genoa,Asymetrical,X25,3-blade,daysailing Lake Erie.

#5787, Opal Star, Ken and Susan Trottere, Centerport, NY, kent993@gmail.com, 1990, Mark II, Std Rig SR, Keel Wing, 130 headsail, Universal M25XP, 2 blade Prop, Lucky find on EBay!

#5789, Serenity, Blue Sky Partnership, Perth Amboy, NJ, James49@optonline.net, 1990, MKII, TR, BS, Wing, 135 RF Genoa, M-25XP, 3-blade, autopilot, purchased 2011, new dodger and bimini

#5791,Sea Wench, Matthew Smith, Hudson Fl, mesmith_fla@hotmail.com, 1990, MkII, SR, Wing, 130 Jib, M25XP, 2 blade 13-12,
I am the third owner of a very well equipped C30 - Raymarine depth/speed/wind/autopilot, air conditioning, refrigeration, microwave, and in very good condition.

#5802, Serenity, Andrew Peterson, Southwest Harbor, Maine, Andrew Peterson <apeterson1334@gmail.com> 1990 Mark II Std Rig. Good boat, Coast of Maine, what else do you need.

#5803,Lucky Dog III, Ken Wagner, St. Petersburg, Fl.,Sail2morro@aol.com 1990 c30 Std, Wing ,Full Batten Main 130 Furling jib,m25 Diesel. 
The Lucky Dog 3 is the third Catalina owned, Had a 22,27,now the 30.The 30 has been the most comfortable boat i have ever owned, I sail her throughout Tampa Bay and points south as far as the Keys.

#5805, Unicorn, Joe & Sue Orinko, Erie, PA, unicorn_sailor@roadrunner.com,1990 Mark II, TRBS, Wing keel, main, 140RF, M25XP, 2 blade std

#5807, Moon Shadow, Scott C. Peer, Fairhaven NY, scpeer@gmail.com, 1990, Mark II, Tall Rig Bowsprit TR, Wing, Full battened Main with Harken roller furling 150 Genoa, Universal M25 Diesel, Original two bladed, Formerly named HONGI berthed for 20 years in N. Tonawanda NY.

#5833, Barbara Ann II, Matt and Barbara Kronyak , Tuckerton NJ., 1990 SRWK 

#5839  SCARLETT, David Dobbins, Lancaster, PA  ddobbins@paonline.com 1990, Mark II, TR; wing keel. tall rig, full battened North main with a 150 roller furled genoa, 2-blade prop.  I am the third owner of this pristine condition boat.  Sailed in the northern Chesapeake Bay. 

#5854, Quo Vadis, Michael and Cristina Day, Naples Florida, dayma@yahoo.com, 1990, Mark II, Std Rig/Wing Keel, 155 Genoa, M25XP

#5856, SEASPAN, Steve & Paula Digilio, Kingston, NY, SDigi7007@aol.com, 1990, MK II, SR, Wing, Full Batten Main 150 RF Jib, M3-20, Martec MK III 14x10 2 blade folding prop

#5861, Harmony, Bob Patin, Nashville TN, "", http://www.bobpatin.com, 1990, Mark II, TR, Wing Keel, 150/110/storm jib, M25, 3-blade prop, pristine

#5898 Isotonic, Mike &Pam Hollingsworth, Vancouver, WA; Hollingsworth_M@msn.com; 1990; MK-III; SR; Fin keel; North Sails Main & roller furling 130%; M3-20; 2-blade; Previous owner's were meticulous and fanatics about upkeep, she's a real beautiful boat.

#5909, SeaRobin, Bob&Kathy Bottinelli, Margate, NJ, robertbottinelli543@msn.com,, 1990,Mark II, SR, wing, M3-20, 3blade
We love this boat, sail out of Great Egg Harbor Inlet.  Upgrade on Hood furler DL to
SL, JRC 1500 radar.

#5911, Barking Dog, Craig & Lydia Wilkins, Vineyard Haven MA, rcwcolby@excite.com, , 1990, Mark II, TRBS, Fin, 150 Doyle Genoa Rolly Tasker Main, Universal M3-20, 3 blade fixed prop

#5916, Wildmoor, Howard and Cheryl Coles, Bronte, hcoles2000@yahoo.ca, , 1990, Mark II, SR, Wing,

#5917, Son Worshipper, Jerry & Sue Troke, Grand Haven MI, jjtrokejr@comcast.net, 1990, Mark II, TRBS, Fin, Main, 135 Genoa, M25XP, 2 Blade Fixed Composite. We sail Lake Michigan out of Grand Haven, and we love this boat!

#5919, Fiona, Jim & Bronny Davis, Chaumont NY, hiwaters@roadrunner.com, 1990, Mark II, Tall Rig BS, Fin, New Main 150 RF Genoa, Universal M3-20, fixed prop, Crescent Yacht Club (crescentyachtclub.org)

#5936, Antares, Frank Lann, Ft Myers, FL, LannSail@AOL.com, 1990, MarkII, SR, Full Battened Main, 2-155% Genoas, 25XPB installed 2/01, Maxprop 13X11,
Antares has been completely restored over the past three years, hull color red.

#5938, Terrapin Transit, 5’3”, Tall Rig, Currently in Ft. Myers Beach Florida.

#5944, Comfortably Numb, Larry Schedler, New Orleans, La., larryschedler@gulfsouth.net Standard Rig,Wing Keel,1990

#5947 CATALINITA, Ingo Krauss, Munich, Germany, ingokrauss@freenet.de 1991 MK II, Walk-thru Cockpit,Std. Rig, wing keel, boat was dry-berthed in Netherlands for 20 years, now located in Croatia Mediterranean Sea. Equipment completely changed to European Standard.


 #5953, Old Spice, Joe & Nadia Lynch, St Clair Shores, MI, lynch.joe@juno.com, 1991 , Mk II TRBS, Wing, Dacron, 150 RF , Nylon Cruising Spinnaker, M25 XP, 3 blade -- Repitched from 13X10X3 to 13X12X3
This boat was purchased used, but in perfect shape, in 1995, and we have sailed her mostly in Lake St Clair, but with annual trips to Lake Huron and Lake Erie.

#5961, EASY LIVING, klara and morty dagawitz, city island, nyc, mortyd@nyc.rr.com, srsk, 135 Harken roller, Raymarine st4000+mkii, Garmin 3010

#5962,IMP,Charlie and Sharon Votava, Virginia Beach, mailto:sensounico@juno.com, ,1991, , TRBS, wing, main 155 genoa, M25xp, 3blade fixed.

#5973, Sea Mist-Ress, Iain Boyle, Semiahmoo, iainboyle@rogers.com, ,1990 (1991 model), Mark II, Std Rig, Keel Wing,  Sails, Full Batten, Main, 150% furling Jib (both Hood), Engine, Universal M25 XPB (26 HP), Prop, 3Blade , Just new to this boat but not knew to sailing. Well aquainted with the Catalina line. Looking forward to Gaming with other skippers both old and new

#5981, Orinoco, Kent and Liz Little, League City, Tx, kent@sealakeyachts.com, www.sealakeyachts.com, 1991, MKII, SR, Wing, Main, 100% 135% Spinnaker, 25XP, 3 blade.
We are probably about the 5th owners, but the boat has been in our area all her life and very well cared for. Orinoco is well equipped with Chart plotter, all the std instruments
plus repeaters, autopilot, a/c, and refrigeration.

#5983, Carina, Astrid and Glenn Taylor, Vancouver BC Canada, 1991, MKII, TR, Wing, Main, 135%, Spinnaker, 25XP, 3 blade, Are the third owners The boat was build for the 1991 Long Beach Boat Show We have added a Combination Depth Sounder & Chart Plotter

#5899, Master Fox, Kevin and Jane Heying, Brunswick, Georgia, Kevin.Heying@gmail.com, 1990, Mark II, TRBS, Wing Keel, 150 roller furled, M320, 3 blade fixed. Race and cruise the waters of GA, SC & FL mostly around St. Simons Sound.