#4001, Peace 'n Quiet, Joe Bowker, Scituate, Mass, joe2sail@comcast.net, 1985,  MK I, SR, fin, main & 150 genoa RF, Univ M25, Martec Mk III Eliptec RH 14" Dia. x 12 Pitch, Scituate  Harbor Yacht Club

#4002, Zonie, Rhett Lloyd, Charlevoix, Michigan, rhettlloyd@msn.com, 1985, MARK 1, TR, Fin, M25

4003, Tranquility, Dave & Colleen Wray, Port Superior, Bayfield, Wisconsin, Lake Superior, Superiorsailor@gmail.com, , www.Davidwrayauto.com , 1985, Mark I, Tall, TR/BS, Fin, Main & 150 Genoa, RF, M3-20B Refitted in 2006, Orig. 2 Blade Brass,  Tranquility is new to us, purchased in '07, it is our 3rd Catalina sailboat 22' 25' and now a 30'

#4005, “Kairos”, Long Beach CA (Shoreline Marina), Rob & Maggie Waterman, rawaterman@gmail.com, no website, 1985, Mark (I)?, std rig, std fin keel, Leisurefurl main & 135% jib, M-25, std 2 bladed original prop, boat new to us in 2016

#4038, Seaflower, David Sinner, Tomahawk Island, OR, david.sinner@netiq.com,1985, MKI, SR, fin, main & 150 genoa RF, Univ M25,
original 2 blade, Columbia River All Catalina Association

#4042, summer isle, Ken, Bucksport Me., chaysa1@aol.com, 1985, sr, fin, M25

#4044, Idylours, Jim McGuinness, Highland Yacht Club, Toronto, Canada, 1985, Mark I, TR-BS, Fin Keel, 150 Genoa RF, 3 Chutes, M25, 13x9 RH - 2 blade fixed prop (for now), Replaced Mainsheet to a 2 speed 6:1 / 3:1 purchase direct from boom to traveler, much better control. 

#4045, Sea Lion, Mark & Vickie Swabley, Sandusky Ohio, mswabley@neo.rr.com], 1985, Mk I, TRBS, Fin, 175 Gennaker 155 RF Main, M25, 2 blade,
I am also dock master for the sailing club. If you are visiting the area and looking for transient dockage, shoot me an email.

#4050, Melissa, Simon Teale, San Diego, steale@ucsd.edu, 1985, mk1, std/rig, m25, 150mylar genoa, folding prop, (named after my wonderful sister)

#4051, Rominten, Klaus-Dieter & Sue Bloecks, La Grange, Illinois, Rominten@aol.com, 1985 Mark I, TR BS, Fin keel, Upgraded to fully battened main in '97, 110 & 140 foresails, M18 diesel, 2 blade prop (sculling oar might be faster!). Originally launched '85 by Chalet Marine from Willmette Harbor (IL), boat was moored successively at Azarian in Racine, WI until '91; Sailboat Sails in Manitowoc, WI until '95; Hammond Marina, IN until '06; McKinley Marina in Milwaukee, WI until '09; and currently in Sheboygan, WI. Boat (and owners) have only been involved in sweet water cruising on Lake Michigan, favoring the northern half, but we like all of the Michigan shore too.

#4060, Trilogy, Dick & Kathy Platt, Wilson,NY, platter9@aol.com, 1985, MKI, SR, shoal, RF150, M25, 2 blade prop
Tuscarora Yacht Club

#4065, Mahalo Lou, Sean and Susan McGuckin, Gales Ferry, CT, smcguckin27@comcast.net, 1985, Mk I, SR, Fin, Main, 150 Genoa, Universal M25, 3 blade fixed, sailing out of Fort Rachel Marine, Mystic, CT.

#4066, Blue Ginger, Tim & Michele Bain, Buffalo NY, tbain@roadrunner.com, 1984 mfg yr, 1985 model yr, Mark I, Std rig, Fin keel, Haarstick 150% furling jib, main & "ballooner", M25 w/ 508 hrs, 13Rx12 fixed 2 blade, purchased 06/17/2016, previous owners sailed on Cayuga Lake out of Ithaca NY.

#4075, Liberté, Paul Gaudreau, Weymouth, MA, p.gaudreau.jr@gmail.com, 1985, Mark I, SR, Fin Keel, Full Batten Main, 150 Genoa, 100 Jib, Spinnaker, M25, 2 Blade Fixed Prop, She was originally called 'Sail La Vie' until she was purchased by my grandparents in 1995 and her name was changed to Liberté. All owners being of French Canadian descent. I bought her in March 2015 and since have purchased new sails and upgraded all standing rigging and running rigging. I used all Garhauer hardware, including the traveler (best upgrade yet). Currently she is moored at Wollaston Yacht Club in Quincy Bay.


#4078, Fenix, Michael Allgaier, Holland MI, mallgaie@gw.holland.k12.mi.us, , 1985, Mark I,
 TR, BS, Shoal,, Universal M-20, 2-blade fixed,

#4082, Nepenthe, Linda Tuzzio and Rob Hathaway, Essex CT, rhathaway@snet.net, http://rhathaway.com , 1985, Mark I, SR, Fin keel, Kappa Performance Dacron main (2 full and & 2 short battens, Lenz reef) and North 3DL AP RF genoa with cruising spin, Universal M-25, factory 2-blade fixed prop. We purchased her in 1994. Our many rigging upgrades include a straight Garhauer mainsheet traveler, running jib cars, solid vang, internal 4:1 boom outhaul, and new standing rigging including wide-style split backstay. She moves and points well.  Guilty of cruising well on Nepenthe, and racing (abusing) other peoples’ rides!  Installed a Furuno RADAR; 2 deep cycles and 1 start, all isolated + TrueCharge; custom dodger by Sharp Canvas; upgraded engine harness and engine panel.  Dyer sailing tender.  Members: IC30A; North Cove Yacht Club, at the mouth of the CT River, Old Saybrook, CT.   

#4093, Sea D, Jack Ream, Heath, TX, jream@swbell.net, 1985 Mark I, Std. Rig, Univ M-25, Fin Keel, CDI Furler.

#4096, Stray Cat, J.Spiro, Lighthouse Point FL,  jspiro1234@aol.com, 1985 , Mark 1, SR, Fin, RF Genoa.Main, Universal M25xp, 2 Blade, Dogs drool and CATS rule!!.

#4102, Mystique, Mark/Nina Lessing, Hingham, MA, drmarklessing@netzero.net, 1985, std rig, fin keel.

#4123 , Gustoko, Tom Watkins, St Augustine FL, solosailboater@aol.com, 1985, MKI (not MKII as stated in previous email), TRBS, fin keel, GM25 universal, 3 blade prop.

#4125, Wings, Allan Bogutz, Victoria BC Canada, aginglawyer@shaw.ca, 1985, Mark I, SR, Fin, Main and Genoa, Universal, 2 blade; just bought 4/02.

#4132 , Just Right, Arkadiy and Loretta Stepanskiy, Fairfield, CT, astepaskiy@yahoo.com, 1985, Tall Rig, fin keel, M25 universal

#4153, Soledad II, Robert Perkins, Cleveland, OH, 1985 Mark I, Std. Rig., Shoal Draft, Universal 25

#4165, Grace, Kevin Jones & Douglas Cramer, Raritan Yacht Club NJ, kcj_@yahoo.com, 1985, MKI, Tall, BS, Fin, RF Genoa & Main 21 HP Universal, 13Dx12P fixed 2 Blade, purchased 8/2/03

#4167 Applejack, Ruthie & jack,Channel Islands Harbor Ca., jackb797@aol.com standard rig two blade prop M 25 engine. I am the original owner

#4769, Valentine's Gift, James Schofield, Bronte Ontario Canada, beatingupwind@gmail.com
1987, Mk II, TRBS, shoal fin, M25XP

#4182, Chalice, Glenn Clark and Michele Miller Tonawanda NY, gclarkemail@yahoo.com 1985, Mk I, SR, Fin, 2+2 Loosefoot Main, 110, 135, 150 RF, Spinnaker, M25, 2-blade, M25 had only 612 hrs, Bought Chalice from Jim and Lauraine Arieno, Rochester, NY after they gave her lots of TLC, we still send them photos of her, We will be sailing out of the Youngstown Yacht Club, YYC, on the Niagara river and Lake Ontario.

#4185 Changes Michael & Victoria Casucci, Stratford,CT  VZE289ss@verizon.net, 1985 MK1, SR, Fin keel, Main, Genoa, Gennaker. M25 Universal, Autoprop.

#4188, Three Times a Lady,  James Chiodo,  Holland, MI, Jnails@t2comm.net,  1985 MKI TRBS, fin keel, UK Tape drive sails, M21 Universal,  Cruising, and beer can racing.  Replaced original humpty-dumpty traveler with Garhauler. It is much easier to adjust

#4192, Lezlie D., David and Jan Roberts, Waukegan IL, Ddr1956@gmail.com, www.ipsi-site.com, 1985, Mk1, C30, Std, Fin, Main 150 Genoa, M25, 2 blade. Upgrades are Grahauer Main Traveler & Rigid Boom Vang, Grahauer rope clutches.

#4193,Amante, Bill and Anna Klosterman,Scott's Landing Lake Grapevine TX,b.klosterman@live.com,1985,Std rig,fin,110 & 155,M25,2 blades,New windows, traveler, lifelines, engine panel.  Interior completely refurbished.

#4197,Pretty Girl,Chris & Jennifer Wolcott, Miami, chriswlctt@gmail.com, OS2Dude.yolasite.com, 1984, Mark I, SR, Fin, Yes, M25, 2 Blade, Located in Lake Sidney Lanier, Flowery Branch GA

#4200  Ripple  Ed and Erin Irwin Chicago, Monroe Harbor erinirwin@comcast.net  1985 Tall Rig fin keel Universal 25  Bought the boat in 1992-  we are the 3rd owners.  Original owner was on the East Coast(?) and was unable to have to boat in the water for more than a few years.  The boat was used briefly by owner in New Hampshire, who then had it moved to Kenosha, WI.  We have loved sailing the coast of Lake Michigan while the 5 kids were young, but now are getting ready to do grown up cruising! 

#4201,Rock-n-Roll, Dean and Rosemary Simono, Troy (sailing in Lake St. Clair, MI), dsimono@wowway.com, 1985, TR, fin, main (newer #5098, former 1145) roller furled 150. M-25. 

#4215, Re-U-Knotted, New owner, Windward Point Yacht Club Columbia, S.C., , 1985, Mark I, TR, Fin, C 62, M-25, 2 blade,

#4226, TOY, Dave Revzin, ravensound60@yahoo.com , Erie Basin Marina, Buffalo NY via Lake Erie, Mark1 - Tall rig - Universal 25, Harken Furler, I purchased this 1985 Catalina 30 last year and have been restoring her over the last 6 months (still a ways to go). The original boat owner suffered a stroke in May 2002 and the boat has been on her cradle uncovered since then. She took on water which froze, thawed, evaporated again and again. This has been a labor of love, but I know it will be worth it once launched. I have been documenting its restoration with pictures as systems come back to life.

#4228, NIMBUS, Deb & Dan Horan, Whortonsville, NC, debbied@triad.rr.com, http://www.seawanderer.com, 1985, Mark I, TRBS, Fin, Roller 150 Genoa, Univ M25, open invite to visit us in the creeks off Pamlico Sound near the ICW. 

#4240, Canelera, Sherrie and Mick Laver, San Diego, CA., mlaver@ucsd.edu, 1985, Mk I, SR, fin, 110 and 155 with Shaeffer RF, Universal M-25XP, 3-blade. Boat re-engined but not sure when. Name is "Cinnamon Girl" (rough translation) in Spanish.

#4247,  The Counselor,  Gary Goelitz and Signe Ann Thorsen,  Monterey, CA, sthorsen@earthlink.net,  1985,  MK I,  SR BS,  Fin,  Main, 100%RF,  M25,  2 Blade Purchased boat in 1999.

#4248, (will be Good Directions), Jarrod Hermann, Harrison Twp, MI, Jarrodhermann@gmail.com,  1985, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin Keel, Original main and 150 Genoa RF, M-25, 2-Blade, Just purchased. Sat on the hard for 11 years of its life, all original with major upgrades to come! 

#4249, Gimlet, Doug and Carol Leavens, Sandusky Sailing Club, Sandusky, Ohio, Dougml@aol.com.,1985, MK1, Std Rig, 150 Gennny and full  batten main.
I sail in Sandusky Bay and the western basin of Lake Erie.

#4265, Wind Song, , Cape Coral, FL, , 1985, Mark I, SR, Fin, 135%, M25, 3 blade.

#4268, Summer Song, Mark Spencer, Saugatuck, markspencerr@msn.com 1985

#4269, Finnsanity, Jon Trunz, Wrightsville Beach, NC, jtrunz@bigfoot.com, http://home.ec.rr.com/jtrunz, 1985, Mk 1, TR BS, Fin, Main, 135, Asym Spin, M-25, stock 2 blade

#4281, Way to Geaux, Roger and Jan Robichaux, Carlyle, IL, r2show98@charter.net, 1985, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, UK Main, 135 Roller Furler, M 25, 2 blade prop

#4283, Almond Joy,

#4328, Almost There, Dan Metzler, Kemah TX, danlmetzler@aol.com, 1985, Mark I, Tall Rig, Bow Sprit, Fin Keel, 110 & 155, M18 Universal, Three Blade, I believe that "Almost There" was the last of the 1985 production run, George's "Frantic" being the first of the 1986 boats.  She's been well cared for up until I bought her in January '04, and I've added new roller furling, standing rigging, and many cosmetic fixes.

#4329,Frantic, George & Frances Goodall, Ft. Walton Beach-Fl.,n/a,1986,Mark I,TRBS,Fin,155 & Spin.,M-25,2bl folding,
After retiring and moving to waterfront home We are converting Frantic from a Racer Cruiser to a

#4336, Calaloo, Jeff and Cindy Cunningham, Great Lakes Marina, Muskegon, MI., eisjeff@hotmail.com, 1985 Mark 1, Std, fin keel, Main, roller furling 135 Genowa, asymmetrical spinnaker, Universal 25, three blade, have replaced sails canvas, and added electronics in the ten years we have owned the boat.#4337,  AIR APPARENT, Blaine WA, 1985, MKI, SRFK

#4345,Rascal, Willy Benjamin, Morro Bay CA, c30rascal@yahoo.com, http://www.tcsn.net/bosun/c30/cat30info.htm, 1985, Mk I, TRBS, Fin, main-150-135-110-asym spinnaker- triradial spinnaker, M25, 2&3 blade
I have owned Rascal for 3 years and sail year-round with an annual 2-3 week summer cruise to California's Channel Islands

#4376, Striker, Jack Houston and Jimmy Mckendrick, San Diego yacht club since 1986, soon moving to Dana Point, 1986 TR w/bs, fin keel, u25 engine, Martec folding prop, bought from original owners in Jan '14, beautifully maintained with skill and pride. Can't wait to sail her to her new home at Dana East Marina.

#4379, Razzle Dazzle, Dave Bunce, Yankton SD, davebunce@uswest.net, 1986, Mark 1,TRBS, Fin,main, 150 RF,M25,Martec folding 2 blade 

#4387, Skeddadle, Mike & Olga Crosa, Miami, FL, mcrosa@mindspring.com, www.businessprofits.com, 1987, Mark II, TRBS, Wing, Main, 150RF, Cruising Spinnaker, M25 Universal, Martec 2 blade, I liked the name so much I bought the boat! ;-)

#4351, Irish Rose, Sacramento,1986, Std Rig, Fin, Larry and Terri Stanton, Sail Delta and Bay, members ACYC.

#4390, , John & Charlotte Iannacone, Tulsa OK,

#4392, Name Our Dream, Jeanette & Dennis La Rock, Smithtown NY, sailcat30@verizon.net, 1986, mark II, TR, BS, FN, Doyle Genoa & 2+2 Main, M25XP, Three Blade, upgrade by owner Engine control panel, harness, Engine wiring, new pedestal protector, Auto Pilot Raymarine ST4000+, New Cushions, Schaefer 1100 roller/furler, new head, mast rewired, Garmin GPS 162

#4397, HORIZON, Jeff & Tracy Barksdale, Pensacola, Fl. , seniorbarksdale@gmail.com, 1986, one of the last Mark I’s, Tall , Fine Keel, Main and 128% furling Genoa (cut down 135 for Bahamas cruising), Universal 25, 2 blade fixed prop, Who ever thought you could get so much boat for the money, we moved down from a 42 fountain Pajot cat, getting used to tying things down again now that sailing isn’t flat.

#4402, Joint Endeavour, John Watson & Joe Mays, Birmingham Alabama, johnwatson@mindspring.com, www.mindspring.com/~johnwatson, 1985, Mark I, TRBS, Fin, main 135%RF & spindrifter, M-25, 2-blade fixed,
Our boat is named Joint Endeavour because it is jointly owned by John Watson and Joe Mays, who also are law partners.  Joe owned a previous Catalina 30 (the Alibi), which he and John sailed from Destin, FL to Key West in 1992, where it was subsequently sold (by Joe's wife June, he claims).  They purchased this boat, then known as the Lorimac, in 1998 from Patrick McCawley and his wife Lori, who had owned it since the late 1980's. The boat is docked in Fort Walton Beach, FL at present, which is about the closest salt water to Birmingham.  Joe, John and their families do their coastal cruising in the Florida panhandle and Alabama Gulf Coast, mostly on weekends and holidays.  Favorite destinations are Pensacola Beach, Destin, Panama City, Pensacola and Gulf Shores, Alabama.

#4404, This Side Up II, Mike Gallagher, Vancouver BC, 1986, Mark I, SR, Fin, M-25, 3 bladed fix 13x12

#4405, "Seaduction", Mead Rusert, Westbrook, CT, rusertfamily@gmail.com, 1986, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin, M25, winner 1998 National Regatta, racing class

#4418, "Sea Fever", Shelly Huber, Jersey City, NJ, shell56xxx@aol.com, www.SailtheHudson.com, 1986, Std Rig, Fin, Sails, M25, Standard, Me and my dog love sailing NY harbor off of NYC!

#4419  My Cyn, Jim and Cyn Lanza, Punta Gorda, FL,  VJL@CLIFFHANGER.COM ,1885, Mark II Tall Rig Bowsprit , Fin, Standard Catalina , 21hp, 2-blade,
Lovingly sailed Long Island Sound and New England waters. Followed us to beautiful Southwest Florida, where the weather is outstanding, but there's little time to sail.

#4434, NANSEA II, Worton Creek, Maryland, James & Kathy LaMar, jimlamar@aol.com, none, 1986, Mark I, Tall Rig, Shoal Draft,  Main 160 genoa working jib, M-25, 3 blade. 

#4437, Dark and Stormy, John Gibbs, Virginia Beach, VA., john284@cox.net, john.gibbs.56614@facebook.com, 1986, Mark II (?), TR, BS, Shoal Keel, M25, 3 Blade Prop. Purchased December 2012. Mostly cruising the lower Chesapeake Bay.

#4441, Asylum, Tom & Jody Goldman, Terra Ceia Bay, FL, jodyclancy@embarqmail.com,1986, SR, Fin, Jib & Main, 25HP Universal, couldn’t ask for a better boat.

#4446, Petite Suite, Jeffrey and Susan Kapec, Compo Beach Basin Westport CT, jkapec@tkdg.com, 1986, Mark II?, Std. Rig, Fin, North, Universal 25, stock issue 2 blade. other stuff Pro Furl Roller furling, Garhauer Boom Vang, engine has 1000 hours
Boat is in superb condition with original cream color gel coat nice and shiny, hunter green dodger. 
#4455, "Hey You!", Steve & Lynn Steakley, Lake Travis, TX, stevesteakley@sbcglobal.net, 1986 Mark I, SRFK, Full adjustable batten main, 135 & 150% roller furling Genoa's, MX25XPB Universal (Kubota), 3 blade fixed prop, Moved up from C250 and really love the C30.

#4457, Toucan Two, W. Alan & Emilie Coulter, New Orleans LA, acoulter@earthlink.net, none, 1986, Mark I, TR, Fin, Main 160 genoa working jib, M-25, 3 blade.  We are the second owner of this vessel that we moved from Stuart, FL to Lake Ponchartrain.  She hasn't been sailed much in recent years due to the work schedule of the owners.  Toucan Two has custom cabinetry installed by previous owner, all new Garhauer hardware, central air/heat, and the potential to take her owners wherever they choose if they would just work less or retire.

#4460, PISCES, Galen & Sharon Price, Punta Gorda, FL, gppisces@yahoo.com, 1986, Mark II?, Tall rig, bowsprit, Sheel keel 4'4", 130 Genoa, Universal 25 (21 hp), Two blade fixed, Brought down from Lake Michigan (Racine, WI) in 2001 to Charlotte Harbor. Great cruising/day sailing and recently spent 16 days cruising to Dry Tortugas and Florida Keys.

#4464, Rising Wind, Dennis and Christine MacCallum, Toronto, Ont. dmaccall@idirect.com 1986 TRBS fin, autopilot, hard dodger and bimini.
Second owner. Purchased her in Portland Maine and trucked to Toronto. Refitting for a year in Caribbean. Will add refrigeration, batteries to support, wind generator and davits. Mainly sail Lake Ontario.

#4470, Shamrock, Larry and Judy Delargy, Great Lakes Yacht Club, St. Clair Shores, MI, ldelargy@gmail.com, 1986 Mark I, TRBS, Fin, 135 RF Genoa, 1/2 full batten main with Doyle Cradle Cover, Universal M25, 2 blade fixed prop.

#4474, SoulMate, Muskegon Michigan, John & Ruthie Henderson (4th Owners), ruthie@grar.com, 1986 Mark 1?, TRBS, Fin, Main & 150 Jib, Universal M25

#4475, Aries, Dave and Elizabeth Garlick, Sidney, BC 1985. Members of IC30A
Fleet 37

#4477, Standish, Eric and Stephanie Baumes, Nyack NY, ebaumes@yahoo.com, http://www.hmyc.org, 1986, Mark I, TR/BS, Fin keel, Main /150 Roller furler, Universal M25, 2-blade, Autohelm

#4498, Y-Knot, Collins & Shirley Weeber, Ft. Lauderdale, CDWeeber29@cs.com, 1986, Mark I, Std Rig, Shoal, FB Main, RF 135 jib, M25, Two blade, We have owned Y-Knot for about three years, and sail her out of Hillsborough Inlet mostly for day sails between Ft. Lauderdale and points north.  She spent her early life on Lake Okeechobee, where she had two previous owners.  We have added an autopilot and the full batten main, and hope to cruise to the Bahamas in the future.

#4505, Decision, W. D. Arnold, Hampton, VA, Starboard-t@worldnet.att.net, 1986, Mk  I, TR BS, Fin, main, 105, 155, spinnakers .5oz, .75oz, and Mylar, M-25, 2-blade Martec,

#4506, Moon Spinner , Chris de Janasz, Deltaville, VA, dejanasz@f2ptechnologies.com , www.f2ptechnologies.com, 1986, Mark I TRBS, Fin Keel, M25, 3 blade prop (formerly Quiet Man, Rhapsody)

#4508, Treasure Chest; Ralph and Christine Templin; Lake St.Clair, MI; sail4life@gmail.com;1986; MkI: TRBS; Fin; 1/2 full batten main w/Mack Pack, 150 RF; M25; 2 blade folding 14X12

#4522, "White Wings", Margie Shaffer, Deale, Md., sailors@erols.com, 1986 TRBS, Fin Keel, Main, 110 (?) RF, Universal M25, 3 Blade prop.
The current name on the boat is AlleeMarie, but that will change to White Wings in the spring.

#4532, Happyours, Rock Hall Md. Andy Jones, jones2ar@hotmail.com , 1986 ,TRBSFK

#4534, "Pass Rider," Tom and Holly Wilson, Bainbridge Island, WA, passrider@aol.com, 1986, SR, fin, main, 135 RF, Universal 25XP, 2 bladed-14/12, Eagle Harbor YC. Purchased the boat from PO in 1998. Plan to cruise the Pacific NW

#4536, PainKiller, Gary & Judy Lenhart, Atwood Lake, Oh, Lenpk@worldnet.att.net,1986, Std Rig, Shoal Keel, 155 Furling, M25, 2 Blade, Our weekend home on an inland lake.

#4541, Liberty Call, LCDR Pat Tagney USNR (ret), Burnham Harbor Chicago, pat.tagney@nav- nternational.com, 1986, Mark 1, TRBS, Fin, full batten main, 150 RF, M25, 2 blade, Cruising lower Lake Michigan on my Catalina 30 is quite different (more relaxing) than serving on the aircraft carrier or destroyer I served on in the Navy while in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean. And now I can call myself Captain!

#4556, Ruthie , Beverly Pitts , Paradise, Missouri , bevpitts@ccp.com , 1986 , Mk I S Fin Main, 150RF M25  2 blade
PO bought boat and trailered it here from Newport Beach, CA; inland lake sailing
fun, but limiting, so turning energy to upkeep and restoring boat's neglected systems.

#4575, About Time, Martin & Donna Garner, Charleston SC, mjgarner@sc.rr.com, , 1986, Mark I, TR/BS, Shoal, Main/150% Genoa/120% Genoa,M25, 3-Blade, Just bought in Oct 2008

#4590, Interlude, Don Cameron, Sidney,B.C.,don_cameron@telus.net, 1986 MK1, SR, Fin Keel, Univ. M25, 2 blade fixed prop, My wife, 2 daughters and I cruise the Gulf Island, San Juan Islands, and Desolation Sound.

#4591, Sea Lane III, Casey Speed, Sausalito, CA, Roguescooter@hotmail.com, 1986 std rig fin keel, San francisco abused boat..  we had a nice light day today.  the little breeze we had never got above 30 knots. The windows leak, but only when they are underwater, and that only happens when we go upwind... :)

Bob & Mary Rappold, Scituate Massachusetts,b.rappold@comcast.net, 1986 MK I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Main & 150 Genoa, Universal M25, 2 blade prop

#4598,Mollymawk, - SOLD - 1986, Mark I, TR, Fin, 150 RF, M25, 3 Blade, Purchased 2005 from GN Bay City, MI, Cruising Lake Ontario

#4604, Ariel, John Daly, Port Clinton, OH,  JohnHDalyIII@aol.com, 1986, Mark I SR, Fin, Universal 25, Member of Great Lakes Cruising Club

#4606, Windancer, Brian & Marg Smith, Nanaimo, British Columbia, briancsmith@shaw.ca  , 1986, a very special Catalina 30 now for sale

#4608, Sea Otter, Ben Ott, Princeton, NJ, ben@gott.com, 1986, Mark I, Tall Rig Bow Sprit, Shoal Keel, Main and R/F 150% Genoa Sails, Universal M-25, 3 Blade Fixed Prop

#4612, Faith To Faith, Richard Brantley, Oriental, NC, obx_nc_richard@hotmail.com 1986, Mark I, TRBS, Shoal, Main, 155, M25, 3 Blade, 

#4621, BOOMERANG, ,, ME, , 1986 Mark 1, TRBS, Fin Keel, Main, R/F Working Jib, R/F 130% Genoa, R/F 150% Genoa, Cruising Spinnaker, Universal M-25, 3 Blade Fixed Prop, PropProtector, Force 10 Cabin Heater, G.P.S., Dodger, Lazy Jacks, Solid Vang, Solar Panel, Refrigerator, AM-FM Stereo, VHF, CNG Stove w/Oven.

#4652, Walkabout, Matt & Melanie Hevron, Davison MI, mhevron@chartermi.net, 1986, Mark I, Std Rig, Shoal Keel, 150% Genoa, Std Main, 25 hp Universal w/ 3 blade prop.  She’s a family boat, previously owned by my father who brought his 3 son’s up sailing and now owned by myself and my wife who are actively raising our daughter in the sailing traditions of the family.  We pursue our passions of wind and wave on southern Lake Huron.  So if ever you are in the area here is an open invitation for all 30 owners to come and sail with us, just drop us a line.

#4670, Jim Nichols and Mark Roths, jbcnichols@comcast.net,1987, Grand Marina, Alameda,CA, MARK II, ST, Fin, Diesel

#4672, Second Wind, Ronald Betso, Brooklyn, New York, rjbetso@aol.com, 1987, Mark I, TRBS, Fin, 150%, Full Batten Main, M-25, 2 Blade, Garhauer deck gear, Doyle Stack Pack, Teak& Holly Cabin Sole, TV-VCR & AM-FM CD, GPS Plotter, Auto Pilot, many other add ons. 
Sail in the lower NY harbor area and out to eastern Long Island

#4683,Hellion, Frank and Nancy Wilson, Little Rock, AR, fjwilsonjrATgmail.com, ,1987, Mark1, SR, Fin, Main, 110%,155%, Storm jib, M-14,

#4689, Andiamo, Paul Gallimore, Norfolk, VA, cinegrafx@cox.net,http://members.cox.net/cinegrafx/, 1986, MkI, TRBS, Fin Keel, Main,150 RF,Universal M25, 3-Blade (14x9). 
When I found her in 1996, she was practically a derelict, but after years of upgrades that my wallet doesn't appreciate, she's back in proper trim.  Wouldn't trade her.

#4690, Mystic Rhythms Craig Molander and Jill Laurson, Milwaukee WI., cmmolander@insightbb.com , no web site address, 1987, Mark l, Tall/bowsprint, Fin Keel, roller 155 Genoa, M25 Universal, 3 blade,
We are the third owners of this boat. When we found her in Whitehall, Michigan. With the name "Promises Kept" on the stern, we plan to cruise Lake Michigan, but would love to pull her down to the Florida Keys as we did with our C-25. We have made several improvements to suit our cruising creature comforts. New radar, autopilot, refrigerator, and 4 group 27 batteries to power it all.

#4695, Gypsy, Steven Schmidt, Grand River OH, sschmidt@marvelconsultants.com, 1987 Catalina 30 Mark II, Standard rig, Fin Keel, Main/150 RF Genoa, Universal M18, 3 blade fixed prop, horizon depth and knot meter, perch seats.

#4726,SEBAGO, John Mahn & Dana Helman, Fifty Point Yacht Club, Grimsby Ontario, Canada. skipperjohn@cogeco.ca, 1987, MKII, TRBS, Fin Keel, MK25 engine, 3 blade fix prop., Just bought her in 2007 & having a great time.  Send us an email if you’re on Lake Ontario heading to the west end, west of Toronto, if you’re looking for a transient slip.

#4728, Serenade, jan vos, ocean springs ms, janvos1@gmail.com, 1987, mkII, Std rig, shoal draft keel, main&150 genoa, Univ M25 2 blade, Biloxi Yacht Club

#4739, White Knuckles, T.C. and Linoda Johnson, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, tlcjohnson@aol.com, 1987, Mark I, Tall Rig, Bowsprit, Tall Rig Bowsprite, Fin Keel, 110, and 155, Look us up if you are ever in Door County.

#4742, Warwick, Rick McGregor, New Orleans, macsail@aol.com, 1986, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin, Main, 155 racing , spinnaker, M25, 2blade fold. A good race boat on Lake Ponchartrain,,, Portsmouth fleet champ last year.

#4774, Zephyr, Ron and Elizabeth Gillies, Blaine WA, ron.gilliesis@gmail.com, 1987, Mark II, STD Rig, Fin, M25XP, 2 blade, purchased July 2015 after selling our MacGregor 26S.

#4745 K687,Bob Teasdale, Tenacious, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada, teasdalebg@sympatico.ca, 1987, Mark 1,SR,Fin, Main, Furling Genoa,Universal,21 HP,2Blade

#4759, FRISKY...business, Elliott Oldak, Annapolis, oldak@usna.edu, 1987, Mark II, TR/BS, Fin,main,furling genoa Univ Desl 21 hp, three blade.

#4761, Mi Chelle, Doug Mekinda, Wildwood Yacht Club Cleveland Ohio, vikingvb@yahoo.com, 1987, Mark II, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Main, 150%, 135%, 100%, Spinnaker, M-25XP 21hp, 2 Blade w/SS shaft, Beautiful Great Lakes Cruiser.

#4767, ACADIA, Glenn Freiman, New London, CT, glennfreiman@sbcglobal.net1987, Mark II, Tall  Bowsprit, Fin Keel,  Sails, Universal MK25, 2 Blade Prop,

#4768, "TACK" , Susan Ray, Honolulu, Hawaii,  www.rainbowyachts.com,1987MKII, SR, fin keel, MAC-pack mainsail, Harken roller furling Jib, Universal 24 Diesel, Moored Ala  Wai  Harbor, Honolulu, HI., Aloha...and mahalo.

#4769, New Dreams, , , , 1987, Mk II, TRBS, shoal, ​new​  main & 150 ​,​ RF, M25XP, 2 blade fixed. ​  Sold Oct. 2016.

#4784, After You, Glenn Madill and Andy Dobson; BS&BC, Burlington, Ontario, Canada; northshorepipeline@yahoo.com, 1987; Mark 2 TRBS Fin Keel, Full Batten Main and 150% Roller furling Genoa, M25XP; 13x10 RH 3-blade, Spent her first twenty years at St Clair Shores, Michigan. New to us October 2007.

#4787, Pamela Anne, Randy & Pam Wells, pwells@neo.rr.com, 1987 Mark II, TR/BS, fin, Original sails, Universal M25XP, 2 blade prop. We sail in a small inland lake approximately 20 miles south of Canton, Ohio called Atwood Lake. Lot's of experience tacking!!

#4827, Ouida, George and Jan Broome, Victoria, BC. 1988. Replaced engine
2001. Members of IC30A Fleet 37 and Royal Victoria Yacht Club. Cruising area
southern BC coast and Gulf Islands.

#4840, EKKO ll, Lloyd  Sarakin, City Island, NY, Ekko1@aol.com, 1987, Mark ll, TRBS, wing, Main, Roller Furling 150%, 25 Diesel, 2 Bladed
Bought 4 yrs ago, I liked it and city island so much I bought the slip it was originally in last year. great boat, only 148 hrs on engine when i bought it..

#4844, WILDCAT, 1987 Mk ll, America's Cup Special Edition, Tom & Debi Sanders, Alamitos Bay, Ca., SR, Fin, M-25 XP, Purchased 12-18-09, After a year of very enjoyable cruising to Catalina, Wildcat is being refitted as a racer, everything is being rebuilt or replaced and she is looking sharp!  

#4860, Slow Hand,  Mark Gorsuch, Chesapeake, Va., gorsuch8564@yahoo.com, 1987, MK-II, Tall Rig, Wing Keel, 150 Genoa, Universal 25XP,  Third owner, purchased November 2009. 

#4862, School’s Out, Michael Valliere, Pocasset, MA, mjvalliere@comcast.net, 1987 MK II Std Rig fin keel, Dutchman rig main & 130 Genoa, Univ. M25XP 3 blade fixed prop. RL70C Raymarine radar & chartplotter, auto helm, Dodger and Bimini with dodger connector, Hood single line furler

#4863; Yes God; Lew Love; Ballentine, SC; captainlove911@gmail.com; Tall Rig; Wing Keel; 150 and Main; Atomic Universal 3 cylinder diesel; three blade prop.  Purchased on my birthday | 9-11-07. I have completed its restoration and added 16.5K Mermaid Air; new head, Dometic CU 100 Refrigerator; bimini; bottom paint; new cutlass bearing; stuffing box; new everything!!!!.  I hope to take it down to the Caribbean in a few years…  If you are working on yours, I have lots of pictures to share if you need help with a before and after process.

#4881, Syrenka, Lisa Wright & Greg Jurkowski, Anacortes WA, 1987 MK II Std Rig fin keel, Dutchman rig main & 130 Genoa, Univ. M25XP 3 blade max feathering prop, Espar forced air furnace, CNG stove/oven, radar, electric windlass, autohelm, gps/depth sounder. 3000 engine hours when we purchased in 2014.

#4888, FIDELITY, Bill & Tama Chalmers, Kent Island, MD, billchalmers@earthlink.net, 1987, MK-II, TRBS, Wing, Main, 135% Genoa RF, M25, 3-blade,
We just bought her (spring 2002) from the original owner after she sat unused for a few years. We're going through some much needed maintenance -- bottom paint, compound & wax hull, replace drive shaft and couplings, new running rigging. Still haven't had our first sail yet but I'm looking forward to an awesome time on the Chesapeake this spring and summer. If you're near Kent Narrows or the Chester River, stop by for a visit. We live at Castle Harbor Marina and there's always something good on the grill.

Osprey,  Frank Braddock,  Lexington, SC  frankbraddock@mac.com 1987 Mark II Tall Rig, Fin Keel 25 HP Universal Diesel  Bought Summer 2015 and undergoing refit with new electronics, Nav system, sails.  Plan on painting hull next year

#4895, Ross's Dream, Dan Courter, Antioch CA, sold@DanCourter.com, 1987 MK II SR FIN, Hood main/120 jib/a-spin, M25XP,2-blade folding Gory. Won the 2004 C30 Nationals cruising division.

#4896, Personal Day, Al Califano, Beacon, NY, ACAlif1459@aol.com, 1987 Mark II, TRBS, Fin Keel,  150% & 135% RF, Universal 25xp 13x13 Martec folding prop.
I am the original owner of Personal Day, I purchased it from Whites Marina located on the Hudson River, NY  Amenities include Raytheon SL70 Radar 1999, autopilot, Dodger, free standing Bimini, Garmin 128 GPS, full electronics W/S/D, and other great stuff. I traded in my older 1979 Catalina 30 Felicity #1459 which I had owned for 5 years.  She has won in the NY Governors cup 3 times and has won Second Overall, Division III in the Catalina National Regatta held 1995 Long Island Sound. As of 04/2002 I have been a Catalina 30 owner for the past 23 years and still going strong.

#4900, Rampant, Ed van Kessel, Port Elgin Ontario, Canada, vankess@yahoo.com, none, 1987, Mark II, TR/BS, Fin Keel, UK Sail 150 Tapedrive Genoa, Gennaker, M25XP, 3-blade

#4906, Rhombus, Fred Braman, Orange Park, Fl, fredbraman@hotmail.com, MK II, std rig, wing, Mack sails, Universal M25xp, std prop

#4912, MoonShadow, George Greene, Hampton VA (Documented West Linn OR), GeorgeCGreene@cox.net, 1987, Mark II, TR, BS, Wing keel, Main, 150, Spin, M25-XP, 12 x 10 3 blade, loaded with equipment for live aboard

#4914, Auspicious, Stephen Travis, Warwick, RI, stravis@iname.com, http://www7.brinkster.com/stravis, 1987, Mark II, STD, Wing Keel, Universal 25XP, Full Batten Main, 150% RF Genoa, 3 blade 13x10R
white hull, blue boot and waterline stripes, blue cabin cushions. Hood SeaFurl #810 Roller Furl, 15lb Fluke and 25lb Bruce anchors, blue Sunbrella Dodger, Norcold SCQT 6406 Frig, Guest #2530A Charger, Maxima CSC705WB Stereo, Standard SP-1 Instruments, 28" and 40" Edson Destroyer Wheels, Navico 300CX autopilot, SAFGAS CNG w/ 20hr cylinder, Arco 12x12 solar panel. Generally plies the waters of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.

#4917, Lady Godia, Lake St. Clair, MI., James Glasson, jmglasson@wowway.com, 1987, Mark II, Camel Hull w/brown boot stripe, Tall Rig, Bowsprit, Fin Keel, 155 M7000 Quantum, 135 and 110, Full Batten Dacron Main, Cruising AYSM and Ullman Redline Spinnaker MX25, Martec Feathering 2 Blade Prop. This is Jack L. Grays; Former IC30 board member, boat. As his son in law, I miss Jack every day but when I’m sailing he is never far away. 

#4918, Dream On, Jan Huissoon, Penetanguishene, Ontario, 1987, Mark II, SRFK, M25XP

#4935, Vagrant, Michael Hibbs, Portland, OR. mdhibbs@comcast.net, 1987 MK 2, standard rig, Fin Keel, Main, Jib, Genoa and asymetric spinnaker, Universal m25xp, 2 blade fixed prop, Cruising the Puget sound mostly.  Vagrant is going through many upgrades at this time.  We just bought her fall 2007.  Currently in Bellingham Marina.  Drop by an say hi.  

#4936,Dancin Bear, Ken & Robin Lane, Edmonton Alberta, ken.l.lane@cummins.com, 1987, MarkII, Tall Rig w/Bow Sprit, Fin Keel, Main Jib Genoa, Universal 3 cyl Diesel, 3 blade prop, Boat was born & raised on the Pugent  WA sound.  Now has a new home on the other side of the mountains in Alberta. Check out at Sunshine Bay Yacht club.  galleries 2006.

#4946, Lady of Dare, Port Credit Yacht Club Port Credit Ontario Canada, john_sweeny@sympatico.ca, 1987, BS, Fin, Universal MXP25, We upgraded from a Catalina 25 4 years ago and are also in love with our “new” baby.

#4960, Fair Wind, Molly & Bruce Baars, Montrose Harbor (Chicago), bruce.baars@siemens.com mailto:bruce.baars@siemens.com , 1987, Mark II, Tall Rig, Bowsprit, Fin Keel, Full-Batten Main, 150 Furling Genoa, Gennaker, Spinnaker, Universal 25xp, 3-blade prop.

#4974, Shadow, Ron and Colleen Betzing, Chandler Arizona, betzing@home.com, 1987, Mk II, Standard Rig, Fin keel, Main, 135% Harkin RF, Asymmetrical spinnaker, M-25XP, two bladed fixed.
Purchased 1998, Captain Navy Dodger and Bimini that connect with a window to allow sailing with bimini up. ST4000 Raytheon autopilot, stern perch seats. Moved up from a Venture 25. We love this boat. We keep her in a slip at Lake Roosevelt, AZ. Will probably be moving to San Diego in a year or two.

#4978, Serenity Now, Floyd & Patti Hodges, Garland TX, floydhodges@verizon.net, , 1987, Std Rig, Fin, 140 RF Gen, M25XP, 3 Blade,  We love our boat.

#4989,Spindrift, Stanley Galper, Miami, sgalper@compuserve.com, 1987,, SR,Wing, Main 135% Jib and MPS, Universal M25XP, 3-blade fixed,
Original owner.  Sailing grounds are Biscayne Bay Florida Keys, Dry Tortugas, Bahamas.  Added Bimini top, Autohelm autopilot, Balmar alternator and regulator, 4 batteries total, Adler-Barbour refrigeration (extra insulation), shaft seal (dry bilge).