C30 OWNERS LISTING...3000...(new)

#3001, Blythe Spirit, Bob & Gayle Hinson, Marietta, GA, blhinson@gmail.com, 1983, Mark I, TR/BS, fin, main, 135/100/storm jib RF, Atomic 4, 2-blade, Purchased in May 2001 from PO.  Named by PO and will keep for now.  Previous
boat was Seidelmann 25.

#3106,Safari Spirit, Keith R Ingebrigtson, Pleasant Harbor Brinnon,Wa, keinge@msn.com,1983,STD,Fin keel, Mainsail & Jib,Universal M-25 diesel 21hp, 2 blade fixed prop

#3008, No Problem, Michael Neben and Chris Hardy, Dana Point, CA, mdneben@sbcglobal.net;  chardy2@cox.net ,  1983, Mark I /Std Rig, Keel , Fin), Sails: Main, 150 Genoa, Engine: Atomic 4, Prop (?), new to the Catalina world, but experienced in coastal cruising and boat maintenance.

#3010, OM3 , Nicolas Payer, (Montréal , Qc, Canada) sail in Champlain lake NY/VT (Snug Harbour Marina),1983, Mark 1,SR,Fin keel, 150 Genoa on furler, 2009 Betamarine 20 hp.,2 blades prop, I bought it in Portsmouth , RI , in November 2005 , (previous name: SUZYGY, TOO from Providence , RI) , brought it to Canada in June 2006 ,on a trailer. He's now having fun in the fresh water of Champlain lake.. And so do we... nickpayer@gmail.com

#3024, Blue Swan, Pat and Moira Finnigan, Sidney, BC. 1983. Members of IC30A Fleet 37 and Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. Cruising area southern BC coast and Gulf Islands.

#3025,Andre den Braven, Pattaya Thailand, andredenbraven@yahoo.com, 1983, Mark 1, Std rig, Fin, Mainsail, Roller furling genoa, bowsprit, A-symmetric & symmetric spinnakers,U niversal 5416, 2 bladed, Clubracing & cruising in Gulf of Thailand

#3050, Yggdrasil, Luke & Heather Gammache, Essex MD, nursehev35@gmail.com, 1983, Tall Rig Bowsprit TR, Shoal keel, M320B Diesel engine

#3051, Release (soon to be renamed), Elise Wolch, Port Washington N.Y., ejwnar@aol.com, 1983, Tall Rig, Shoal Keel, Roller Jib and Mainsail, Universal Diesel M25 (21hp), 2 bladed. Cruising West L.I. Sound.

#3058, CHARISMA ,Walt&Millie Tice, San Diego, Mission Bay, <waltmillietice@aol.com, 1983 MarkI , SR, Fin, 150% UhlmanGenoa (replace lousy North) with Harken furling and original main, Universal 25, (3) cylinder diesel, 2 blade,
Homemade mast steps and external halyards to cockpit, jiffy reef, custom Bruce anchor extension, (2) extra engine compartment accesses, shaved hull, one laminate rebuild by HULLTECH.

#3088, Point of View, Don Harris, St. Clair Shore, MI, donmere@live.comom.Verbeke@sdrc.com, 1983, Mk I, TR, Fin, Main, Roller Furling 150%, Spinnaker, M25, New Owner!

#3098, Southern Star, Lane & Judy Kendall, Mount Pleasant NC, captain@svsouthernstar.com, www.svsouthernstar.com, 1983, Mark I, Tall Rig BS, Fin Keel, Standard Main, 110, 135, 155, Spinnaker, Universal M-25, We sail the lower Neuse River and the Pamlico Sound, from Whortonsville about 10 NM North of Oriental, NC. Members of the "Whortonsville Yacht and Tractor Club".

#3108, Esperanza, Bay Springs Marina Mississippi, Jason Pardoe, jason@jasonpardoe.com, N/A, 1983, MKI, standard rig with fin keel, standard main and jib, Universal M-25, 2 blade fixed,  Great boat!!!!

#3133, SOUTHERN STAR, Phillip Silitschanu,  Boston, MA,  7tiger7@gmail.com, , 1983, Mark I, Tall Rig Bowsprit (TR, BS), Keel Fin,  Engine - Universal 25, Prop - 2 blade fixed

#3134 , Tomfoolery, Tom and Gillian Irwin, Sidney, BC Canada, 1983, Mark I, SR, Fin, Universal 3 cylinder, two bladed, pss shaft seal,  Member of 1caFleet 30,brought the boat to the NW from San Diego, Previously owned Catalina 22 and Catalina 27

#3135, No Limits, Tom & Liz Rutkowski, Coconut Grove FL, sail_away_2012@hotmail.com, 1983, TR, Fin keel, Universal Diesel M25, Our weekend home away from home.

#3147, Port Tack, Ken and Dorothy Godwin, Victoria, BC. 1983. Members of IC30A Fleet 37 and Royal Victoria Yacht Club. Cruising area southern BC coast and Gulf Islands.

#3151, Atanua (a-ta-nu-a), Jillian Baxter and Patricia Holladay,  Lake Grapevine Texas, Atanua.sail@gmail.com www.grapevinesailing.org, 1983, MK 1, TRBS, Fin keel, 135 and 150 roller jib and, standard main, Universal Diesel M25, fixed 2 blade, always been in TX freshwater, previous name "Moonchaser",  Purchased from Curt Dennis in March 2010.  Although we have sailed for many years this is our first boat and we love her.  In the mythology of The Marquesas Islands, Atanua is the dawn goddess.

#3154, I Sea Water, Chris Apmann, Mike & Shawn Parker, Don Belk, Long Beach, California, CApmann01@Verizon.net, 1983, Mark I, Std Rig, Shoal

#3156, Not For Nothing, Jack Dagle, Boston MA, jdagle@aol.com,  1983, Mark I,TR, BS, Fin Keel ,MFR 1983, Mark I Tall Rig Bowsprit, Fin Keel, 135 Roller Furling Genoa / Full Batten Main / Jib, Engine M25 Universal, 2 blade prop, I am new to sailing but it is fortunate for me she is very forgiving.

#3157, DragonFly, Richard Basch, City Island, NY, rich.basch@gmail.com, 1983, Mark I Tall Rig Bowsprit, Keel Fin, 150 Roller Furling Genoa / Full Batten Main / Spinnaker, Engine M25 Universal, 2 blade prop - Assume I am the 3rd owner based on the name Roanokian shining in the gel coat.

#3159, Dot Calm, Eric & Karen Bulock, Warwick RI, kbulock@cox.net, , 1983, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin, Hood Roller furling 150%, Universal M25, 2 blade, See you on Narragansett Bay!

#3165, Yondering, Rob Cowan and Diane Bickers, Toronto, Ontario Canada, robcowan@rogers.com, 1983, Mark 1, Tall Rig with Bow Sprit, Fin Keel, 135 and 150 % on CDI Furling, M25 Universal Diesel, 3 blade 13 X12 prop, complete enclosure, heater. Cruise Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands.

#3171, Come Rain Come Shine (soon to be renamed), Steve Bradbury, Lake Texoma, Texas, spb@airmail.net, 1983, MkI, SR, Fin, Main, 135 RF, Universal M25, 2 blade, Freshwater boat since day one, but still undergoing upgrades and returning to "shipshape". The sailnet posting have been so much help in ideas and sources relative to the upgrade work.

#3191, “Moon Drifter”, Devinder Biln & Ryan Versteeg-Biln, Squamish Yacht Club, Squamish, BC, CANADA, roverdevin@hotmail.com, 1983 MkI TR/BS, fin keel, Tanbark Sails: Main, 110, 135, 155, cruising gennaker, Universal M25, 3 blade fixed propeller, tiller steering. First boat to a pair of sailing brothers and our families. Her glorious tanbark sails can be spotted throughout Howe Sound, Sunshine Coast and up the inside passage towards Desolation Sound. Dreams exceed budget.

#3195, GULLIVER, ALFRED ALVES, KINCARDINE, alfredalves@hotmail.com,1983, MKI, TR

#3196, ZAPATA, Paul & Priscilla Zaro, Richmond YC, CA, paulfzaro@attbi.com,1983, Mk1, SR, fin, main, roller furling 150, M25, 2 blade,  Zapata - the Liberator not the shoe - sails the bay and delta and surely liberates us from the hum-drum week...never a dull moment ! 

#3198, Solution, Peter and Marcia Ross, Hingham, MA, TBD615@comcast.net, 1983, SR, Fin, M25 Universal, Cruise in Mass. Bay and Buzzards Bay and race PHRF in Hingham Bay PHRF fleet. 

#3202, Nova Zora, John Adams and Laura Magan, San Diego, bakatu@msn.com, 1983, Mark I, SR, Shoal, Main and Jib, Diesel, Commodore Purcell's West Coast Flagship; name means "New Dawn" in Croatian.

#3210, Kookaburra, Tim and Lisa Barker, Port Orchard, WA, timothy.barker@fmglobal.com, 1983, Mark I, SR, Fin Keel, Roller Furling, Stack Pack, M-25, two blade.  First boat purchased upon the death of my Dad who loved sailing but never bought.   I think of him everytime I board

#3211, Sundari, Bob & Neeka Grove, Georgetown MD, bobgrove22@hotmail.com , 1983, Mark I, TR,BS, Fin Keel, Fully battened main & 135% roller furling, Universal M25, 3 blade prop 

#3225 Hilary's Diamond, , , , ,  1983 MK1, Tall rig with bowsprit. 150 RF, Powered by an atomic four - 2 blade, sailing out of Padanaram harbor in South Dartmouth MA.

#3226,Mother Goose, Sal Cerniglia, Chelsea-on-Hudson NY & Fleet 29, sal_cerniglia@hotmail.com, 1983,Mark ?,TR,BS, Fin keel, 100&130&153 gemos, main, 25 yarmar, 2blade  

#3232, Winning Colors, Mike & Lori Vynalek, Sandusky, Ohio, mvynalek@hotmail.com, 1983, Mark I, SR, Fin Keel, Sobstad Sails, Universal M-25 Engine, We bought our boat in 2006 and have been enjoying it ever since. The name comes from the winner of the Kentucky Derby in 1988, which happened to be the same day as our wedding. We always said that when we bought our boat, that would be the name.

#3233, Windigo, Thomas Ehmke, Catawba Island, Ohio, tomclaud@wcnet.org, 1983 Cat 30,SR, Shoal keel, 110 130,150 genoas with CDI roller furling, gennaker, full-battened main, m-25, Martec folding prop. new owner as of June 2004.  Sailed her home from Oswego NY in June.  Single-handed her from Port Clinton, Ohio to Drummond Island (North Channel) in August.  Working hard at making her the beauty she once was.

#3246, About Time, Gerry & Margot O’Brien, Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada, Pointe-du Chene Yacht Club (PCYC), 1983, Mark I, SR, Fin keel, Main, CDI Flex-Furling, 135, 150 & storm jib, spinnaker, Universal M-25 ( 3 cyl. diesel 23hp), 2 blade-prop, bought in New Jersey, October 2006, 3rd owner, many upgrades, great stable & roomy cruiser with good performance. Excellent condition, well maintained. Cruising area Shediac Bay & Northumberland Strait. (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island & Nova Scotia) Overall great cruiser. EMAIL gobrien@rogers.com  . Visit our Marina at http://www.pcyc-nb.ca/yc.html  or our sister Shediac Bay Marina Shttp://marinas.com/view/marina/11181

#3251, YUMM, Ed Andres, Lorain, Oh., eandre@bright.net, 1983, MKI, TRBS, Fin, Sobstad 150% RF, Sobstad Loose footed main, M-25 Diesel, 13x10 3 blade
My wife was intrigued by a "Furby" and the language it uses...the word for great enjoyment of many things is "Yumm"....hence the boat was named "YUMM", and has a picture of Furby on the transom.  When the boat gets to bouncing around etc on Lake Erie, Furby can be heard below...laughing and saying YUMM..:-)

#3256,  Breezing, James Craig, Shearwater Yacht Club, james@thecraigs.ca, www.thecraigs.ca, 1983, Mark I, Tall Rig), Fin Keel, main and genny, 5428, standard Prop, new to us and comes from Maine – looking forward to fixing her up for our family.

#3265, Ailsing, Shawn Monks, Bridgeport, CT,smonks@optonline.net,1983,SR,Fin,Main & Jib plus 135 gen, M25,2 blade fixed, 3rd owner

#3270,  Mi Maria,  Danny & Maria Coon,  Avalon Ca, m.d.coon@sbcglobal.net,  1983 Mark 1, SR, fin keel, 2 sails, Universal engine M-25 21 HP diesel,

#3278, Interim, Frank and Melinda Hopkins, Greenville, SC, fhhopkins@charter.net, 1983, Mark I TRBS, Fin Keel, new UK loose footed main and 150.. Atomic 4 still going strong. We have her in Lake Hartwell, SC at the Western Carolina Sail Club ( http://www.wcsc-sailing.org ). It was a 25th wedding anniversary present to my bride!

#3279, ENYA, Les/Barbara Cummings and Roger/Cheri Elliott.  Home Port : Lake Thunderbird , Norman Oklahoma.  A 1983, Mark I, TR, BS, FK, Main , 110, 140, 155 furling headsails and cruising spinnaker, M25 Universal, 2 blade prop, Datamarine Instruments, dodger, and bimini. Boat was formerly the "Condor" out of Rock Hall , Maryland .  Upgrades: MarineAir 12,000 BTU air conditioning, and installed a new engine panel, instruments, alternator bracket upgrade kit, compass, shift cable, and wiring harness in spring of '04. We are active in the Thunderbird Sailing Club, please see www.thunderbirdsailingclub.org, www.lakethunderbirdboathouse.org, and www.ltef.org web sites.  Obviously, we enjoy the music of Enya as well as Buffett!

#3281, Trinity, Chris & Deb Lewis, Westbrook CT, Chris@mrlew.com, www.mrlew.com, 1983, Mk 1, TRBS, Fin, Main, 150% roller furler, M25-XP, 2 blade, love this boat, plenty of upgrades to do which is good because there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

#3283, Valhalla, Ed & Lucy Jakubas, Chicago, c30sailor@comcast.net , http://home.comcast.net/~c30sailor/ , 1983, Mark I, SR, Fin, Sobstad XVS main, Sobstad XVS 150 RF, M15, 2 blade fixed prop.

#3305, ~Tilde~, Eric & Judy Ludin, St. Petersburg, Florida, eludin@aol.com, 1983, Mark I, TRBS, fin, Spinaker, M25, I have added a 16KBTU A/C, 3-12 volt house batteries, and am very proud of the excellent condition of this beautiful old boat.

#3325, Windspiration, Alan Ruffalo, Lake Pleasant Arizona, aruffalo1393@qwest.net, 1983, Mark 1, SR, Fin, Genoa Jib Gennaker Spinnaker, M25 3 Cyl Universal Diesel, 2 Blade, Boat is for sale for $29,000.00 and is loaded with gear Contact Alan 480/279-0468 Home 480/241-4079 Cell

#3337, M-Pod, Tom and Jane McGrath, Kirkland WA, thomas.mcgrath@comcast.net, 1983, Mk I, SR, Fin, Main & 150 RF, M-25, 3-blade 12x13,
Moored in Anacortes, WA, gateway to the San Juan Islands.  Named after the three resident orca ("killer whale") family groups, or "pods", in the San Juan Islands:  J-Pod, K-Pod, and L-Pod, and now the "McGrath-Pod".  Hyphen in name on the stern is a graphic of an orca.

#3344, Soulever, JToe Castronova, Perth Amboy NJ, joecastronova@gmail.com, 1983, Mark I, Tall Rig Bowsprit (TR, BS), Keel  Fin, Main, 100, 150, Universal Diesel, 3 blade Prop, Loving this boat.

#3337, M-Pod, Tom and Jane McGrath, Kirkland WA, thomas.mcgrath@attbi.com, 1983, Mk I, SR, Fin, Main & 150 RF, M-25, 3-blade 12x12,
Moored in Anacortes, WA, gateway to the San Juan Islands.  Named after the three resident orca ("killer whale") family groups, or "pods", in the San Juan Islands:  J-Pod, K-Pod, and L-Pod, and now the "McGrath-Pod".  Hyphen in name on the stern is a graphic of an orca.

#3350, Finally, Teddy Strickland and Frankie Erwin, teddystrickland@hotmail.com, 1983, Mark 1, std rig, fin keel, genoa 150% furls from that to 135 and 110, engine universal 25, 3 prop.

#3352, Independence,Hunt Herrigel,Long Valley, NJ,hunth@comcast.net,,1983,Mark I, SR,fin,main, 150 RF, spinnaker, M25 Universal, 2 blade folding, We sail out of Barnegat,NJ.  She is a great cruiser and fast enough to frustrate many of the other boats in our marina.

#3357, Effen, Randy and Jacquie Boyd, Toronto, mainsail50e@hotmail.com, 1983, Mark I, Standard Rig, Fin, Diesel M25, two blade folding, sailing on Lake Ontario

#3358, Aloha, Brandon Bibb, Hilo, Hawaii, Brandon.Bibb@yahoo.com, 1983, Tall Rig, Bow Sprit, Wing Keel, 8.2oz Main two reef points slab reefing(2016) 135 jib 8.0oz , Universal/Kubota MX25XPB, Out fitting and sailing. Enjoying This nice cruising vessel. Outfitted with all lines to cockpit, two #40 Lewmar self-tailing jib winches, #16 Lewmar Cabin Top mainsheet/main halyard/reef winch, wheel steering, all LED cabin and nav lights. Still many trips and sailing the East Coast of the U.S. now. Barrier and Bottom job, Engine Alignment, Cutlass Bearing in 2016.

#3359, Original, Tiffany Dunlap, Florence, AL - Tennessee River, tkd4au@aol.com, 1983, Mk I, TRBS, fin, main, 155, 135, spinnaker, M25, 2 blade
She is my first boat and an excellent choice. I live aboard her most of the time. She is an excellent cruising vessel and has proven easy to learn to sail. Her name comes from my being an artist and because there are none out there like her.

#3362, Eeyore, Hugh Blackman, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, info@sailvancouver.ca, 1983, Mark 1, Std Rig, fin, 25 Universal, 2 blade,

#3365, Misty Isle, Peter Rose, Portland Oregon, sake_sails@msn.com,1983 MARK I, SR,FIN,Furlex,3-Blade Campbell Sailer,M25 diesel

#3382, "Wind Dancer", Pat, Scott and Larry Sheridan, Dana Point, CA, scott.sheridan@unisys.com , 1983, SR, fin keel, orig. main, 150% RF headsail (2002), M25 3cyl  FW diesel, 2 blade fixed prop, dodger and lee canvas. We brought her to Dana Point from Marina Del Rey CA the end of Dec. 1998. She is a great cruiser, and it comforts us to know gentle hands can spend time caring for her sea sores.

#3383, "Solitude", Jo-Anne and Allan Collister, San Francisco Bay, berkeleygang@gmail.com, 1983, Mark I , SR, Fin Keel, Roller 130 jib & Main, M25 Kubota, 2 blade, For 20 years we took our kids from San Diego to vacation on Catalina Island - first in a Balboa 20, then a Yamaha 25 .  So "Solitude" seems very roomy.  Sailling back to SoCal (w/ a few of them) next summer.
#3384,Tangaroa, Barry Calhoun, St. Pete Beach, Florida, BarryDeanCalhoun@mac.com, xxxx, 1984, MarkI, SR, Shoal, 150%Genoa, Universal M25XPB, Standard.

#3392, Journey, Tom Hood Seabrook TX, thomashood@yahoo.com, 1984, Mark 1, SR, Fin, Main & 110, 130 Genoa, M25, 3 Blade Prop, Bimini.

#3396, Achilies Heel, J. Parks, Annapolis, MD, jparks1204@yahoo.com, 1984 Mark I, Std Rig Bowsprit new to the boat will update as i learn more about her.

#3401, Fantasea II, Lorne and Claudette Walker, Sidney, BC. 1984. Replaced wooden spreaders with aluminum. Members of IC30A Fleet 37. Cruising area
southern BC coast and Gulf Islands.

#3409, Quest, Bill Berner, Hastings on Hudson NY, BBerner@optonline.net,1983, Mark I, Tall rig BS, Fin Keel, UK FB Main, UK 135 Genoa Spinnaker, Universal M25, 2 Blade

 #3411, "Sprezzatura," is sailed from Santa Barbara by owners Peter Merkl and Michael O'Connell, frequently to our offshore Channel  Islands.  She originally sailed out of New Bern, N.C., but was brought to  California about five years ago.

#3413, Jolee Blon, Rita McMillan, Port Aransas, TX, ritafmcmillan@gmail.com, 1984 Tall, Fin Keel, furling genoa and roller furling main, 20hp Yanmar 3GMD

#3424, Wayward Sun, is sailed year round on beautiful Lake Ouachita www.lakeouachita.org, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Captain David (SandMan) Briscoe and my sweet wife Deborah. briscod@gmail.com. 1984, Mk 1, Std Rig, Fin, Folding Prop, ProFurl NC32, Red Bark Main, M25 Universal. Love this boat! Spend four days out of seven on board!

#3428, Pangaea, Ken and Mary Sluggett, Sidney, BC. 1984. Members of IC30A
Fleet 37 and Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. Cruising area southern BC
coast and Gulf Islands.

#3466, SCONSET ROSE, ???, Nantucket, MA, eltha12@hotmail.com, 1984, MI, TR

#3446?, Catatonic, Rick Johnson, Newport Beach, CA, rjohnson007@hotmail.com, 84, Mark I, SR, Fin, Full Battened Main,110%,135%,Cruising Spinnaker,M-25,2 blade, First sailboat and a great one to start with!  I'm the third owner and she couldn't be sweeter.

#3460, Cloud Chaser, Dennis and Ann, Alexandria, VA, wind_lass@yahoo.com, 1984, Mark I, Tall Rig, fin keel, 130% genoa and cruising spinnaker, Universal M25, 2 blade prop.

Our first boat and it's been a great experience thus far to learn on. Whether it's sailing on the Chesapeake Bay or doing work in the marina, it's a great opportunity to hone our skills.

#3461, Deja vu, Mark Hudson, Canyon Lake, Texas, mwh98@earthlink.net , http://home.earthlink.net/~mwh98/ , 1984, MarkI, TRBS, Fin Keel, 155 CDI Roller Furling, Universal M-18, Stock 2 Blade Prop,

#3463, Razmataz,1984 Mk1, Larry & Kathy Kliewer, Benicia, CA, ldk5@sbcglobal.net, Std Rig/Tabernacle, M25, 3 blade sailor prop. Main, loose foot, Jibs, 150, 135, 90. 

#3469, Quest, Dennis Fegan, Galveston TX, sdennisf@aol.com, 1983,MKI,SR,Fin,150%RF,M25,3Fixed,
Originally sailed in Maine, then CT and now TX, many thanks to Dick Dickens for all his help

#3482, Timeless (formerly Friendsship), Warwick RI, Adam Majkut, amajkut@comcast.net, 1984 MkI, Tall rig, Bowsprit, Fin keel, Universal M25, 2 Blade Fixed Prop. We are the 2nd owners and this is our second Catalina 30. First C30 was on Lake Winnipesaukee for 25 years. Timeless will be on Narragansett Bay cruising New England with the family.

#3499, Kyrie, The Odendahl Family, Broken Arrow OK, djodenda@comcast.net, 1984, Mark 1, SR, Fin, 150-135, M25, Blue Hull. Now moored at Everett, WA. 

#3513, Jim 'n I, Jim and Becky Atkinson, Cedar Hill, TX, jhabaa@comcast.net, 1984,  Mark 1, SR, SHOAL, RF, Universal 25, 3blade, We have just purchased this boat and are so happy.  We plan on doing some work including bottom work and just kicken back and enjoying.  this is our step up boat from our San Juan 21.

#3518, MADLEE, Rob & Tami McIntire, Deale,MD, rbmcintire@comcast.net, 1984, Mark I, Tall Rig Bowsprit , Fin, 150% genoa, M25, 2-blade fixed prop, Bilge plywood and compression post plywood support replaced per Catalina spec and supplemented with additional G-10 material, hull was stripped/dried/repaired, used five Interlux e2000 epoxy hull sealer coats under 3 coats of bottom paint ablative, new standing rigging, new mast wiring and nav light fixtures (USCG/ LED anchor light), new standing rigging, Webasto/FCF  watercooled reverse-cycle A/C and Heat, 12v refrigeration in icebox, Sunbrella dodger and bimini, new engine mounts, larger 3" heat exchanger/ new hoses, upgraded alternator mount, new raw water pump

#3532, Chels-A-Bella, Ron & Ann Marie DaSilva, Warwick RI, redasilva15@yahoo.com, 1984, SR, Fin Keel, Univ 25, 3 blade, upgraded from a 1984 H22

#3539 "Breaking Wind", Tim Olson, Polk City, Iowa - Saylorville Lake, IA, tim.olson@mchsi.com, 1984, Mark 1, Tall Rig, Bowsprit, Fin Keel, Sails - too numerous to mention, Universal 25 diesel, folding prop. Boat was brought in from Milwaukee, previously named "Mystified". "Breaking Wind" is now raced with the Saylorville Yacht Club and cruised around the lake in central Iowa.

#3542, SISTER, Randy Corbell, Port Orchard, Washington, corbellrd@wavecable.com; sister.poyc@gmail.com, 1984, Standard, Fin, Main and Jib, 135%, Diesel, Universal, 3 cylinder, R hand, bronze. Named for my dear sisters Rori and Kim who passed in 2001 and 2005.

#3546, "Morgan le Fay", Pat and Rosalind Shera, Sidney BC Canada, pshera@shaw.ca, http://www.boatandbillet.ca, 1984, TR/BS, fin keel, main (2000), spinnaker, 100% drifter, 160% and 140% genoas, 120% "blade", 100% working jib, storm jib (all 1984 or 1975-77), M25  3cyl fw diesel, 2 blade fixed prop. Dodger and lee cloths. PHRF-NW rating 188. Brought to Canada from King Harbour, Redondo Beach CA Dec. 1989, now extensively cruised and raced (avg. 20 long distance races per year) year 'round. Single-handed and crewed races, short course and overnight races in Gulf Islands Pacific NW, won Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club racing 'Boat of the Year' in 1999. Cruising area primarily Gulf and San Juan Islands to Desolation Sound - a great inshore cruiser for two people. Member C30 Fleet 37 Vancouver Island. Still tiller steered and teak varnished, all lines led aft, backstay tensioner moved, rigid vang, engine soundproofed; 10 kg Bruce anchor and 80 feet of chain backed by 150 feet of nylon makes her stay put.

#3547, Green Flash, Jim McCollum, San Diego, Jim28351@aol.com,1984, Mk1, std, fin, Ullman main &150genoa, folding.

#3552, Grace, Stephen & Beth Moll, Bellaire, Texas, smoll@gardere.com, 1984, Mark I, Tall Rig, Bowsprit, Fin Keel

#3554, Discovery, Chris Ward, Houston, TX, cward@rangeresources.com, , 1984,
Mark I, STD, Fin Keel, 110, 135, 155 & Spin, M25, Folding. A/C

#3566,Kent Mercer, Southampton, NY 11968, Kent2040@AOL.com,1 1984, TR,BS,Fin Keel, M-18, Main, 135 furling Genoa

#3571, Changes In Attitude, H W. "Bill" Smith, Lakeshore Marina, Watauga Lake, hwsmith11@comcast.net, crookedroadenterprises.com, 1984, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin, Main and 135% Genoa, Universal 25XT, two blade Prop, She is a Parrot Head's delight on the best sailing lake in Tennessee.

#3573, Positive Impact, Ken Kloeber; Lake Norman, NC, email WeekendRProducts@aol.com 1984, Mark I, TR/BS; Fin Keel, 150% North Sails RF Genoa; North Sails Main, Symmetrical Spinnaker flown with a Spinnaker Guy, Universal M25, 2-blade Michigan prop, Dodger, Bimini, and connecting awning, Home-made cockpit perch seats, cockpit table, Formerly sailed Lake Erie out of Buffalo NY Small Boat Harbor Marina, Currently sailing out of All Seasons Marina on Lake Norman.

#3578 SEESHORE, Roger Shore sailing out of Alameda, CA email B91585@aol.com. 1984 MkI SR. Now has a retired racing main with roller furler and two jib halyards.  Spinnaker rigged.  Universal M25 with 13"x10" 3 blade prop.  New dodger and bimini.

#3590, Mighty Ruach 2, Howard B. Iwrey, Harrison Twp., MI, hiwrey@dykema.com, 1985 Mark I TR, Fin. , Universal M25.   We sail out of the North Star Sail Club on Anchor Bay, Lake St. Clair. 

#3597, Wizard, Joe & Maddy Eyermann, Mt. Sinai LI NY, jleyermann@optimum.net, 1984, Mark I, Tall Rig, Bowsprit, Fin Keel, Main, 135 RF Genoa, Cr Spinn, M25, 2 Blade fixed, MSSA member.

#3600, Four Moons, Jack Finger & Bob Milosch, Cedar Grove, Ellison Bay, WI, jdfinger@dcwiscom, 1984, SR, Fin, Main/roller furled150 Genoa, Universal 25, 2 Blade prop, dodger, autopilot, GPS, VHF, and stereo/ CD player.
We sail the wonderful waters of Green Bay, off the tip of the Door County Peninsula in Wisconsin and explore the many islands, marinas and communities within a 30 mile radius.

#3609, Coram Deo, Hank Whitmore, Venice, Florida, , hank7772@comcast.net, 1984, Mark I, STD, Fin Keel, Battened main and 150 Genoa, Universal M-18, 2 blade fixed 13X12. GPS, Loran, autopilot, ss. New to cruising.

#3612, "Airborne" New York, NY, Jim McCormack, Hampton, VA., jimmccormack@juno.com, 1984, Mark I, TRBS, Fin, Main, 135% roller, furling, M25 diesel, 2 blade.  
The boat was named after W.F. Buckley's novel, Airborne.  Owned since 1987, and has been cruised over 6000 NM mostly with local C-30 Fleet.  Most upgrades done by owner.  A wonderful boat for the Chesapeake Bay.

#3616, Alacer (Latin - "energetic, joyful and lively"), David Shannon, Quincy, MA, dshannon13@gmail.com, 1984, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin Keel, RF, M25, 3 blade,
tan hull w/Burgundy trim - my third Catalina, 2nd C30 (1st C30 was "Solace" #0712).

#3619, Delta G, Ronald Waclawik, Watkins Glen, NY, Waclawik@ptd.net, 1984 Mark I, SR, Fin, 150% genoa, loose foot main, cruising spinnaker, drifter, M25, 2 blade, Raymarine autohelm, Garmin chartplotter, TackTick wind instruments on NavPod, DCI , Manufacturer-recommended mods completed, and  lots of interior creature comfort mods done by myself, including drop leaf settee table, all LED lighting, A/C,  on-demand hot water heater,  galley shelf above sinks. Refrigeration.   I think we are the third owners....   Stepped up from a Newport 27 in 2012.   We love the C30's space.  Confined to Seneca Lake, but we are planning to unstep the mast, and get thru the Erie Canal System, and eventually up into Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands.

#3623, Meander, Tom Chrien, San Pedro, CA, tchrien@mac.com, 1984, Mark 1, Standard Rig, Fin Keel, M25, 3 blade fixed prop, white hull with brown trim, and Sunbrella Toast Canvas, Dodger, roller furler genoa,  Tiller, Poliglow shine, Second owner of this boat.

#3631,Talisman,Gerry & Dena Davies,Maderia Beach FL, gdavies1@tampabay.rr.com, 1984,Mark I,TRBS,Fin,Catalina main & 130 Genoa & Banks Asym Chute,M 25,std 2 blade,
Based Johns Pass, FL -sailed to Dry Tortugas 2001, set up for single handing and anchoring out at weekends -this helped by Navico WP5000 autopilot, 2vetus water tanks giving 100 gal water & 4 6v batteries in house bank. Avon Redcrest dingy fits neatly in rear lazarette,3.3 Mercury lowered by crane built into full length bimini

#3636, "Fox Two", Robert Chandler, Dana Point CA, Foxtwo@aol.com, 1984 SRF, 150 RF, 100 working jib (SF Bay sail), Universal 5411, two blade fixed prop.
Formerly "Flying Bryan"   Purchased in 1992 and sailed out of Dana Point; moved to Chesapeake/Potomac for several years; moved to San Francisco Bay for several years (Sausalito); sailed her back down to Southern California this past year.  Great boat that will probably stay in the family for many years.

#3641, Stephanie, Bill James and Linda Lovlie, Sidney, BC. 1984. Previously
owned by Pat Stephens, IC30A Fleet 37 Fleet Captain. Members of Fleet 37.
Cruising area southern BC coast and Gulf Islands.

#3644, "Goonie", Ben Traynham, Southport, NC, 84, Mark I, SR,Fin, 150 roller Furling, M25, 3 Blade.

#3648, Wailing Soul owner: Chip Gregg, Fairhope, AL, chipgregg@cs.com, 1985 Mk 1  S/R, shoal draft, 150% R/F, Universal 25, 2 blade prop. 
I am the second owner and a full time live aboard. I cruise from Mobile Bay, AL to Panama City, FL.

#3658,"First Luff", Marge & Frank Lipsky, East Rockaway, NY,FLipsky@aol.com,1984 TR, BS, Fin Keel,150 cruising design furler, Universal 25,2-blade prop, Had the boat since new! Pedestal dinette. Added AC and refrigeration. Great boat!

#3688, Ruby, Bill & Andrea Scanlon, Winthrop MS Yacht Club, Cat30Fleet12@altavista.com, BillnAndi@aol.com, http://www.members.sailnet.com/personal_page/index.cfm?memberid=7894, 1984 , MkI, SR, Fin, main, 130% RF, spinnaker (cr), M25, 2 blade

#3691, Penny Ann, Fred Thompson, St. Pete Beach, Fl, Fthomp@tampabay.rr.com, 1984, Mk 1, TRBS, fin, 155 Genesis--135 --90 lapper--spinnaker--asymmetrical, M25, 2 blade fixed, Purchased from original owners in Clearwater who called her Trinity. They had boat commissioned in California.  They sailed her in Chesapeake.  Renamed to "Penny Ann" for my deceased wife who loved to sail.  Boat basically refitted from top to bottom.  Boat used for cruising and racing on West (best) coast of Florida.

#3698,AU NATUREL, Perkins, Everett WA, ALIGNMKTG@msn.com, 1984, std rig, fin keel, main & furler, Universal 5411,2 blade...durable ,stable & roomy family cruiser !

#3705, Artsea, Brian Kemkes, Bainbridge Island, WA, briankemkes@gmail.com, 1984, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin, Lee Sails, New M3-20B Universal, 2 blade

#3715, Serenity, Bob Mueller, South Shore Yacht Club, Milwaukee, bobmueller123@aol.com, 1984,Tall rig, fin keel, third owner as of 1999, in addition to cruising, has been converted to a yacht club live aboard, still loving her after all these years, Also owned a 25 for racing in FL and now looking for a 36 for FL cruising (Winter Wind)

#3717, Navigator , Robert M Wagner , New Bern, NC , mrwagner@embarqmail.com,  ,1984, MK I, TRBS, fin keel, North sails (full batten main + Dutchman), Universal diesel,

#3721, Tranquility, Jan and Bill Crosby, Mystic CT, t27boat@aol.com, 1984, Mark I, Std rig, Fin, 155, cruising chute, main, M25, Gori 2 blade folder.  
2002 is our second year with this boat. Great day sailor and occasional overnighter with the grandchildren.

#3730, ILEAN2, Clyde Thorington, San Jose Ca, Cthoring@aol.com, 1984, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, RF, M25, Sgl blade. 
Bought boat in Ventura, CA trucked up to Stockton, CA rerigged currently in Delta for complete going over.  Will eventually move to San Francisco Bay.  Great boat. Have added
autohelm, replaced lot of stuff.

#3732, Abigail, Brandon & Carryn Wyrick, The Woodlands, TX, bwyrick@houston.rr.com, 1984, Mk1, SR, Fin, Orig sails (batten w/ 2reefs, main, 135% RFGen), M25 recently rewired, 16k btu MarineAir, A-B Coldmachine reefer. Wow, what a great first sailboat! Bought Dec03 (after obsessing for 2 years about sailing) and named after our Bishon. Sailing Clear Lake/Galveston Bay. Is in great shape but I can't help tinkering on cleaning and upgrade projects. Rewired engine and e-panel to replace substandard add-ons (constructed a wiring diagram in Visio/Powerpoint for anyone interested). Remounted alternator due to rusted bolt in exhaust manifold. Replacing all cooling lines and reconditioning heat exchanger (check your zinc!!, marinedieseldirect.com/universal is a great resource). Need to find a fuel supply setup for 3brnr Kenyon stove-oven or propane conversion plans. Replacing all water supply lines and installed accumulator and filters. Adding 1000CCA starting battery. Getting quotes on new cushions (also drew a cushion diagram with dimensions). Also looking at building a cabinet/rack behind the dining table and a small cocktail table in place when big table is stored (ideas from the Island Packets). Couldn't be more thrilled with the C30 and the great family of Catalina owners. We look forward to spending quality time on her learning to sail. See you out there!

#3741, Serena, , Sausalito California, , ,1984, Mark I, SR, ?, Cruising spinnaker, M25, 2-blade, Love to cruise the bay,  works well in all kinds of conditions.

#3752, CLOUD 9, Larry & Kathy Baldwin, San Diego, Shelter Island, larbear61@hotmail.com, 1984, MKII. We have enjoyed being on our ‘CLOUD 9’ for many many years now. It has the fortune of many upgrades done by Jerry Douglas when he was the owner as ‘MARLEY’S GHOST II’

#3761, Seawitch, Paul & Carolyn Forsberg, Pocasset, MA (Cape Cod), foggy@capecodinternet.com 1984 Mk I, SR, Fin, Main, 135 RF, M25 2 blade
My wife and I are new to sailing, however we have always had power boats. We bought her at an auction this past Halloween "2000" and gave her a fitting name "Seawitch". This past summer has been a total success. We learned to sail with help from a neighbor who is a seasoned sailor. We picked up sailing quicker than I imagined. My wife is a natural helmsman, giving me time to relax and tend to the sails. Member IC30A fleet #12.

#3769, Ms. Cheeky, Owned by the Hammons Family, Redondo Beach, CA, E-mail Address: wallykitti@netzero.com, 1984 Mark I, TR, Fin Keel, furled 150% Genoa, 100% jib, M25 Universal, Martec 2 blade feathering prop, Edson Wheel steering.  Upgrades include: New bottom paint – 4/2005; New Catalina UV protected rub rail installed (October 2005); Interior teak completely re-varnished in high gloss in September 2005; Exterior teak completely re-varnished in high gloss in September 2005; New teak interior lighting installed September 2005; New tan (neutral) sunbrella interior cushions (October 2005); New interior curtains and tracks from Catalina Direct installed October 2005; New Garhauer deck organizers installed October 2005; New Zocor Stern Pulpit “perch” seats installed (September 2005); New Guest 15 amp 3 bank battery charger with 3 bank volt meter installed October 2005; 2 new Westmarine deep cycle house batteries & 1 new dedicated starter battery (installed October 2005); 750 watt Sea Volt Power Inverter installed October 2005; VHF radio; 3 poly fresh water tanks (64 Gallons total); 18 Gallon Aluminum diesel gas tank; 30 gallon poly holding tank w/extra large macerator pump & tank monitoring system; coming city water hook-up – city pressure water inlet; Manual and electric bilge pumps all over the boat; Dodger, Bimini Top, and other canvas work.  This is a great boat – safe, fun, and extremely dependable.

#3771, Alena, Richard & Jannie Daley, Bronte Harbour, Oakville , Ontario, Canada, rdaley3@cogeco.ca, 1984, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin, Main, 150 roller furling , spinnaker,M25, 2blade fixed. We purchased her July, 2002 and we are the second owner. We are cruisers and enjoy every moment we can on the boat.

#3812, Getaway, Dave and Margi Lillingston, Sidney, BC. 1984. Members of IC30A Fleet 37 and Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. Cruising area southern BC coast and Gulf Islands.

#3816, Christa, Robert Helvik, rwhelvik@dishmail.net, Bellingham, WA, Mark I, TRBS, M25, Original owner

#3428, Pangaea, Raymond and Mary Roy,  Campbell River, BC,  RMCTLT@hotmail.ca,  1984, Mark I, Std Rig,  Beta 20,  3 blade 13RH12,

#3856, Shenanigans, Jeff and Caprice West, Rockhold Creek Marina, Deale, MD,1985, MKI  TR, BS, Fin, jcw@cjecwest.com, www.cjecwest.com 

#3862, “Patience”.  Ron and Janice Wasik , Delta, British Columbia, Canada.  rwasik@telus.net., Our trip to Alaska in 2014 was written up in the Mainsheet magazine in 2015.  Patience is moored at the Point Roberts Marina in Point Roberts, Washington.  Patience has been extensively upgraded.  Glad to connect and chat.  

#3881, Airborne, New Owner?, HarrisvilleMI, email,1985 Mark I, TRBS, shoal 155%RF, M25, 3 blade 13x13

#3889, Sea Shells, Chris Allen, Newport Beach, Chris.Allen@twbi.com,1985, Std Rig, Fin, Diesel,  3 Bladed. Getting boat ready to cruise Mexico and central America.

#3890; Sounion; Will & Martha Moran; Lake George, NY; moranwg@ymail.com; 1985 Mark 1; Standard Rig; Shoal Keel; Main w/ Dutchman system; roller furling 150; M25; 2-blade prop; 3rd Owner. Original owner were my parents, who introduced the family to sailing on a new Catalina 27 from '76 - '84.  2nd owner my brother and his wife.  Sounion sailed Lake George for her first 20 years, then coastal Maine for the last 6.  Strong boat - and loaded with memories!

#3901, One Day,  Sold , Sidney BC Canada,  , 1984, std rig, fin, furling, 21 hp universal, 2 bladed fixed 

#3917, Island Time, Darrell Tierney & Lisa Gardner, Lenexa KS, DTierney@Windwardfp.com, 1984, Mk I, SR, Fin, 110 RF Main, Universal 25, 2 blade, We bought her in October 2001, we have owned a C 22 for 20 years. Nice to move up.

#3927, Hub's Tub , , Niceville FL, hurlburtfj1@cox.net, Shoal, Tall Rig , Main Mast furler, Great! Sail out of Niceville Florida, Choctawhatchee Bay

#3931, "Remedy", Barry Kabello, Flower Mound, TX (Grapevine Lake - Twin Coves Marina), bkabello@yahoo.com, 1985, Mark 1, tall rig with bow sprit, fin keel, furled 150% Genoa, Universal M25, 2 blade.  Beautiful teak and holly floor.  Original name was "Extraordinary Remedy" out of Atlanta, GA.

#3936, Elbow Room, Elbow Room Partnership,Hammand Indiana, jackjmn@yahoo.com, N/A, 1984, Mark II, TR, Shoal, Sails, Universal 14hp, 2, Chicago area

#3937, Odessa, Douglas Schrank, Canastota N.Y., trboporsch@aol.com, 1985, Mark 1, SR, Shoal, Main, 135 roller, M25, 2 blade fixed

#3940, E2, Eric and Elise Fee, Hampton, VA, USA, eric.feemd@rivhs.com, 1985, TR, BS, Fin, Furling Headsail, Universal 23 HP, 2 Blade Prop, 
We purchased her in January 2001 from a nearby marina.  Sailing the Chesapeake Bay is joy with our Catalina 30.

#3969, Eudaimonia, Tim Strabbing, Annapolis, MD, timstrabbing@yahoo.com, 1985, Mark I, TR/BS, Fin, Main, 150% Roller Furling, M25. Cruising area: Chesapeake Bay and beyond!

#3970, Proud Mary, Steve Wykes, Greenville OH, smwykes@msn.com, 1985, Tall Rig Bowsprit, Keel Fin, Sails North Main 2003 and custom genoa 2013, Engine M25, Prop Martec folding 2 blade, upgraded interior and electronics, sailing area Lake St Clair.

#3973, Seraphim, Chris Shaw, Green Bay WI, cshaw@new.rr.com, www.windjammerssailingclub.com, 1985, Mark I, Std Rig (SR), Shoal draft, CDI Roller Furling & Loose Footed Main, Universal M25, 2 Blade Prop, Original grey traditional interior in great shape with functioning chiller.  Upgraded to Garhauer traveler, blocks, solid vang, and deck organizers. Full cockpit enclosure.  Cruising all of Green Bay and much of Lake Michigan.

#3983, Free Spirit, Ray and Kim Heath, Holden Beach NC, rayhheath@yahoo.com, 1985, Mark I, TR, BS, Wing, 120 Genoa Roller Furling and Doyle Stackpack, M25, 3 Blade, Purchased boat in New Bern, NC Dec. 2012. Added HVAC. My HIN is 3983 but the sail number is 3989 for some reason. Cruising out of Little River, SC (Myrtle Beach). Plan on painting the hull next year with Awlgrip and replacing the old butcher block countertop.

#3985, Boat Name (undecided), Owner Philip Skinner, Redondo Beach, CA, Philip2Skinner@gmail.com, MFR year 1985, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Mainsail, 150 roller furler, Gennaker, Engine Universal Diesel M25, 2 blade Prop,

#3987, Serenity, Doug Thomas, Edgemere, MD, dthomas@ccgfacilities.com, 1985, Mark ?, TR, Fin, Main, RFG 135, M25, 13X12

#3989, As It Lies, Jim Kettering, Deale, MD, jim_ket@hotmail.com, 1985 TRBS, fin
3rd owner. Purchased in Hampton, VA November 1999 after my move to DC from
New Orleans.  Moved the boat up the Bay to Deale, MD.

#3991, Dara J, Charles Blaty, St. Clair Shores Michigan, cblaty@twmi.rr.com,,1985,Mark I, TR, BS, Fin, 155Jib, M25, Martec Folding

#3999, Get My Drift, Harry Kelso, Galveston, Texas, harbkelso@comcast.net, 1984, Std Rig, Shoal Keel,  Standard main with 100% roller furling jib, M-25, 2 blade prop.  Have added A/C, auto pilot. Purchased from original owner in 1994. Survived Hurricane Ike 2008, without a scratch. Sailing Galveston Bay and Gulf of Mexico.