C 30 OWNERS LISTING...2000...(new)

#2004, Ron Rabine, North Star Sail Club Harrison Twp. Mi., rlrabine@voyager.net, 1980,Mark 1,TR/BS, Fin, 100%-125%-155%-Spin, 5411 Universal 11 hp, Folding prop.
Lived aboard for 4 years (even winter) much Double handed racing and cruising use.

#2019, Flying Wasp, Northport NY, Nvol@optonline.net, 1980, Mark 1, TR, Fin Keel, 150 Dacron, 150 Mylar, 110 Working Jib, Mainsail, Atomic 4.

#2032, Fruition, Mark Conely, Caseville, MI, conelym@gmail.com, Web Address none, 1980, Mark I, Tall Rig Bowsprit ( TR), Keel (stnd 5' 3" draft), std dbi rf main roller for head sale, westerbeak 2 cyl., 3 blade, flag blue top sides black bottom red strping and white deck.  Boat is under going a runnining refit summer 2015 and 16 while more extensive refitting durring the winters of both years.  Boat was n sad shape when purchased.  Have rebedded windows and have to figure out howxto stop leaking anchor locker to make boat dry.  Running rigging will be replaced this winter along with bottom paint and all thru hulls non functioning removed and electrical stripped and re run.  Next year we will rebed everything paint decks, topside and cabins.  Finalely will be painting the mast  the third winter.  Wish us luck as we are refinishing a little cal 20 too.  These are our first boats ever but we have done our homework and hopefully can do them proud.

#2035: JoyRide; Jeff and Brenda Strane; Lake Lanier, Georgia;  jstrane22@gmail.com ; 1980 Mark I; Tall Rig; Fin Keel;  Racing North Main, 155% North Norlam Racing Genoa,  Bullet Proof 110% North Genoa; 11hp Atomic Universal Diesel; Folding Martec Prop...Bought in July of 2012…Our first keelboat and we’re completely hooked.  Previous owners sorted all the systems and installed all the best upgrades including 12,000 btu reverse cycle Heat and Air.

#2038  Fly Away.  Jeff & Elise Hazzard and Sidney Roberts & Margaret Macklin (a sailing syndicate!).  Tierra Verde (St. Pete) Florida.  AT4 engine, TR, fin, "off Chassis" refit in 1999 with all new plumbing, wiring, hydraulics, barrier coat bottom, pumps, Autohelm, electronics, AC, tanks, etc.  We are 4th owners.  First owners had her on a lake in OK for 20 years.  Next two owners refit boat and then sold to us.  Great boat with appreciated sea-kindly motion for its dimensions.  New sails in offing.  Plan to cruise this boat until we buy the last boat in 10 to 15 years or so.

#2053, Reflections, David Bilton, BPYC Toronto ON Canada, davidbilton@bell.net,1981, Mark I, Std Rig, custom fin/bulb 4'6" keel, full-batten main & furling 155 jib, Universal 11 HP diesel,3-blade prop, boat is heavily modified for comfortable cruising.

#2058,  Niska, Gary & Rita Simmons, Caseville, Michigan - Huron Yacht Club, niska30@tir.com, 1981 SR Fin Storm Jib, 110 Working Jib, 155 RF, Asymmetrical Chute, Main Sail, Atomic 4, Martec Folding 12" RH 6" pitch Third Owners.  Original name was Niska then renamed Robbins Nest by the second owner.  We renamed the boat Niska after a robins nest, with three eggs, fell out of the mast when we stepped the mast the spring of the first year we owned her.

#2065, Arietta, Doug Purdy, Wilsboro Bay Lake Champlain, dougpurdy@att.net, http://home.att.net/~arietta/, 1981, Mark I, SR, Fin, Main/165% jib, 5411, 2 blade, See my web site_ more coming on boat and a Lake Champlain All Catalina Association.

#2072  "Natural High" , Frank Hernandez Miami, Florida fdhernandez@comcast.net 1981 Mark I  SR , Shoal deep water keel, sails main , jib, 30 HP Wiesterbeak diesel, three blade prop. Purchased in 2001,  Sailed her very little until now. New time schedule allows for bay and some off shore sailing more. She sails like a dream. updates to follow...

#2078, Surf Cruise, Bryan & Jennifer Peterson / Eric & Tonia Lans, Muskegon MI, bpeterson@foggfiller.com, 1981, std rig, diesel,

#2081, Nauti Nan, Scott Lagerquist, San Diego CA., lgrqst@aol.com, 1981 Mark I, TR, Shoal, Main and 135% Genoa, Universal M3-20B Diesel,  2 blade prop, Sail between San Diego Bay, Catalina Island, and Ensenada Mexico.  I race with the Navy Yacht Club in San Diego CA.

#2084,Caprice,Goode,Middle River MD, kgoode23@comcast.net ,,1981,Mark I,TR,Fin,,U.A.4

#2122, Cool Change, Doug and Toni Pratt, Bay City Yacht Club Bay City Michigan, drpratt2910@aol.com, 1981, Mark I, SR BS, Shoal, UK 150 Genoa, Gennaker, fully batted main, 11 HP Universal, 3 Blade Prop, Refrigerator, Propane, Water Heater, Autohelm, full cockpit canvas. Third owner. Love the boat after owning a Catalina 22 for twenty years. Named after the song.

#2143, Heretic, Charles Eckman, Hampton, VA, Only1jeep4me@yahoo.com, 1981, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Mainsail and 135% Genoa, Universal 11HP, 2-blade prop, wheel steering, Garmin GPS, VHS, chart plotter, radar, and autohelm.  I purchased Heretic from J. Saria on 26 Jun 13 and have yet to settle on the appropriate name for her.  I am trying to put together her history of owners/names and would appreciate emails from anyone with information or anecdotes to share.  Previous names include:  Sea Parrot, Pookah, Georgie’s Girl, Respite, The Last Dance, MysTeak Lady and possibly Lady O.

#2154, Running Late, Chris and Lisa O'Brien, Lafayette Hill PA (Riverton Yacht Club), omitzvah1@aol.com, 1981, Mark I TRBS,shoal keel,Universal 11hp. Bought in 2005-3rd owners now experiencing the joys of rebuilding and refurbishing a great cruising boat for Delaware River and Chesapeake Bay.

#2162, Aerowin, Juan Manigault, South Bend, IN, jam200@ameritech.net, 1981, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin, Main, 135% Genoa, A-4, 2-blade Prop, Third owner of a great boat that handles well in the wind.  Moored at Muskegon Yacht Club.  Named her Aerowin for her lightness and speed.

#2175, Catharine Kate and John King, Ocean City NJ, seaair1@hotmail.com, 1981 MKII Std Rig Fin 25hp Universal fixed prop
We are the third owners.  The boat was brought up from Norfolk a year ago last November. Previous owners were great caretakers and she is in great shape.

#2179,Second Chance, Steve Smiley, SSYC Milwaukee, smileysj11@yahoo.com, 1981, Mark l, TR, Fin, Furling 155% Spinnaker, Atomic 4, Folding, Great Boat for Lake Michigan and social racing.

#2188, Just Breathe (formally Bay Breeze), Lynnwood & Susan Bosch, Bay St. Louis, MS, Lynnwood Bosch <lynnwood.bosch@icloud.com>, 1982, Mark I,Std Rig, Shoal, 155% Genoa, 11HP Universal, 2 blade prop, We purchased her in September of 2015.  We renamed her in honor of a good friend who wrote a song about our hometown titled Just Breathe.  We plan on hauling her out next fall and make upgrades to her.

#2196; Sea Rose; Harlan, Andrew and Patrick Van Wye; Berkeley, California; Coronado34@aol.com; 1981; Mark I; SR; Fin; North mainsail and 110 &155 headsails; Atomic 4; 2 blade prop; Berthed at Berkeley Yacht Club’s “O” Dock.

#2231,Sunshine,M. Hilker,Shelburne-Lake Champlain,mhilker@music-contact.com,1981,Mark1,TRBS,FIN,Ullmann and North,A4,2 blade,

#2237, Salubrious, Rick & Judy Steer, Edgewater MD, rasteer@verizon.net,1981, Mark I, SR, Fin, Main & Genoa & Gennaker, Atomic 4, 2 Blade

#2239,4- Pete's Sake, Grosse Ile, MI, Fred Krabach, fkrabach@gmail.com, 1981 TR, BS, Fin Keel, Roller Furling 150%, Full Batten Main, Storm Jib all Dacron, Asym Cruising Spin and Sym. Spin. A4, Fixed 2 Blade. 

#2267, Chocolate Chip, Bob Hamilton, Pasadena MD, bobha@asg.com, www.goldenageboats.com, 1981, Mark I, Std Rig (SR), Shoal keel, Assorted sails, Westerbeke 20B Two, 3 blade prop, Solid boat, re-powered in 2003, new sails in 2016, Generator cruising code zero type sail in 2017 and long list of upgrades to come!

#2281, Amity, Mike Turner and Pamela Caudill, Long Beach, CA, MTurner318@aol.com, 1981, Mark I, SR, Fin, Main & 110% roller furled jib, BMW D-12 diesel, standard prop. Purchased 2001.  Factory indicates boat was  originally sold to East Coast owner; unknown when she migrated back to the  West Coast.  Prior owner had several years in  San Francisco area.  Mast,  standing/running rigging and sails replaced in early 80's after dismasting on  San Francisco Bay.  Repowered with BMW 12HP, 1-cylinder diesel (date unknown)  from original Universal diesel.  Amity was in great shape when purchased and  has required only minor upkeep since -- a wonderful sailboat!

#2290, Location, Marc Hamilton, Sodus Bay, NY, seamarc@aol.com, www.hamiltonav.com, 1981, Mark I, SR, Fin, Sails, 11 hp , std prop, Second owner of boat kept in same slip since new. Boat reported to have had some sabotage when built, ie; caulk injected 12" into alcohol line to stove, wiring shorts etc. Everything today is in great shape added inverter/charges system and swim platform this year.

#2291, Bill's Michael-een, Bill & Mickie Thompson, Burnham Harbor Chicago, billcat30tr@sbcglobal.net,, 1981, Mark I, TRBS, Fin, North Main & 150 Roller Genoa, Atomic 4, 3 blade Fixed, Purchased boat in November 2002 in Traverse City Mi.  Member of Fleet 21 Chicago

#2298, Le zéphyr, Alain Desrosiers, Ste-Anne-des-monts, Quebec, Canada, 1981 mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, 5411, 2 blade prop, She sail in Gulf St-lawrence and Chaleur Bay. She's in good shape and she love cold salt water.

#2299, Homebrewed (was About Time),  Bob & Ron Henderson, Clinton River Harrison Township, armadabob@yahoo.com, 1981, Mark I, Std Rig, Bowsprit, Fin Keel, North Sails with Spinnaker, Universal 5411 Diesel, 2 Bladed Prop, Standard dinette & Yacht Specialties Steering Pedestal.  We just purchased on the hard, February 2012 at a Lake Erie Michigan Marina, we think we are the second or third owners.  She was always sailed in fresh water.  She has been on the hard for at least 4 years and has developed several topside leaks which we have since fixed.  We have rewired her and added a dedicated 3rd starting battery for the diesel, & changed all lamps to LED’s.   Several updates & upgrades are being installed. We just recently moved up from our 1979 Catalina 25 swing keel.  We plan on adding a homebrewed multi-keg tapping system to the boat this summer!!

#2318, Sweet Haven, Chris Bacigalupo and Patrice Bradley, Duluth, MN, cbacigalupo@gmail.com, 1981, TR, BS, Fin Keel, North Main, 150 Furling Genoa and Spinnaker, 30hp Atomic 4, Martec Folding Prop

#2326, Hawkeye, Donald & Gabriel Jaquish, Van Slooten Harbour Marina, gabrieljaquish@gmail.com, gabrieljaquish.com/Cat30, 1982, Mark I, TR BS, Fin Keel, Universal 5411 S/N 301741, 2 Blade Solid Prop, Beautiful Lake Champlain Native Freshwater Cruiser 3rd owner

#2345, Wild Onion, Kevin & Jeni Riley and Garrick, Stavrovich, Chicago, IL, KevinJRiley@Yahoo.com, 1981, Mark I, TRBS, Fin Keel, 155/100 RF & Main, Universal 5411, 3 blade prop

#2347, OneONine, Norman Edman, Atlantic City, NJ, nedman@rcn.com, 1981, MarkI, TRBS, Shoal, main, 110Jib, M3-20B. sail out in Altanic Ocean.

#2373, Le Reve, Jeff MacDonald, Apollo Beach FL, jeffm@americancountertop.com, 1981, Mark I, TR, Fin, Yanmar 3YM20, Folding, Acquired from a great person

#2386, RUM RUNNER, Paul Reid, Muskegon, MI, preid5046@yahoo.com, 1981, TR, Fin, RF/Main, 5411, 3 blade, bought summer 2007, primarily a Lake Michigan cruiser.

#2418, Snap Dragon, Brian & Kristin Frohn, Fairhaven MA, bfrohn@lewtan.com, 1981, Fin Keel, 5411

#2442, JERICA, George and Mary Giggey, Kennebunkport, ME, GiggeyMG@aol.com, 1982, Standard Rig, Fin, 150 % Neil Pryde Genoa and Mainsail, Original Universal 5411 Diesel and 2 Blade Prop. We have owned JERICA since 1996 and believe that we are the third owners. Purchased in MA but we have always Summered with it at the Yachtsman in K'Port. Important additions since we owned JERICA are Hood Roller Furling, Maptech System, and Autohelm Autopilot.Can easily be sailed single-handed with this setup. Great Customer Service from Catalina and technical support from Mainsheet and Local CANE Chapter. 

#2429,Serenity, Dave Ash, Sarasota, Fl, dash2@tampabay.rr.com, 1982, Mark I, SR, fin, standard, 11hp Universal diesel. Love this boat! Very stable, roomy, and comfortable. The 11 hp diesel is a bit small.

#2439, Sundance, Bill Bischoff owner, Channel Islands Harbor, CA, bill.bischoff@culvercity.org, 1981 Mk1 STD rig, fin keel, Universal 5411, two-blade prop, purchased 6/08.  Many projects, loving the boat!

#2444,Coquina, Paul&Brenda Mulrooney, Chester, N.S.,Can., hawthorn@bwr.eastlink.ca, 1982,Mk.1, tall rig, fin, Yanmar 20hp., flag blue plus several upgrades. We might be the 4th owner's.

#2450, Bay's Lady,  John and Susan Bonner, Norfolk, Va. johnbonner31@cox.net   1982, tr, fin, bs,  furl jib 90%, beta 722, 3 blade prop.  love the boat, perfect for sailing the Chesapeake Bay. 3rd Owner.

#2457, Banana Wind, Kim & Mehrnaz Arnall, Lake Ouachita, Royal, Arkansas,
1982, Mark I, TRBS, Fin, Main 135 100, Universal Diesel 5411, 2 Blade

#2467,Earendil,Richard and Armeda Holmes, Lake Tenkiller, OK,armeda@ipa.net, 1982, TR, shoal, main,135,150,spin., 5411,2 blade

#2473,Take Five, Dustin J. Dente, Oyster Bay, NY 11576, djdesq71@optonline.net, 1982, TR, Fin, Main 95 & 150 roller furled jib, never used 95, 20B2 Westerbeke 20B, 3 blade prop 13x8,

#2480, Rescuer 4, Jimmie and Carol King, Milwaukee WI, jimmienking@icloud.com,  no Web Address, 1982, Mark I, Fin, furling jib, Atomic 4, unknown Prop, sailing out of McKinley Marina, Milwaukee, since 2013

#2502, America, W.R.Jeanes, Islip, NY, agsurfer4life@hotmail.com, 1982, TR, Fin, Genoa/Main, Atomic 4,. Newly acquired and renamed. Fantastic 3 day maiden voyage with my two sons from Mattituck, bet. "Forks" around Montauk Pt. to Islip on Great South Bay.  Sound yacht, seems like great support, glad to be aboard!

#2516, Double Dutch, Panama City, FL, catalina301982@hotmail.com, 1982, Mark I, SR, Shoal, Main, (2) 135 RF, Cruising Spinnaker, Universal 18 HP (new in 1993), 2 blade
Double Dutch was her name when we purchased her in October 2001 and we kept it. She was named by the previous owner who was born in Holland. She is a sound boat and will have lots of upgrades by the time we are done with her. We already added Harken 2 speed self-tailers to her as well as a C-Charger and a 1500 Watt inverter.

#2518, Georgina, John H. Callahan, Grapevine, Texas, John1@CallahanUSA.com, 1982, Mark I, SR, Fin, Atomic 4.  I’m the fifth owner (first two in California, last three here in Texas.)  My first sailboat (other than dingy) and she’s been very good to me.  Dry, reliable, forgiving, reasonable maintenance burden.  She longs to return to blue water.  Maybe someday.

#2522, Razors Edge II, Cape Sante Anacortes WA, Steve Perea, esellscom@gmail.com, www.esells.com, 1981, Mark I, std rig fin keel, need replacing, Univ Diesel, std, Had a 1989 built wish I remembered the SN was in Marina Del Rey CA.

#2530, Elleni, Ryan Dixon, Coyote Point Marina, California, rmatthieudixon@gmail.com, 1982, Mark 1, SR, Fin, Main and 110 jib, 3GM30F Yanmar, 3 blade prop, This is my first boat and i have been extremely happy with it's versatility. 

#2531, Osprey, Rob Chamblee, Guntersville AL, rchamblee@charter.net, 1982, Mark II,  TRBS, Fin, 150 Genoa, Universal MD 24 4 Cyl. , 2 blade, Consistently faster than calculated hull speed.

#2536, Carinosa, Mike+ Monica Oliver / Steve + Ceci Myles, Marina Del Rey, 1982, Universal 25. Emerald Bay - Catalina Island. smyles@chw.edu 'Drinks being served' Stop by.

#2541, Frisky Business, na, Pasadena, MD, , 1982, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin,  Main &140 RF, Universal M3-20, 3 blade

#2547, Catalyst ,  ,  , , 1982, Mark I, Tall  Rig, Bowsprit TR, BS, Fin, full batten main, 110, 135, 155, storm jib, Universal 5411 Diesel, Gory folding two blade prop. Catalyst is a comfortable boat we enjoy as our first boat, raising eye brows of our friends and the folks on the race course as we sail over or under them. Tough boat to replace when we decide to move up!

#2548,Dreamer,Neil Flynn, Ft. Lauderdale, neilflyn@hotmail.com ,,1982,1,SR,Fin,

#2566, Naive Melody, Ursula & Stan O'Marra, Huntington NY, somarra@optonline.net,,1982, Mark I, TRBS, Fin Keel, Dacron Main & 135RF,Universal 5411,2 Blade Flex-O-Fold prop, We purchased Winch Wench from Tony Toskas in 2005.  She was well maintained and the family is enjoying learning to sail on her.

#2598,Samantha, Arny Eisenberg, Alameda CA, eisenberg31@attbi.com, 1982,1,SR,fin,2 mains 3 jibs spinnaker,  5411, 13 x 10,  She is in really good shape and I am busy with upgrades. Replaced fuel tank and lines, in process of installing new Type A engine panel in coaming and new wiring harness.   
#2601, Whisper, Darrel Webster, Olympia, Washington, darrelweb@gmail.com 1982 Mark I,,Std rig, fin keel, M25 diesel. I am a new owner and that is one of the reasons for the name change. This is a move up for me from a 23' Ericson (too small) and I just needed more room. This vessel has too many upgrades to list and the previous owner did a wonderful job. The boat was in Port Orchard. Lots of small things to fix and I am learning a lot from groups like yours.

#2602, REPRIEVE II, Linda  Lee Loftis ,Camp Pendleton Del Mar Marina, Oceanside CA, Linda Loftis [linda.loftis@att.net], 1982, MKI,, Fin,155 Furling,  h new 2011 Beta 20 Diesel water cooled engine, . Lazy jack on main and bimini and dodger . Enjoy cruising to Newport, Dana Point and Catalina Island, as well as Mission Bay and down to San Diego, member of Santa Margarita Yacht Club.

#2611, Invictus, Rick & Colleen Heaverly, Great Oak Landing - Fairlee Creek - Chestertown Maryland, rheaverly@comcast.net, 1982 MK1, TRBS, Shoal, 5424.

#2612,Kahlua, Jim Peveler, Lake Mead NV, jpeveler@skyviewmail.com, ,1982, , SR, , Fin, Atomic 4, 2 Blade prop,

#2622, Clair de Lune, Dr. Paul F. Jacobs, Jamestown, Rhode Island, JACOBSPF@cs.com, 1982, Mark I, SR, Fin, Fully Battened Mainsail, 135% Furling Genoa, 112% Furling Lapper, 1.5 oz. Asymmetric Spinnaker, Universal M-25XPA, Martec Mark III folding propeller.
I purchased the former “Sea Lark” from Charles Littlejohn, August 1998, in Apponaug, RI. We have installed: new ground tackle (1999), new fairleads (1999), a new handheld VHF (1999), an Avon 9 ft. dinghy and a Mariner 5 HP outboard (2000), all new hunter green interior cushions (2001), all new running rigging (2001), a new Garmin Model 182 GPS Chartplotter (2001), a new “bar top coated Narragansett Bay Chart” on the salon table (2001), a new fully battened mainsail (2002), a new 112% lapper capable of being sheeted inboard to the coach roof tracks (2002), a new 1.5 oz. asymmetric spinnaker and associated gear (2002), a new Martec Mark III folding prop (2002), a new Origo Model 4000 two burner, capillary alcohol stove (2002), and a custom made teak cabinet where the oven was formerly located (2002). We have already sailed Clair de Lune to Block Island, Cuttyhunk, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Montauk, Shelter Island and Sag Harbor.  We intend to sail her to Padanarum, Marion, Hadley’s Harbor, through the Cape Cod Canal, to Provincetown, and Marblehead during 2002.  She is a terrific cruising boat with tremendous room for a 30 footer, and significantly improved performance after the addition of a folding prop and new sails.

#2637, "Dakota" - soon to be re-named,   Igor Yuzefovich, Baltimore MD, igor@igory.net, 1980 Mark I, TRBS, Shoal, Partial Batten Main, New 130 Furling Genoa, Universal Atomic 4  30 hp Gas, 2 blade prop, soon to be updated to either folding or 3 blade...   Love the spaciousness of this boat and how she handles!

#2644, little cat feet, Mark Herman, Sausalito, California, mmherman1@earthlink.net, 1982, Mark I, Std Rig Bowsprit (SR, ), Keel (Fin), Sails110 Working Jib, 155 RF, Main Sail, Universal 11 hp , twin blade, April 2003 purchase - needs some cosmetics but in good shape - we are looking forward to exploring San Francisco Bay - recently moved here.

#2648, Survivor, Steve Peterson, Bellevue, WA., Svsurvivor@aol.com,1982, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Mainsail, 135%Furling Genoa, Asymmetrical Spinnaker, Universal 5411, Fixed Pitch 3 Blade.  Great boat, roomy, sails well, needs more power.

#2656,,  Bruce Adams, Northport, NY, sailbruce@aol.com, 1982  U-5411, TRBS,  fin , Race  153, RF 150, RF 135, RF 110 main, racing spin, folding prop, 
Northport Yacht Club

#2669, Red Stripe, John and Teresa Banks, jeb1947@ev1.net, 1982, Mk1, SR, Fin, Main, RF135%,  5411, 2 blade
Bought in June of 2000, no idea how many hours on the engine but it runs just fine. Apparently was a salt water boat for a short period in its history, but no corrosion problems anywhere so it must have been a real short time. Bought it in the slip it currently resides in on Joe Pool Lake, Texas. So far only two repairs have been necessary, that being the through hull valve for the galley sink. and restitching the foot of the genny. Appears to have the original mainsail. Teresa and I have started a kitty for replacing the sails, hopefully to be completed by this coming summer. Some of the cabin windows just started leaking last month, so I 'm sure glad there's been a lot of info on fixing that problem recently. Teresa and I are both right at 6 foot tall and plan on modifying the galley settee so we can sleep  athwart ship. Zachary, our 5 year-old, does a bang up job of herding "Red Stripe" all over the lake, both under sail and under power...point being this is a really nice, stable boat with good manners.

#2677, Mystique, Dave & Pam Kagey,Port Jefferson, NY, dkagey4218@aol.com, 1982, Mark I Tall Rig , Fin, Diesel New (3 years) to sailing.  Have worked my way up from a 22 C & C to a 26 Pearson and now to the Catalina 30.  Just ended the first season with Mystique.  It is in the yard now having the hull and deck painted.  Can't wait for May '04 when I get my "new" boat back in the water.

#2680, Midnight Runner, Jen and Joe Williams, Sandusky Bay, Ohio, 1982 MkI, Tall rig, 11hp Atomic 4. Traded my Maxum 270 for her in July 2013, learning to sail. Considering EV conversion. or

#2680, Jolly Mon, Ryan & Brittany Clonch, Cleveland, Ohio, rlclonch@gmail.com, 82 Mark I,  Tall Rig w/ Bowsprit, Main & 130% Genoa, Universal 5411   Jolly Mon has been improved with new Flush Mount Windows, New Rigging, New Main Sail 2014, Reconditioned Genoa 2014, New Rigging 2009, Garmin 541 Chart Plotter, Raymarine ST40 Instruments, and a Autohelm ST3000 Autopilot.

#2682, Caw Caw, Tom Sheridan, Charleston,SC, tsheridan03@comcast.net,1982, Mark1, TR, Fin, storm jib, main and 165% genoa, 11 HP Universal Diesel 5411, trying a 13X11, three blade prop (may change). She is in dry deck and getting refurbished: Engine rebuild, new thru hulls, bottom paint, engine harness and gauges, new stringers, bottom paint and fairing, mahogoney interior upgrades, new running rigging, new sails. Going to hank-on sail system and retire roller furling for now.  May rig for spinnaker later.  Will also equip. for sailfin fishing and trolling.  Looking for a dinghy.


#2700, "Merry Kate", John and Tammy Beebe, Port Huron Yacht Club, Port Huron, Michigan, sailingbbs@comcast.net, 1982 Tall Rig / Bow Sprit, Fin Keel, One new full batten main and a 130% roller furling Genoa and storm jib. Atomic 4 with two blade fixed prop.  We just bought her (May 2007) and love the boat already!

#2706, RagTime, JRHamp, Naval Air Station (NAS) Key West.  11 HP Universal 3 blade prop; most equipment standard except navigation aids. Live and work contract overseas; in Key West 4-5 months per year as live a board.  3rd owner Email: jrhamp@hotmail.com

#2710, Cairdeas, Brian Clark, Skagway, Alaska, clakat@whtvcable.com, 1982, MkI, SR, Fin, main, 130 RF, Universal 5411, 2 blade Max-prop
The unusual name "Cairdeas" is the Gaelic word for friendship. She was purchased brand new by an Alaskan and spent the last 19 years sailing the inside passage. I've owned her for two years and am the third owner.

#2711, Raven, Patti and Bob Barns, Yankee Point Sailboat Marina  Lancaster VA,  1982, Mark I,  TR, BS,  Fin, 130, 110, Main Spinnakers, Universal 11 hp, 2 blade, This is the only Gray hulled 30 to come from the factory. She lived on Lake Huron until 2001 and then moved south east to sail year round.

#2716, Jolly Ollie, A. Berger and G. Lee, Redwood City, ab.mdphd@gmail.com , no web address, 1982, unk, unk, Fin, Main and 100% jib, Atomic 4, 2 blade, just purchased and learning as much about her as we can.

#2720, Surprise, Stephen Ratliff, Kemah, TX, stephen-sonia@knology.net,1982, MK I, STD, Fin, We are USMC Retired  

#2722, Magic Carpet, Glen & Janine Thompson, King Harbor Yacht Club, Redondo Beach, CA, janine@piperdigital.com, 1982, SR. 
We bought Magic Carpet in July 2001 from long time owners Bill Doke and Marty Armstrong.  They had kept the boat in immaculate shape and were hard-pressed to let her go.  Bill loves to putter and we still call on his expertise from time to time. We plan to bring all the rigging back the cockpit and add self-tailing winches.  New upholstery and a dodger are on the wish list.

#2731, Cozy One, Peter Meissner, Chicago, IL (Montrose Harbor), pgm944@yahoo.com, no web address, 1982, Mark I, Tall Rig Bowsprit (TR, BS), Fin Keel, 155% Roller furler genny & Std Main, Universal (Kubota) 11 HP Diesel, 2 Blade Prop, This is my "wine and cheese" boat as I race both a Laser and a Rhodes 19.  I need to rename it "Crackers".  Perhaps some local beer can racing might happen - long distance type stuff.  Love the '80s brown boot strip.  VC17 on the bottom, hummmmm.

#2737; White Pants, Paul Athens, City Island NYC, paulwathens@gmail.com, 1982 Mark I, Tall Rig with Bowsprit, Fin Keel, 100% main 160% Genoa, Universal 5411, twin blade prop.

#2738, Green Pastures, Watauga Lake TN, terrybill@earthlink.net, 1982 Mark I, SR, Fin Keel, Main, 130% Jib, Universal 11HP, 2 blade prop, Purchased 2007 in Charleston, SC, moved to Watauga Lake in the mountains of East Tennessee.  Retrofitted tiller to wheel. 

#2743, Bourgeoi-Sea, Ed and Sharon Beaulieu, Edmonds, WA esbeaulieu@comcast.net 1982, Mk I  SR Fin 150RF, (Doyle), Roller Furling, Stainless Davits with West Marine inflatable, Atomic-4, 12x7 2-blade, Hauled and painted 7-2009.

#2750, OPUS, John Waits, Charleston SC, Catolina30@aol.com, 1982, Mark I, TRBS Fin, Purchased July 2009, New Bottom 2011, M-18 Diesel, New Bimini & Dodger.

#2751,"Quintessence, Gary & Dixie Peterson, Sitka Alaska, garyanddixie@gci.net, 1982 MKI Std. Rig, fin keel, 25MK univ. diesel, Dodger with full cockpit enclosed.  Our third Catalina. They are wonderful boats.

#2752, Blackfish, Thomas and Allison Gawecki, Anacortes, WA, gawecki@hotmail.com, 1982, Mk1, TRBS, Fin, RF Main, RF110, Universal M2-12, MaxProp 12"
We cruise in the San Juan Islands and Gulf Islands areas.

#2760, Outrageous, Paul Caturegli, San Francisco, paul@caturegli.com, www.catuegli.com, 1982, SR, Fin, North, Atomic 4, folding, Race and Cruise

#2801,  Lady Hawkins, Nathan Smith, Decatur, AL, nathansmi@gmail.com,  1982, Mark I, Std Rig,  Fin , 150, 100 .75 Spin, Universal 5411, 3 blade, Boat initially hailed from San Diego moved across country by previous owner.  Fourth Owner, previous vessel name Reflections.  Purchased 9/2009. 

#2839, Lydia, Tom Connally, Lake Travis Austin Texas, savoid@austin.rr.com, none, 1982,Mark I, Std Rig, Bowsprit (SR), Shoal,S td Main RRjib 120 Genoa, 11HP Kubota Diesel, std prop
Share Lydia with Lenny Fein.  In the process of fixing it up.  We keep her at Kellers Marina opposite the Austin Yacht Club.

#2850, Serenity , Norman Michaud , Falmouth, Ma, hm2michaud@gmail.com , 1982, mark 1,std rig, fin keel, Hood Sails, 11 hp universal diesel, 2 blade prop, Second owner, always upkeep of replacement and repair.

#2859, "Air Cooled", Mark and Nancy Haveman, Charlevoix Michigan, havemanmark@gmail.com, 1982, Mk I, TR, BS, Fin, Main and 150 Genoa, U-5411, 2 blade flexifold, history of boat unknown, we purchased May 2004 in Bay City Michigan, knot log shows almost 10,000 miles, upgrades include refrigerator, propane, Garmin 540S GPS, Auto Pilot, Wind Speed Indicator, Navy Dodger, Bimini, Navy cushions below, Mack Pack lazy jack system, White cockpit cushions, good overall condition. Awesome 3 week cruise to North Channel, Lake Huron, 2010

#2865, Seventh Song, Eric Ewing, Chanel Islands,CA, 1982, MKI, Std Rig, fin keel, Roller Furling, univ, 2 blade, Full Instrument panel, Auto Pilot.

#2880, Misty, Dean Gattone, Wilmington, NC, dgattone@ec.rr.com, 1982, Mark 1, SR, fin, standard, 24HP Yanmar Diesel [1993], new mainmast, rigging, sail [1997] Harken roller furl jib 138%.  4th owner bringing her back into shape.

#2889, Northern Light, Jon & Heather Fick, Malletts Bay, Vermont, jonc30@VermontFicks.org, www.VermontFicks.org/northernlight, 1982, Mark 1, Tall rig, Bow sprit, Fin keel, Main/Jib/Spinnaker, 5411 diesel, 3-blade Campbell Sailor prop, This 1982 Catalina 30 TR/BS has been overhauled with new electrical, new plumbing, et al.  Engine cooling water loops through the hot water heater.  Exhaust system has been extensively redesigned.  100-amp alternator upgrade.  This boat spent most of it's time in salt water around the coast of Connecticut until we bought it in November 2001 and later moved to home on Lake Champlain (between NY and VT) where it serves us well.  All of my modifications may be seen at the above web address.  The C-30 replaces a Bristol 27 that we owned for 20 years.

#2906, Ragtime, Jeff Smith, South Freeport, Maine, jjaysmith@gmail.com, 1983, SR, Fin, Banks sails, Yanmar 18 hp, Aristo blue Awlgrip hull 

#2919, BONN-JOUR, Greg & Dianna Bonn, Everett WA, gbonn1969@gmail.com, 1983, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Mail/Furling Jib/Spinnaker, Universal M5411, 2 Blade Prop, Wheel Steering/ Freshwater cooled/ house batteries converted to 2x 6v/ Lights to LED/ Doyle Cradle Cover.

#2925, Amielle, Harold Luse, Marina Del Rey, hluse@centurylink.net, , 1983, Mark I, Tall/Std Rig Bowsprit SR, Keel Fin, Sails Quantum Batten main Furling jib,  Universal Diesel M5411, 2 blade 13X11, After many years of neglect she is currently being renovated.

#2954, Stargazer ltd, Line & Terri Dempsey, Kerr Lake, NC, linedrive1@gmail.com, www.stargazerltd.com, 1983, Mark I standard w/ Fin Keel, 5411 diesel.

#2957, AVALON, Frank & Nancy Lopez, Island Park, New York, nlopez4@optonlin.net, 1983 Tall Rig bowsprit Fin keel Atomic 4 Full baton Main & 130% roller furl.

#2958, QUIET 1,  Ed & Ilse Mack, Annapolis MD., , 1983, TRBS, full keel , full batten main, 130 RF, Lazy Jacks, full instrument + GPS, new canopy,  20HP Yanmar FWC,  FUN on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries and  CRAB CAKES ,STEAM & RAW OYSTERS.

#2969, LUCKY PENNY, Frank Farmer, Shoreline Marina, Long Beach, CA, aa.diver@verizon.net, http://mysite.verizon.net/aa.diver,     1983, , mark I, Standard, Wing, Universal M25 (2008), Just moved up from a 2001 C-250, still for sale by Catalina Yachts in Marina del Rey, CA, and listed on Craig's List.  Just installed a Raymarine X-5 auto helm.  My wife Penny and I are members of the Navy Yacht Club Long Beach.  At age 78, still an active sailor and scuba diver; co-founder California Wreck Divers, 1971.

#2988,LaBoo,Eva & Bob Beda,Vancouver BC, Canada, bob@laboo.net, 1983,Mark I,TRBS,Fin,148 135 110 3/4 oz spinnaker, U 5411,Martec 12x12,
Formerly "Stinger", raced and sailed in southern California until purchased from the original owner in '92 and trucked to the Pacific NW.  She now sails out of Pt Roberts, WA. where she was fitted with a dodger for the occasional rainy day up here.  She still races quite successfully, albeit in club races, with the original sails very much showing their age. She is also fitted out for comfortable cruising with  Harken RF, tv, microwave, dish racks, kayak, rigid dinghy and a stowed Zodiac.  Cruising has included a trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island to Barkley Sound as well as numerous trips up the inside to Desolation Sound and Princess Louisa Inlet, otherwise it's the San Juans and the Gulf Islands for regular 3 and 4 day weekends.

#2989, Kapalua, David Lark, Lewisville TX, davidalark@yahoo.com, -, 1983, Mark I, TR BS, Fin, main 150 110 spinnaker, Universal diesel 5411, 12" RH,