C30 OWNERS LISTING...1000...(new)

#1000, SEAduction, Michael Messrah, Long Beach Ca, michael.messrah@gmail.com, 1978, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Genoa 150, Atomic 4 early model, 3 blade prop. I bought her in Nov of 2015 and she was in pretty rough shape, she barely ran, the galley was completely dismantled and few things worked on her but her sails and rigging were good and the haul was sound. I spent A LOT of time replacing and repairing and upgrading and now she looks like a completely different boat from when I bought her. Her former name was "Didgeridoo."

#1005, Joyful, Anne-Lise Deering, Edmonds WA, supermedal@frontier.com, 1978, Mark I ,Fin Keel, Universal Diesel 20 HP (2001),  Yellow Hull

#1011; L’ARK; Larry and Lee Ann Snyder, 410 N. Hayden Bay Drive, Portland, OR 97217; lls.las@attbi.com; 1978; SR; Fin; Atomic 4 (rebuilt); 2 blade;
has been beautifully and lovingly maintained by her two previous owners. She sits 100 feet beyond our front door where we can watch her (when not in use) from the living room.

#1013, Twilight Time, Don Hulett & Marilyn Hutchens, Dana Point, CA, donhulett@cox.net, 1978, Mk I, SR, Fin, 150, 110, Atomic 4, 2 Blade

#1023, Double Eagle , JON & NANCY CHERIS. BOWLEYS MARINA ,MIDDLE RIVER ,MD USA, WINDPRODUCTS@EMAIL.COM , 1978 mark 1.std rig ,fin, new universal M18 diesel

#1027, INFINITY,  Marvin & Debi Clements,  Newport   RI . , c30infinity@verizon.net, www.angelfire.com/ri/infinity, 1978, MARK I, SR, FIN, A4, 2-blade.

#1039 "Kari On"   Tom and Kay Thatcher ,  Channel Islands, Ca.  "thatch4@yahoo.com  '78 std rig, fin, a4, tiller

#1042, Quintessence, Eufaula, OK, josh.barrett@gmail.com,1978,Mark I,SR,Fin,

#1044, Yunona, Viktor Torianski, Whitby Ontario, vetor62@hotmail.com, 1979, Mark I, Tall Rig (BS), Fin keel, Universal Atomic 4, folding prop, steering is in upgrading from tiller to pedestal

#1051, Up North, Laurie Pohl, Marblehead MA, lapgr8ful@gmail.com, 1978, SR, Fin keel, Sails: mainsail, 150 genoa, jib, staysail, Yanmar 12hp diesel

#1068, Rebellious, Joe Krusas, Salem, MA., jkrusas@msn.com, 1978, Mk I, SR, Fin, Sails: main, 135, Atomic four.

130,SYM. SPIN., A4, 2 BLADE

#1117, Impulse, Adam Cohen, Berkeley CA, adamdcohen@yahoo.com, , 1978,
Mark I,SR,Shoal, RF Jib, Atomic 4,

#1121, Dottie Marie, ???, Rock Hall, MD., , 1978, Mark 1, SR, Shoal, Universal 26 hp Diesel

#1155, Sea Wolf, Alameda CA, Tyler Heerwagen, theerwagen@yahoo.com, 1978catalina30.com, 1978, Mark 1, std, standard sails 130 furling jib, Volvo Penta, folding prop, nice boat!

#1159,  "GIPSY",  Jack Regar, Tampa- Fl, "jregar@aol.com,  1978, Mark I TR BS, (Shoal), Sails (SR), (replaced Yanmar 12 with 2GM20),  3blade, Many modifications for offshore cruising, refrigeration Isotherm 85ASU, 75 amp alternator w/smart charge, Rutland 913 Wind generator, Davits from 1-1/4 aluminum  sch. 40 pipe, SSB, new electrical control panel, 4ea. Gp 31 gel cell batteries, wheel autopilot, rebuilt mast w/new  nav. lights.  Good boat - sails better in heavy weather.

#1172, Tullamore Dew, David Swanay, Greenwich Cove, RI, swanad@aol,com, http://homepage.mac.com/dswanay/CATALINA30.html, 1978, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin, 135% Genoa & 85% jib, Universal M3-20B, Martec 13x12 folding prop. I have owned Tullamore Dew since 1988 and have made a lot of changes - including replacement of the Atomic 4 with the Universal M3-20B diesel.

#1177, Hot Tim Ali, Tim and Alison Parker, Trenton Ontario, parkertj63@hotmail.com, 1978, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin, Yanmar YSM 12

#1179, Lori Bell, Lori & Gary Monroe, Titusville Florida, svloribell@outlook.com, http://svknotaclew.wordpress.com, 1978, Mark I SR /BS, Fin, Sails, Atomic 4, Indigo 3 blade,  Bob the original owner contacted us and said she was named "Bobcat" and first sailed near Cleveland Ohio before moving to South Carolina.  Along the way she was named Genji and had her diesel removed and an outboard strapped on the transom.  We changed her name and installed an Atomic 4.

#1195 - "Sweet Wind," David Evans, Erie Pennsylvania, cdevans@erie.net, manufactered in 1976, SR, Shoal Keel, 155 Gen and mail, 30hp Atomic 4 (gas).  
Rebuild and in great shape. Have had the boat to Huron and in 2002 to Ontario and up to the St Lawrence.  Handles well.  Have auto help and chart plotter which makes navigation a breeze.  Hot water added along with larger holding tanks.  

#1230, MoonCusser, Bob & Maureen Dwyer, Cape Cod, rfd@mindframes.net, 1979, TR, Shoal, Hyannis Yacht Club

#1231, Penny Y's, Jim & Penny Gibson, Melbourne, FL, jrhootgibson610@msn.com, 1979, MkI, SR, Shoal, 135 RF, M-320 Diesel, 3-blade

Melbourne Yacht Club, Weekend sailing ICW/Indian River Central Florida

#1234, Odysseus,  David A. Jackson, Marina Village, Mission Bay/SD, CA, djackson1@san.rr.com


#1238, Okole Hao, Dave Kendig, Santa Cruz Ca, okolehao@excite.com, 1979, Std rig, Fin keel, Ulmann main & 135, A-4, 2 blade fixed, 
Purchased in Long Beach, The trip up the coast was the best! Moved up from a Coronado 25. Live aboard since 1996.

#1257, Sea Byte, Don Johnson & Mike Johnson & Don Friedges, Bayfield, Wisconsin on the South shore of Lake Superior, dfj3001@yahoo.com, 1979, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin, Genoa (150) and full batten mail, Atomic 4 Gas, Prop not known.
This is a family owned boat and we are all contributing our talents in an attempt to make it look like new. We all enjoy sailing Sea Byte and with the great cabin accommodation it will be very comfortable when we toss out the hook for overnight stay in the Apostle Islands.

#1284," Selkie", Gail Todd, from San Diego. gtselkie@yahoo.com.  1979, Mark 1, Std rig, no bowsprit, fin keel, roller furling genoa. newly rebuilt Yanmar 3GM-30, 3-blade fixed prop, wheel steering, live aboard.

#1299, Second Wind, Ron Chase, Marina del Rey, CA, sloop@dslextreme.com, 1979, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Freshly rebuilt Yanmar YSM-12, 2-blade prop, I've owned her since 1997 and have put a lot of work into the interior, electronics, engine, battery systems and such. It's got wheel steering, deisel and a roller furling.  I've just completely re-rigged her including new sitka spruce spreaders.  A lot of my money...but moreover, my heart...is in this boat.

#1304, Wind Walker, Dennis E. VanBeest, Bay City Michigan, windwalker1@airadvantage.net, 1979 Mark I (I think) Tall Rig, Fin Keel, Bow Sprit, M25XPA Universal, Flex-o-Fold 15X12 2-bladed folding prop, fully enclosed cockpit with screens privacy curtains and glass.

#1309, American Indian, Channel Islands Harbor CA., Doug Winbury, indianinc@aol.com,1979 MK1, STD, Fin Keel, Universal M3-20B 

#1314,The Journey, Palm Coast Fl., nancisboat@hotmail.com, 1979,II,TR,BS,Fin, Catalina sails, U 25 diesel,12x12 RH 2 blade,tiller

#1335, Stayare, Keith & Terri Harris, Lake DeGray, Arkansas, hkhth@hotmail.com, 1979, Mk1, SR, Fin, org main r/f 150, yanmar ysm-12, 2 blade prop, wheel steering, We Love It.

#1337, Dixie, Rod and Lucy Worrell, Houston, Texas, rworrell@worrelldesign.com, 1979, Mark I, TRBS, Fin Keel, original main and fairly new 155 %roller furling genoa, Atomic 4 raw water cooled, 2 – bladed prop.  We enjoy Dixie and have been her caretaker since 1999.  She and her fine crew placed 2nd in Racing Class during the 2006 Catalina 30 National Championship Regatta held on Galveston Bay at the Houston Yacht Club.

#1360, Irie, Alfredo Penso, La Guaira Ven, apenso@cantv.net, 1979, Mark I, SR, Fin keel, 150 & 110, Yanmar GM20F, 3 blade, In love with it.

#1364, "Iphingenia", Dave Winkler & Chris Crosby, Boston MA, captdkw@aol.com, 1979, Mark 1, STD rig, Fin Keel, 155% &135% Headsails  STD Main, Atomic-4, 2 blade prop, Love the boat.

#1369  "MY THERAPY", Randy Sommerfeld, Lake Pepin, WI.  Randy.sommerfeld@dwd.state.wi.us, 1979 MK1, TR, Wing Keel, Full Batten Main, 150% Genoa rf, Spinnaker, YSE 12, 3 blade Max Prop.

#1371, Per Ardua Surgo, Paul and Tom Ahern, Alameda,CA, pjahern@sbcglobal.net, Mark1-1979, Standard, Fin, Main and 110 150, Yanmar-YSM12, Boat used to sail San Francisco Bay and Delta.

#1372, Fiji Girl (Campbell's Sloop until 1997), Bradley Nicholson, Channel Islands, CA (currently berthed in San Pedro, CA), Bradley.W.Nicholson@gmail.com, 1979, Mk I, SR, Fin keel, Dacron main and 155 Genoa on Harken Furler and spinnaker for cruising, (Mylar 155, oversize main, wind seeker, and lightweight spinnaker for racing.) Atomic 4 gas engine, fixed 2 blade prop (folding Martec to be installed soon), running rigging reworked in 1997 with Catalina reinforcement bracket retrofit, we purchased her in San Diego Feb 2013 and look forward to Channel Islands crossings as well as local racing.  

#1374 - London Lady- Jim & Char Quandt, Rick & Jan Quandt, & David & Karla Griffith-  Gig Harbor, WA- odea96@aol.com, 1979 Mark I, Std, Fin, A-4, 3 blade prop, Purchased May 2000 in Winchester Bay, OR. We fell in love with the Lady when we first saw her!  We are all enjoying the many projects of updating her and keeping her shipshape.  We sail her up in the beautiful San Juans, and the Canadian Gulf Islands not to mention the great bays of  Puget Sound.  She's a Lady!

#1381,  Blaine WA,

#1418, Stormy Weather, Ted Steffan, Portland OR, tedsteffan@hotmail.com, MFR 1979, Mark I, Tal Rig Bowsprit (SR, TR, BS), Keel (Fin), 135 Genoa, Engine Universal 5411, Prop 2 Blade.

#1421, "Serenity", Jeff Williams, Houston TX, r.jeff.williams@accenture.com, 1979, MK I, SRBS,  Fin, 135% RF, A4, 3-blade

#1433, Night Hawk, Tony Chiarelli, KYC Huntington NY , angtony3@hotmail.com, 1979, SR, fin, A4 rebuilt, wheel, auto, great boat, seas in the dark

#1423, Sum of the Moments, Rodney & Jill Lehman, Frederick MD, Rodneylehman2002@yahoo.com, 1979, Mark I, SR, Fin, 150% RF, 5411, 3 blade prop

#1444, Platypus II, Steve Franklin, Tacoma, WA, stevfran@earthlink.net, 1979, Mark I, SR, Fin, Main/100%/135%/150%/Cruising spinnaker/Spinnaker,  Universal 5411, 3-blade  

#1447, MAGINAT,  Robert J Juckem, Oconto, WI., rjj1900@gmail.com, 1979,Mark 1, Tall/W bow sprit, Fin Keel, Storm jib, 110,135 and a main. Atomic 4, Prop;12x7 2 blade, End boom  sheeting, Tiller steer..

#1455, Original Cyn, Ray & Cyn Gintner, Ambridge PA, rayncyn51@gmail.com, 1979, Mark I, SR, FIN, A4, 12x7 3 Blade Fixed, USCG Documented vessel, originally named Lady Kel-e, purchased 2008 from second owner. Currently undergoing a complete re-fitting in anticipation of 5 year cruise of US East Coast, Gulf Coast, and Caribbean. Love the A4!!

#1464, , Bill and Doe Saderup, San Diego, Ca. 

#1473, Zarasota 5, François-José Brouillette, Montreal Quebec, fjb@productionsmb.com, 1979, MK I , TRBS,, , RF, , Boat is originaly from Chicago.

# 1481 "Charlee", Lee and Charmaine Smith, Port Dalhousie, ON, lsmith111@cogeco.ca, 1979, MK I, SR, Fin, Doyle Main, 135 Genoa, Atomic 4 gas, 3 blade prop, refrigerator, HWT, closed cooling, Purchased in Rochester and sailed home to Dalhousie Yacht Club June 30, 2008.

#1483, " ", Joe & Nanette Dell, Harrison Township Mi., jwsdell@hotmail.com, 1979,,,,,, It is need of some general repairs and good ol scrubing and cleaning. It is a fin keeled vessel.

#1511 Slow Dance, Jim and Denise St.Pierre, Silver Harbor, Manitoba, jamesstpierremb@yahoo.ca 1979 TR A IV, totally refurbished..pokin' around Lake Winnipeg south basin ..Paradise..

#1515,Elyse Marie,Gilbert Landin,Corpus Christi, Texas,gilbert@mindgame.com,1979,mark I,SR,Shoal,yes,electric,2 blade, just removed my A4 and am installing an EY motor looking forward to another 30yrs of sailing.

#1517, CRUX, Lee & Priscilla Henchman, Milford CT, lhenchman@gmail.com, MFR 1979, Mark I, Tall/Std Rig Bowsprit (SR), Keel (Wing), Sails Main & Genoa, Engine Atomic 4, Prop 12X7

#1518, GAMBIT, Matt, Karen, Eric and Sarah Bombery, Muskegon Michigan, mfbombery@comcast.net, 1978, Tall Rig, Atomic 4 gas engine, fin keel, 2 blade folding prop,  well maintained bottom, a tiller, lots of racing gizmos and no dodger.  We used to own a S2 7.9 and when we got beat by this Catalina 30 enough and the kids outgrew the small boat, we bought it.  GAMBIT won the 1997 national Catalina30 regatta manned by a family crew plus one good friend.  It races with North 3DL sails and the boat seems to like them.  The boat has seen fireworks in Chicago to the cool air of sailing under the Mackinaw bridge.  It was all great adventure. Hats off to RAGDOLL, the other fast Catalina 30 on Lake Michigan.


#1544, "Wind Spirit", Gary Monette, St. Albans Bay VT, sailrman@pshift.com, 1979, Mk1, TR, BS, Fin keel, North Mainsail, 155%, 110%/90%reef, 80%working jib, Spinnaker, 5411 Diesel, Campbell sailer 3 blade.

#1546, Distant Drummer, Bill Brewer, Baltimore, MD, bbrewer@grwinc.com, 1979, Mark I, SR, Fin, Atomic 4, We are old, but still afloat, currently on Cave Run Lake, KY.

#1549,Cyclone,Bill Sherman,Blaine Washington,bsherman@telus.net,1979 mark 1, SR Fin, 5424, campell sailor prop, 3 blade.

#1568, El Mago, Dennis Calehuff, Havre de Grace, Md., Calehuff1@suscom.net, MFR 1979, Std rig., 5'3" keel, Atomic 4, 2 blade prop. Have sailed the ICW from Havre de Grace, Md. to Key West Fl. going south. Returned north off shore to Beaufort, NC, then back into the ICW. I am a solo sailor and realize the benefit of a 'auto pilot', though I don't have one. She is a great boat!

#1581, True Blue, Nola and Dennis Palmer, Seattle, capndennis@gmail.com, sailingnorthwest.blogspot.com, 1979, Mark I, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Sails, Universal 5411, Fixed two-bladed prop, we got this boat in late June, 2013, and are really enjoying how roominess of the Catalina 30.

#1585, Trilogy, John M. Childress, Shreveport LA, jchil31@yahoo.com, 1979, Mark I, SR, Shoal keel, Fresh water sailed on Cross Lake.

#1588, Victim of Fate, Jack and Colleen Manning, Atlantic City, NJ, gpd955@msn.com, 1979, Std Rig, Fin Keel, Mainsail, 100% Genoa, Universal A4, 2 blade Prop, Purchased February '06. She is in excellent condition for her age and needed very little work prior to commission (needed cutlass bearing, filled the Catalina smile, a couple of light bulbs and fire extinguishers and a new head intake hose, that's about it!). Upgraded electronics new VHF, stereo, satellite radio, GPS, compass.

#1595, "Salty Feet" Francisco Coppel  coppelf@hotmail.com , Mazatlán, Sinaloa México, actinver02@mzt.megared.net.mx, 1979 Std.Rig, fin keel, 5411 
Menber of the Mazatlán Sailing Club. Brown hull with a white line. Very nice boat, in very good shape and conditions. We enjoy the boat cruising from Mazatlán to Puerto Vallarta (pacific ocean) and the Sea of Cortéz.

#1596, Perseverance, Dr. Jon & Tracie Becker, Gulf Breeze, FL, drjonbecker@me.com, perseveranceyacht.com, 1979, Mark I, tall rig with bowsprit, fin keel, sails include two mains, a 150,  a 110, and a spinnaker, engine is a Universal Atomic 5411 diesel. The Perseverance is a classic sailing cruiser with a deep Gulf Coast history including both Gulf and coastal cruises as well as many sails on Pensacola Bay.  

#1603 Coelumar  (Latin: Sky and Sea), Owned by Don and Mary Ann McBride since 1995.  1980,MK1,Standard rig, Fin keel, FB main RF135% Genoa Cruising Spinnaker, Atomic 4, 2 blade fixed prop, Wheel Steering. Upgrades included new stove, wiring, plumbing, refrigeration, dodger and awing, refinished interior, teak and holly sole, Treadmaster flooring in galley and nav station area, new counter tops, deck wash, new ground tackle and many other small upgrades. Vessel is located on Kent Island, MD, owners live in New Jersey.

#1627, Avalon, formerly Brandy,  Jeremy Rowan,  Crown Point Marina, Gloucester, Va, jrowan@vcu.org, C 30 1980, Mark I, Std Rig (SR), Keel (Fin), Sails: UK Halsley 150 roller furling, 5411 Universal Diesel Engine, 2 Blade Prop, previously owned a Catalina 22, 25, S2 28 8.5, sailed everything from 19 ft daysailors to O'Day 35 cruiser, sailed in Ireland, Prince Edward Island, Canada, Cheasapeake Bay, N.C., to S.C.,  ICW, etc.  Boat has been continually upgraded with newer sails, wheel steering, hull, deck, keel refinishing, engine rebuild, new cabin & cockpit coushions, new electrical panel, refrigeration, GPS, electronics, etc.  Still getting used to the deep draft in the shallow Cheasapeake.  Great cruising boat for the family.  Cheers.

#1634, Bottoms Up, Gene & Michele Coburn, York Harbor Me., FRSTYPAW@aol.com, 1980,SR,Fin Keel, Main/Genoa/Storm Jib/Spin, 5411(11hp Universal diesel), 2 Blade.
First monohull for us. Transitioned from 16 yrs on a 16' Hobie Cat. Huge adjustment for us. Lots of systems, no speed. Never even reefed a sail before.

#1640, Wind Dancer,  Owner: Jim Stocks,  HHN  Deale, MD Chesapeake Bay, jimstocks@worldnet.att.net, www.jimstocks.com, 1980 C30, MkI, SR, Fin, Main and RF Genoa, Atomic-4 w/3-blade prop.  (Formerly "The Reluctant Viking") Great Boat, I've had in the last 2 years a C22, C27 and now a C30. Last boat for a while. I've had it out for as long as a week on the Pax River last June. Would like to sail it in the upcoming coming Delmarva 400 next year if everything gets fixed (long list) and find a crew. This is my getaway escape in about 5 years.

#1659, Makani Mele, SOLD, 1980, Mark I, SR, Fin, Main/150, Universal 5411, fixed 2 blade, Puget Sound 

#1671, Happiness, Ron Smyth, Victoria, BC, ron.smyth@telus.net, 1980, TR,BS, Fin, 150, 100, Atomic 4.  We just bought the boat in September 2002.  She is in need to lots of TLC. Priority #1 is to put on a roller furling system and heat. Advice welcomed. 

#1681, Sun On The Moon, Peter and Michelle Turpel, Channel Islands California, pturpel@phoneonhold.com, 1980, Std Rig, Fin, Main 135 and Crusing Chute, Universal MB20, 2 blade fixed prop

#1687, Silent Lady, Dick & Kitty Cook, Port Orchard Yacht Club Port Orchard Wa. dickcook@wavecable.com , 1980 SR Fin, 135 jib on Roller 110, standard main,  Atomic 4 with 3 blade. Custom salon table, replaced all canvas covers and dodger. Added anchor roller and 20# claw. Upgraded spreaders, purchased her in 1994,we keep her looking good and try and get out often, looking forward to 1-2 months this summer in the inside passage of Vancouver Island B.C. 

#1696 Crusader, Paul and Pam Riester, Erie Basin Marina Downtown Buffalo NY, paulhriester@yahoo.com, , Atomic 4,  renamed former Equinox (Port Colburn, Ontario Canada and Buffalo NY) Members of the Buffalo Yacht Club and Erie Basin Slip Renters Association. 5th boat since 1977

#1713, Sea Lark, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, sealark@citlink.net, 1980, std rig, fin. 150% genoa, a4, 2 blade.
We have owned Sea Lark since 1983, she has had extensive modification throughout, with many cruising items inc. radar arch w/davits, we have been sailing Mexico since 1991 from Zwat to San Carlos, several times north and several times to the Sea. Home Base is Marina Vallarta. She has been a great boat.

#1724, Carego, Greg & Carma Foulger, San Diego CA, gregfoulger@gmail.com, www.foulgerphoto.com, 1980, Mark 1, Std. Rig, Fin keel, Main & genoa, Universal diesel, Fixed two blade, purchased in February 2008 and loving the boat!


#1743, Akula, Thomas Lynch , Mt. Sinai NY, t@l-y-n-c-h.com, www.l-y-n-c-h.com/Akula , 1980, Mark 1, TRBS, Fin, D&D (North Sails - Huntingdon NY) 150% Genoa and Batten Main, M-18 HP Universal Diesel Model #18, 3 blade, looked for a year and found her two moorings away in my home harbor.

#1765, Shalom, Roger & Nelda Swetnam, Lake Conroe, Houston Texas, rs523@aol.com, 1980, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin, Universal Atomic 4

#1769, Fun Work, Paul Corzatt, Cape Coral, FL, paulzot@hotmail.com, 1979, Mark I, TR, BS, Fin, Old sails, Main, 135, 'chute, Universal 5411, 3 blade, Pedestal table in salon, blue hull, edson wheel, wood spreaders, Owned for 1 month, good shape, lots of plans.

#1776, Freedom, Mark and Michelle Hamilton, Lake Norman, NC, Mhamilton64@hotmail.comwww.lnyc.org, 1980, Mark I, TRBS, Fin Keel, Main, 150 and Spin, A4, 2-blade prop.  We love our boat - moved it from Fort Worth to Lake Norman.  

#1783, Fond Memories, Charles and Barbara Piazza, St. Augustine FL, charles@astroimager.us, www.mycatalina30.net, 1980, Mark I, SR, Fin Keel, Yanmar diesel

#1804, TONGASS, Bruce Kachline, Morgan City Louisiana, capnbruce@cox.net, 1980, Mk II, SR, SH, Main & 110%, Universal 5411, Fixed 2 blade cruising,   Re-fitting to cruise again after trip to Bahamas.  -Bruce Aug '08.

#1806, Irish Lady, Denis and Anita Mahoney, Oakland YC, Alameda California, cat1806@gte.net

#1812, Truelove, David Ives, Southport CT, 1980, Mark I, SR, Fin, Tri-radial Main & 151 Jib, Asym Spin, Universal 5411, fixed 2 blade

#1840, White Light, Tim and Helen Hornett, Ladysmith, BC, Canada, w-lc@telus.net, 1980, Mk1,  Std Rig, Fin Keel, Fx Sails, Beta 20Hp Diesel, 3 blade prop.  White hull with green dodger. Currently in course of cosmetic restoration and enjoying cruising around beautiful mid-Vancouver Island destinations

#1846, BRANDY, David Frank, N.Padre Island, Corpus Christi,Tx., dfrank@davlin.net, 1980, sd rig,fin,110,150,full battened main, diesel 5411, 2-blade.  Bought in 1993, very successful racer in non-spin class-great coastal cruiser-loves the wind to blow, which it does here!

#1863, Halcyon, Donna Ferron and John Pittman, Rock Hall, MD, drferron@gmail.com, http://svhalcyon.wordpress.com, 1980, Mark I, TR, Bowsprit,  Fin Keel, Universal Atomic 5411. Purchased in Annapolis, MD October 2009.

#1871, Shari S, Edward Daugs, Bay City, MI, daugsed@dow.com, 1980, MK1, SR, Fin, Boston Sails, Atomic 4, 3-Blade, Second owner.

#1883, dolphin bill boaz-doug madeley- berry keeler, santa cruz, ca. Xfile110@msn.com  1980, STD. fin. diesel, 2-blade.
we are the third owners and this boat is a total rebuild and up grade from the bottom of the keel to the top of the mast and bow to stern. we are about 85% done.

#1889, , Nick Thies Orland Park Ill. - Port Cabrillo Isl. San Diego Ca. www.windchill1903@yahoo.com 1980 - Std rig - Fin keel. This has been my winter home for the last 6yrs It's roomie and comfy. It also sails very good and fast.

#1897, Patience, Bob and Bonita Maddox, Tulsa OK, gohogs7071@aol.com,, , 1980, MKI, TRBS, Fin Keel, Main, 155 110 70 Spinnaker, Universal 5411, fixed 2 Blade,
Purchased the boat first weekend of November 2002 and immediately began to remove all below deck woodwork except main bulkheads and knees anchoring chain plates, Will have all out by second weekend. Bob will spend winter refinishing all wood above and below decks. Bonita is selecting fabrics and will spend  her winter reupholstering the cabin and cockpit cushions as well as making curtains, main sail cover, binnacle cover, winch covers, handrail covers and bimini top. Some of the other winter projects include re-bedding all pulpit and stanchion flanges (two leaks), cleaning and lubricating winches (2 2S #40 ST, 4 2S #16 ST, 2 1S #12). We are planning to participate in Grand Lake Sailing Club’s new years day sail.  We are considering changing the name but Patience may be appropriate as we undertake an ambitious TLC program.

#1910, Dalieva Ayala, Nautiyott, Etobicoke Yacht Club (Toronto, Ontario Canada), dalieva@rogers.com, , 1980, Tall Rig Bowsprit, Keel: Fin, Atomic IV, Max folding 12'.

#1911, Golden Dream, Robert and Patricia Demme, Annapolis Maryland, Rdemme@verizon.net, 1980, Standard Rig, Shoal draft keel, Sails-130 and 150 Genoa,storm sail, Kobota diesel  11HP, 2 bladed, Comments-This cat 30 has been a great boat 340 hrs on engine no issues, hull gel coat did get blisters and I had it soda blasted and recoated, no problems so far. Have done mainly short haul sailing along with some long distant sailing over the years. Also accomplished many upgrades in many areas on this boat, electrical, mechanical, lighting, rigging, upholstery. Two very happy Catalina owners, Bob and Pat Demme

#1921, American Pie, Fred & Bernardine Mahler, Stony Point N.Y. american.pie@Verizon.net.  1980, Mk1 , Tall rig Bow sprit, fin keel, FB main RF 150% genoa, Universal Diesel, 3 blade fixed prop. Second owner since 1987.

#1938, Faith, Mike & Carolyn Isaac, San Pedro CA, misaac2683@aol.com, home.earthlink.net/~mdisaac (web site), mfg. 1980, Mk1, standard rig w/135 genoa, fin keel, 1996 M25XPA w/3 blade fixed prop. We like weekend cruising to the Isthmus and Emerald Bay.

#1942, Obsession, Scott Huibregtse, Port Washington, Wisconsin, shuibregtse@wi.rr.com, , 1980, TRBS, Fin, Keel, Main and 150 Genoa, 11 HP Universal Diesel - 2 blade prop, I purchased the boat from the original owner who bought it new and has kept it in the same Lake Michigan marina ever since and where it remains today in its same slip still in great shape and ready to sail.

#1949,Shenanigans, Bob & Peg Mcintire, Salem MA,bob_mcintire@msn.com, 1980,MK1,Standard rig, Fin keel, FB main RF135% Genoa  Cruising Spinnaker, Universal Diesel, 3 blade fixed prop,
We enjoy cruising between Maine and "the Cape" but haven't yet gone through the canal to Buzzards Bay.  Maybe this year.  If you come into Salem  look for us at Pickering Wharf Marina by the Victoria Station Rest.

#1956, IRIE, Larry & Nancy Andreano, Macatawa, MI, larry0716@juno.com, 1908, Mark I
Std Rig, Fin Keel, Main & Genoa, Universal 11hp, 3 blade fixed

#1974, Pelican, Doug Bucy & Kim Franklin, Lake Texoma - Denison TX, svpelican@cableone.net, 1980 MkI, SR, fin, 5411 diesel, new sails from Air Force 150 & main, a really nice boat for a couple of novice sailors & their granddog to go lake cruising while dreaming big.

#1981, Almost Enough, Doug Longhini and John Pitcavage, New Bern, NC (Blackbeard Sailing Club), ncsailor47@yahoo.com, john@pitcavage.net, 1980,I,SR,Fin, 135%, Beta 20, 3 blade.

#1983, Bon Vivant, Rick Caselli, Dana Point, CA  Caselli2@cox.net, 1980, Mark I, Std. Rig, Fin Keel, 16 Hp Universal Diesel. Proud Owner since 1981