Annapolis MD Sailboat Show owners Booth

Beginning with this falls sailboat shows, Sharon Day, Ron Frisosky and Max Munger decided to try to put together a new and permanent Catalina Owners Association booth. Attached are some pictures of the final display at the Annapolis Sailboat Show October 6-10 2005. (See the owners booth in action again in St Pete, Chicago, Miami and Oakland).  (There is no Philadelphia show this year) We hope  the class associations appreciate Catalina's efforts this year to give them the appropriate display they deserve. Thanks to all the owners booth volunteers everywhere have done so much over the years to promote Catalina ownership!

The Owners Booth first appeared around 1978, originated by Sandy Wagner (C36 Fleet 3). Sandy brought her own card table, a stand up sign and lots of scotch tape!  Max joined her in the mid eighties and has coordinated and been there ever since. Bill Campbell, a C36 owner and proprietor of the Virginia Diner (Wakefield, VA) has supplied his famous peanut packets since the beginning. Jim Holder supplies the  Mainsheet magazines for handouts. Volunteers from all the local Catalina fleets are solicited every year to provide brochures and applications and to man the booth and solicit memberships during the 5 day outdoor show. Here are photos of some previous setups...

Rainy day Annapolis 1998                                             Sunny day Annapolis 2000

And here is the new permanent Owners Booth in Annapolis October 2005... The display consists of (8) 2x8 wire grids that are tie wrapped together to form a wall zigzag to hang things on. The open design allows the fresh air breeze to blow through instead of toppling the wall. There are trademark graphics for each boat class and some Mainsheet magazine cover blowups on foam board. Max solicited the individual class associations for club burgees to personalize the open grids. If your burgee is not on the display, just send it to Max and he will get it to the display for the next boat show. A new sign tells people that they can sign up in this booth. The general area around the display is carpeted with a new podium and is furnished with some stools, flowers and an umbrella. The wire grids accommodate several literature racks. We also have a tarp to cover the display and podium at night.  The new podiums are very attractive and will carry the owners association name on the front when completed.

Frank Butler oversees unpacking and setup...            Wayne, Joan Savage CCYC and Max Munger

This year was a rainy weekend in Annapolis, but the show must go on, and of course, must also go off! Here are some other photos during the breakdown of the show this year. The show ends with a traditional firing of cannon at 5pm and the race is on to disassemble and pack away "everything" until the next show. The show rules do not allow early starts! While the dismantling of the displays is taking place on land  the sailboats in the water must also be moved out by 10pm.

The Annapolis Sailboat show is immediately followed by the Annapolis Powerboat show. So the 300 plus  sailboats need to be removed and replaced by over 200 powerboats, all by Tue PM. Much of the show is on floating docks and they must be (strategically) broken apart to allow passage of the sail boats and reformed for the larger powerboat shapes. The professional show crews have been doing this for over 30 years and the show always goes on. Just a year ago, hurricane Isabel flooded the Annapolis marketplace (show area) with 8 feet of water only two  weeks before the show was to open. But all was normal on opening day!


5pm Monday, the cannon fires and the show is over!  David Day packs up the clothing store...                     

Sharon Day etal watch the Hunter display breakup        Away go the Hunters in echelon formation.

If you want to start an Owners Association effort at your Sail Expo or other large boat show in conjunction with Catalina Yachts and their dealers, you can contact Max Munger for info or Sharon Day for scheduling a commitment for a show. This booth is available and all it needs is your manpower and volunteers. The show booth is one of the best ways to advertise your local fleet and national associations sailing programs to the boating public. It is always fun to be around the Catalina family and meet so many regulars and potential owners/members. Make it an annual "raft-up" for your group.