National Championship Regattas...

The National Championship Regatta is held annually during the summer months for one-design competition between C30 skippers from all over the country. Loaner boats are made available to visiting skippers and crews. All owners are invited to attend! 

Here are scenes from past regattas sailed by Max Munger using hosted boats.

"Macanudo" San Diego 1992, Sixth Place Racing Class (Owner Tom Delahanty)


"Captain Bligh" Redondo Beach 1993, Fourth Place Spinnaker (Owner Dick Goodman)

First Place, Wed Nite, Cabrillo Beach YC

"Retrograde Motion" San Francisco Bay 1994, Third Place Racing Class (Owner Frank Nemeth)

First Place in Ocean Race

"Michelle II" Long Island Sound 1995, Sixth Place Racing Class (Owner Jim Shaver)

In 1995, the first East Coast National Regatta was held in Long Island Sound, Milford CT.


                      (The 1996 regatta was not held.)


Goodtime.jpg (137021 bytes)"Good Times", Holland MI 1997, Racing Class (Owner Larry D'Haem)

Joint regatta with C36 Assn. and Lake Michigan "MAC-BAY" Rendezvous


Seaductn.jpg (176663 bytes)"Seaduction", Long Island Sound, Westbrook CT 1998, First Place Racing Class (Owner Peter Geltman)

Over 50 boats and 300 people attended the joint C36, LISCA regatta and rendezvous.
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"Moira " Coronado Bay, San Diego CA 1999, Second Place Racing Class (Owner Dave Andersen)  

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"Irae" Macatawa bay, Holland, MI, Second Place Cruising Class (Owner Larry Andreano) 


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