International Catalina 30 Association

2004 National Championship Regatta


South Beach Yacht Club

Pier 40, On The Embarcadero

San Francisco CA 94107




Organizing Authority

The International Catalina 30 Association and the Catalina 30 Fleet One Sailing Association – San Francisco Bay Area in conjunction with South Beach Yacht Club are the organizing authorities.


Rules, Eligibility and Event Classification

*   This regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing, 2001-2004, the International Catalina 30 Association Constitution and By-Laws, this Notice of Race, and by the Sailing Instructions. 

*   The maximum allowable headsail shall be 155% L.P. 

*   All Catalina 30 boats with a valid International Catalina 30 Association measurement certificate and whose registered skipper is a member in good standing of the International Catalina 30 Association are eligible to race in the following classes subject to a three boat minimum in each class for separate starts:

*   Standard Rig Division:  Racing Spinnaker, Racing Jib & Main, and Handicap classes

*   Tall Rig Division:  Racing Spinnaker, Racing Jib & Main, and Handicap classes

*   In accordance with Paragraph V.C of the International Catalina 30 Association By-Lays, if the number of entries does not allow separate starts for tall and standard rigging in the Race and Handicap classes, then Tall and Standard Rigs shall be raced together in both Racing JAM and Racing Spinnaker classes.  

*   International Catalina 30 Association membership applications are available in the “Mainsheet,” at and will be available at the Check-In desk prior to the Regatta.

*   In accordance with Paragraph V.M. of the International Catalina 30 Association By-Laws, all crew members must be Corinthians except for the boat owner.

*   This regatta is designated Category A.



*   Sail measurement is required.  

*   The skippers/owners of all competing boats must submit a valid certificate of measurement at the time their sails are being measured.

*   Boats lacking a current measurement certificate may be measured when their sails are being measured.

*   Arrangements for sail measuring can be made from September 23 through September 30 by calling Mike Kastrop at 650-368-7143

*   Measurement is also available on a limited basis from 0800 hours through 1000 hours on Friday, October 1, 2004.



*   All entries shall be submitted on the official entry form and received no later than 1000 hours on October 1, 2004.  (See page below)

*   Entry fees are:  US Sailing member = $105; Non-member = $120. 

*   Entries postmarked after September 15, 2004 = $130.

*   Entry fee includes all races, two dinners, two continental breakfasts, one tee shirt and one hat.


Check-In and Competitors’ Briefing

*   Each skipper/owner or his/her representative must check in with Catalina 30 Fleet One at South Beach Yacht Club no later than 1000 hours on Friday, October 1, 2004. 

*   Competitors briefings will be held as follows:

*   October 1 at 1200 hours

*   October 2 at 0900 hours


Sailing Instructions

*   The Sailing Instructions will be sent to entered competitors and Catalina 30 Fleets with entered competitors no later than September 1, 2004.

*   Changes to the Sailing Instructions will be posted on the official notice board located on the south side of the club to the left of the exterior entrance no later than 1000 hours on the day they are to take effect.


Courses and Racing Area

*   The regatta will be sailed in the South and Central waters of San Francisco Bay.  Specific courses will be at the discretion of the Race Committee.


Schedule of Races

*   Four races are scheduled, of which one must be completed to constitute a series.  If more than three races are scored, each boat has one throw-out.

*    Race dates are:  October 1, 2, and 3, 2004.

*    One race is scheduled for October 1; two races for October 2; and 1 race for October 3. First Warning Signals are 1300 hours, 1200 hours and 1100 hours respectively.

*   If any of the two races scheduled for Saturday, October 2, are abandoned or postponed, one race may be re-sailed on Sunday, October 3.



*   The Low Point Scoring System, Appendix A, will apply. 

*   Time-On-Distance correction will be used in the handicap divisions.  



*   A national champion will be declared within each class that starts.

*   A Catalina 30 National Championship Regatta Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the owner of each national champion in each class that starts.

*   Skippers will be awarded trophies for first, second, and third places in those classes where five or more entrants.  Trophies for first and second will be awarded in classes with less than five entrants.



*   Guest docks will be available.  See entry form for further information.


Loaned Boats:

*   Loaned boats may be available on a limited and pre-arranged basis by so indicating on the entry form.



*   The South Beach Yacht Club will be open on each race day from 0800 hours.

*   Racers and their guests are invited to the Club.




NOTE:  Your entry fee for the regatta includes two dinners, two continental breakfasts, one hat and one tee shirt. See Additional Order Sheet for ordering additional meals, shirts, hats etc.


(Background info)




Return this entry form and entry fee made out to Catalina 30 Fleet One to:

Laurie Miller 

2534 Tassajara Avenue

El Cerrito CA 94530


via email:


OWNER/SKIPPER   ___________________________________________________________ 


STREET    _______________________   _______               CITY __________________________


STATE       ______________________________               ZIP ___________________________


EMAIL       _________________________________          PHONE NUMBER _______________


YACHT NAME   _____________________________         HULL NUMBER ________________


SAIL NUMBER ______________________________



DIVISION:    Standard Rig    (    )         Tall Rig (    )     


CLASS:         Racing Spinnaker     (    )       Racing Jib & Main (    )   Handicap*  (    )                                   

* Handicapping this class will be announced at the first Competitors’ Meeting.                                                                               


 YES                  I WANT TO USE A LOANED BOAT.


YES                   I NEED BERTHING FOR THESE DATES _____________________ 




LIABILITY RELEASE: Please accept this entry for the International Catalina 30 Association’s 2004 National Championship Regatta.  I hereby agree to comply with the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions, the rules and regulations of both US Sailing and US Coast Guard, the Constitution and By-Laws of the International Catalina 30 Association, and any other instructions under which this Regatta is sailed.  I enter this Regatta at my own risk and do hereby release and hold harmless the International Catalina 30 Association, Catalina 30 Fleet One, and South Beach Yacht Club, their officers, members and employees, both jointly and severally, from any liability for loss, injury or damage to any persons and property that might arise from my participation in the Regatta, even if any such loss, injury or damage shall be caused by negligence of those so released or held harmless.  I attest that my boat will be equipped to conform to USCG regulations and US Sailing Racing Rules.


SIGNED ______________________________        DATE ____________________________