Association Personality Profiles...

Richard Gunnell


Jack Gray (Deceased 2017)

I have been an officer for IC30A since 2003. Our Catalina 30 Mark II, is a 1987 Hull # 4917 that we named “Lady Godiva ".  My wife, Nancy and I love sailing with my first mate James Glasson, our daughter Melissa and Grand children Emma and Evan. My 2nd Mate Jack Jr. runs a sailing school at North Star Junior Sailing Club. We race in the Spring and Fall, while we cruise all summer.

Lake St. Clair is a great sailing area near Detroit Michigan . I have been active in organizing National Regatta’s in Detroit ’s Anchor Bay , San Francisco Bay , Seattle ’s Peugeot Sound, Houston ’s Galveston Bay and in 2007 on the waterfront in the Chicago Harbors.  Come join us in 2007 and we will make boats, wells and crews available.  Next year we are planning to due Port Huron on Lake Huron .

Rick Caselli

My wife, Joanne, and I bought our Catalina 30, Bon Vivant, (SR. Hull # 1983) in 1981. We lived in Michigan and sailed Lake St. Clair, Lake Huron and Lake Erie. In 1983, I was transferred to Southern California and a new sailing opportunity. Yes, I moved the boat back to California. I started racing the boat in the Newport to Ensenada, Mexico International Yacht Race. This year’s race will be our 20th run down the coast. I participate in races, cruises and yacht club events whenever possible. 
Father of five children, two grown and three at home, I am interested in all activities boating offers. The Catalina 30 offers more room and flexibility than many boats much larger. Since taking an early retirement several years ago, I have been a much more active racer and cruiser. I look forward to this year’s Nationals to again sail in Michigan.



Greg Haws

After racing ULDB's the past ten years I decided it was time to join the ranks of the serious cruisers/racers.  Without much hesitation the Catalina 30 was the boat of choice.  After a long and exhausted search we found our boat in Dana Point, Ca.  The day was dark, the rain was coming down and reports of small tornadoes were being broadcast over the radio.  We ducked into an alley for shelter and ran across a broker with an office the size of a closet.  He knew of a boat and she turned out to be "the one."  Thus the name of our 1983 C30 Standard Rig "Alley Cat."  
I sail out of Santa Cruz, Ca. and am blessed with consistent winds, good friends and warm weather.   
After purchasing our boat just this last April, and with over 25 Catalina 30's in the Santa Cruz Harbor, it seemed natural to start a local Catalina 30 fleet.  With encouragement from our local Catalina 30 owners we have a new Catalina 30 Fleet #44 in Santa Cruz, Ca. On Tuesday nights approximately 10 to 15 Catalina 30's enjoy a casual, rabbit start, beer can race where fun is the optimum word. 
I look forward to each year's Nationals, (held here in Santa Cruz in 2000), and am really stoked to be part of such a great association.  The current Board of Directors has been truly exceptional and I can't wait to race in this year's Nationals.  I hope to see many of you out there.  If you're ever in Santa Cruz or want to talk Catalina 30's give me a call.

Max Munger

I got involved with the national association in 1992 when I attended my first National Championship Regatta in San Diego. I have attended every one since! In 1998 I won the Standard Racing Class award. I sailed to a second place in both 1999 and 2000. You can see the pictures of all my hosts on the Regatta page. Unfortunately, I have yet to sail my own boat in a Catalina regatta ! The picture is from my own Southern Maryland Sailing Assn. July Screwpile Regatta. Yes, it is usually very light air!

I sail the middle and upper Chesapeake Bay (around Annapolis and Solomons, MD) in my 1981 C30 Tall Rig "SHERMAX". The name is a combination of my wife Sherma and my first names, originated by a very young friend of ours.
 Currently, I call Drum Point on the Patuxent River my home port - near Solomon's Island MD. If you are in my area, give me a call and we'll go sailing and maybe racing.